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  • 1.Come dine with me is a popular Channel 4, The programs is shown in UnitedKingdom, although over variants have been made in other countries.The show has either four or five amateur chefs competing against for 1000 Afterhosting a dinner party for the other contestantsEach competitor then rates the hosts performance n at the end of each night thereis a added element of comedy is added to the show through comedian DaveLamb, who provides a dry and "bitingly sarcastic" narration.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7L-GO3I9InQ Dragons den Come dine with me

2. Total Wipe-out is a British game show hosted by Richard Hammond and Amanda Byram, Theshow has been running from 29th March 2012 but got axed after 6 series when ratingplummetedEach week, 20 contestants compete in a series of challenges in an attempt to win 10,000.These challenges are based in large pools of water or mud and generally involve large assaultcourses that participants must cross.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUFEEEtiDRw Total Wipe-out Clip 3. Splash! Is a reality television series that follows celebrities as they try to master the art of diving. Thecelebrities have to perform dives in front of a live audience and a judging panel at the end of the showthe celebrities are voted by the public to be kept in the competition.Vernon Kay and Gabby Logan present the show, whilst hugely popular Team GB Olympic BronzeMedal winning diver Tom Daley is the expert mentor to the celebrities. Giving training andencouragement to the contestant as they face the water.The show premiered on ITV on Saturday 5 January winning the battle for rating at the 7.15pm-8.15pmslot with an average audience of 5.6 million viewers, a share of 23.6%http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfAxNT5SQIo Splash! Clip 4. The Factory pits 5 contestants each week through three gruelling tasks setto push the limits of the contestants fear to the edge.The contestants are nominated by family member to rule out people cheatingthe system and not having a fear. The contestants will be put through 3 stagesthat will test their mental and physicalwillpower.If they complete their task they advance; if fear stops them from completing a stunt orthey fail the mission. they are immediately eliminated. If the contestant wins theirfinal challenge, they takes home the prize.To keep in the spirit of the fear factory the prize that the contestant wins will berelatedto the fear that they have. 5. Stage 1 Is a pre recorded footage of the contestants telling us about their fearsWith small snippets of the contestants fear being demonstrated by professionals.Then the audience would see the professional helping the contestants prepare forThe next stages.Stage 2 After the back storey of the contestants live and if this fear effects them in everyday life. Then it would cut to more pre recorded footage as the contestTakes the first plunge at their fear facing a taskStage 3 This stage will be live in the studio, the ultimate task that would push theContestants to the limit. With encouragement from the crowd and a narration fromRicky Gervais and Steven Merchant. 6. Ricky Gervais and Steven Merchant.Hosted by the witty comedian RickyGervais, taking the mick out of thecontestants with clever humour and laughout loud comedy. Ricky Gervais would keepthe crowd pumped up for the nextcontestant and a steady flow of the wholeshow. Also his presence would bring awider audience than the typical realityshow.Rickys Right hand man Steven Merchantwould co star the presenters role bouncingjokes of Ricky, keeping the crowd goingand jumping in when he can. StevenMerchant is perfect for this role because hehas worked with Ricky Gervais for a longtime. 7. Finally Karl Pilkington stars in this realityshow much like the successful idiotabroad, as the guinea pig of the show.Showing the audience what the contestantswould be up against. This would be Live orPre recorded depending on the task athand.As Karl is doing the tasksRick and Stevenwill be commentating over the top, withsnide remarks and the butt of most jokes. 8. The audience we are aiming this particular show at is around the ages of 13+.The type of audience we think will watch is avid reality show watchers thatlike toGrossed out by what they see but dont want to look away in case anythinggood happens.The demographic for our audience would be middle class people becauseafter working hardall day, they would unwind by watching people freak out from their fearbecause people likeTo see people in misery.