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    FDI-Unilever Poster Competition Winners and Finalists

    Biocompatibility of Ti-8Ta-3Nb alloy in primary rat calvarial cells

    Y-J Kim, D-Z Cui, I-G Cho and H-J Chung Email: youngjun@chonnam.ac.kr

    Introduction: -titanium alloys are useful in biomedi-cal application because of their excellent mechanical properties. Ti-8Ta-3Nb alloy was newly developed -titanium alloy at Center for Titanium(Ti) and Special Alloys, Chonnam National University. Materials & Methods: In this study, biocompatibility of a new -type Ti-8Ta-3Nb alloy was assessed by SEM, cell proliferation, alkaline phophatase(ALP) analysis, and RT-PCR method. Results: Proliferation rate on Ti-8Ta-3Nb implant surface was equivalent to commercially pure(cp) titanium surface. In comparison to Ti-6Al-4V alloy, cp Ti and Ti-8Ta-3Nb alloy enhanced ALP activ-ity in vitro(p

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    International Dental Journal (2006) Vol. 56/No.6

    nicantly promote DFC proliferation, ALP expression, mineralise nodule formation. CAP was detected in DFC after treated with BMP-2, and negative with EMPs. They are all dose depend. Only cells-made carrier implants formed a few mineralised matrix but stained negative for anti-CAP mAb. Conclusion: DFC presented char-acterisation of osteoblast/cementoblast. DFC can be triggered to differentiate toward a cementoblast/osteob-last phenotype by EMPs/ BMP-2. Dental Follicle Cells can be valuable in periodontal tissue engineering.


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