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Featherstone High School Southall Middlesex Mixed Comprehensive 11-18 (1500 on roll) Specialist Sports College with Applied Learning as a Second Specialism Leading Edge (Use of data) ICT Mark (800 wireless devices) Capita Partner

Featherstone High School

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Featherstone High School. Southall Middlesex Mixed Comprehensive 11-18 (1500 on roll) Specialist Sports College with Applied Learning as a Second Specialism Leading Edge (Use of data) ICT Mark (800 wireless devices) Capita Partner. Featherstone high School. 41 % Indian 21% Somali - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Featherstone High SchoolSouthall MiddlesexMixed Comprehensive 11-18 (1500 on roll)Specialist Sports College with Applied Learning as a Second SpecialismLeading Edge (Use of data)ICT Mark (800 wireless devices)Capita Partner

Featherstone high School41% Indian 21% Somali 15% Pakistani36% Free School MealKS2 Av Pt score 24.5 -25.9 71% English not first languageDeprivation indicator 0.43 (bottom 20%)Stability 85%5+A*-C 53% 5+A*-C 80% CVA = 120-140 4yrs

Initial: AimsInformation about each child at your finger tipsInformation about the progress of every child in every subject every termTo provide an interpretation of the progress made that could be understoodTo provide frequent easy access to this information to every oneTo ensure parents are feel fully informed about the progress of their childProvide this data on-line (2009)

Reporting On-line: engaging parentsSIMS system set up in 2007Initially Reported 2 times per year Now 5 times for yr 11-13 3 times for othersSIMS learning gate way started Sept 2009All parents provided with logins Video support in community languages CLICK

Achieving our AimsMake full use of SIMS Assessment suite

AttendanceLesson monitor Achievement BehaviourAssessment

Allow Sufficient time for developmentData Manager to supportAll staff trained and have accessRegular contact with other users and SIMS staff

The processStaff enter data into an interactive mark-sheet Ks3 levels ks4/5 projected gradesOverall picture seen on each individual report ReportsParents have report explained to them during curriculum evenings Reports extracted from SIMS and made available to all staff on our networkBoth tutor and parent familiar with reportHelping parents understand1 set of reports given out at a curriculum eveningParents given a presentation by a tutor about the report ( in form classroom)Report kept simpleStarting point and where they are nowWhat that progress indicatesAre they on target for where they want to be?Summary data

Student names

Key Stage 3 Mark Sheet

Student names

Key Stage 3 Mark Sheet

Progress made in Sub levels Colour Coded


Reporting at Ks4GCSE REPORThttp://screencast.com/t/NoSV1f5ryQQ

Ks4 report

Ks4 Summary information

6th form reportingALPS targetsProjected gradeDifference CalculatedInterpretation provided SIMS can generate an ALPS Score

ALPs Target grade

AS resultCurrent Projected A2 resultDifference between ALPs Target and Current projected grade

Group ALPs Score

Biology ALPs Score Calculated in SIMs at point of data entry

At or above ALPs Target1 grade below ALPs Target>1 grade below alps Target TLRs 6th Form

System IssuesEnsuring accuracy of levels/projectionsFFTD and ALPS not always appropriateParents more informed than tutors

On-line PASSWORD problem

We respond to this knowledge byChecking data and questioning anomalies before reports are released using assessment suiteScrutiny of department assessment procedures ( supported by the above)Raising targets above ALPS/FFTD? ( performance management conflict)Directed time used to ensure tutors read through reports


Changes for 2012Changes for 2011-2021Baccalaureate Yes/NOExpected progress in Eng Maths Yes/NoSchool reports replacing assessment aspects

Report keeps parents aware of changing educational landscapeImpactCommon understandingMore engaged parentsIncluded in our systemsMore support given to studentsImproved achievementImpactProgress is very high and consistentCVA between 1020 and 1040 last 5 yearsNCVA between 1030 and 10502011 record 5+ A*-C (inc E & M) 53%FFTD rank 4 points score capped ( last 3 years)Developed reporting systems ( including on-line) have supported thisFuture DevelopementProviding more options for parentsEarly on-line release of reportsDiscussion of report by telephone Parents encouraged to only seeing subject teachers where student are not making expected progress

Final word from the parentsWhat parents think CLICK

Mrs Sagoo CLICK