Fine Art Photography for Your Home

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Photograph a room in your home where you would like to see your portraits displayed. This handy guide will make it a snap!

Text of Fine Art Photography for Your Home


  • We use special software to show you exactly what your photos will look like on your wall. In order to show you your images on your wall, we'll need a photo of your wall to use in the software. Here are a few tips for getting us the best photo possible:

  • Tape a "letter" size (8.5" x 11") piece of paper on the wall where you'd like your portraits.


  • Take the photo straight-on,not at an angle.

    in the photo to provide a pointof size reference for us.

    furniturewindowsdoorwaysfloor / ceiling

    Try to include:

    Take a horizontal picture of that wall (with the paper on it) with your camera, smartphone or tablet from a comfortable viewing distance. This is typically from all the way across the room, unless you have a very large room.


  • Once you've taken pictures of all of the walls where you'd like artwork, please send us an email attaching all of your photos.

    - Thank You!


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