Fashion Jewelry Online: Different Styles of Fashion Necklaces for Women

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  1. 1. Fashion Jewelry Online: Different Styles of FashionNecklaces for WomenFashion Jewelry Online Consultants Women definitely love jewelry. Some of the jewelry pieces which women truly admire arethose with precious stones such as diamond, ruby, sapphires, and more. This is the reasonwhy in important functions like wedding and other formal occasions, women wear their bestattire and jewelry piece of their choice to appear respectable and elegant at the same time.Apart from making women elegant, women also find jewelry useful in other aspects. Jewelryused to be an accessory which women wore to uplift their emotions. These jewelry piecescontain crystals which contain energies which allowed women to be empowered. This articletalks about the other aspect of jewelry. It will be discussed later the other function of jewelrywhich is a source of protection and power.BrilliantHistoryBack in the day, people used crystals and gems as instruments for healing. People back inthe day were kind of superstitious and they believe that the crystals which had beenunearthed contained supernatural powers which can affect the persons well being. As such,ancient medicine involved usage of crystals and gems to take away pain such as headache,toothache, stomach upset, and more. Aside from using these stones in the actual healing,doctors also required their patients to bring the stones with them wherever they go. And thatis the origin of crystal jewelries for healing.Types of Crystals and Gems and their Healing Properties AmethystAmethyst is a gemstone which people use to uplift the spirit so one can achieve inner peace.Other healing properties of amethyst include elimination of negative vibes in the mind so theperson will be able to process thoughts clearly and also sleep well at night. It is said that youwear amethyst jewelry pieces if you are easily angered, feeling depressed, or grievingbecause the healing powers of this stone will take all of these away.AquamarineAquamarine is believed to possess powers that influence courage. This is helpful if youencounter life changing events which require your decision. Aside from courage, aquamarinealso help you develop confidence, awareness, and purpose in life. Aquamarine is also said tocure ailments and improve your immune system.RubyRuby is always equated to extreme passion due to its deep red color. It is popular as aremedy for couples undergoing intimacy problems. It is because the stone contains apassionate energy which would help develop zeal between couples. Ruby also symbolizeswealth, courage, and strength.
  2. 2. It is in womens genes to be fashionable and trendy. Wherever they go, they always putfashion on top priority. For most women, they feel bare when they go outside without wearingany fashionable accessory. This is the reason why they couldnt go out for a day withoutwearing a jewelry or makeup.Right now, affordable and trendy accessories are available for women to enjoy. A classicexample of trendy accessory which women wear all the time is a pair of earrings. Womenhave been wearing these ever since man discovered the process of bending metals. Thesedays, earrings are available in different styles and forms. Most of these earrings are nowattainable because they are reasonably jewelryStud EarringsStud earrings are usually small in shape. This is so individuals can easily attach the earringson their earlobes. The pieces do not dangle but rather assume a fixed position using a clutchwhich is attached at the back of the earlobe.Hoop EarringsHoop earrings are circular or semi-circular in shape sort of resembling that of a ring. Thecomposition of hoop earrings is usually made of a metal tubing. At the end of the loop, thereis a thin wire attachment which wearers insert in the hole at their earlobe. When worn, hoopearrings dangle below the earlobe.Dangle EarringsDangle earrings as their name suggests is a style of earring which dangles under the earwhen worn The style is usually long so it would emphasize the design of the ring. Its beautyis appreciated when it dangles under the ear.Why Women Love to Wear Fashionable EarringsWomen love to wear trendy earrings because they appear fashionable when they wear a pairof these accessories. Fashionable earrings can be found everywhere. And usually, the pricesof these things are very reasonable. Unlike other fashionable jewelry like necklaces andbracelets, earrings can be worn without spending much money on a pair of earrings.