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Top 50 Fantasy Series (Books)

A statistical survey of the Top 50 fantasy series of all-time

Click on the titles for concise reviews of books on this list!

OldRankAuthor/EditorTitleYear11J R R TolkienLord Of the Rings195422Robert JordanWheel of Time199033Roger ZelaznyChronicles of Amber197044Ursula K Le GuinEarthsea Cycle1968115C S LewisChronicles of Narnia1950106Stephen DonaldsonChronicles of Thomas Covenant197757Raymond E. FeistRiftwar Saga198268Tad WilliamsMemory, Sorrow & Thorn198879George R R MartinA Song of Fire & Ice1996810Terry GoodkindSword of Truth1994911David EddingsThe Belgariad19821312Gene WolfeBook of the New Sun19801213Guy Gavriel KayThe Fionavar Tapestry19841814Terry BrooksThe Shannara Series19771915Michael MoorcockThe Elric Saga19721416Terry PratchettDiscworld Series19831517Mervyn PeakeGormenghast Trilogy19461618Robin HobbFarseer Trilogy19952019Anne McCaffreyDragonriders of Pern19682220Robert HoldstockMythago Wood Series19841721Orson Scott CardAlvin Maker Series19872422Fritz LeiberFafhrd & the Grey Mouser19682123Jack VanceDying Earth Series19502324Patricia A McKillipQuest of the Riddle-Master19762525Philip PullmanHis Dark Materials19953226R A MacAvoyBlack Dragon Series19833027J K RowlingHarry Potter Series19972628Katherine KurtzDeryni Series19703529R A SalvatoreDark Elf Trilogy19904430Robin McKinleyThe Damar Series19822731David EddingsThe Malloreon19872832Katharine KerrDeverry & the Westlands19862933Elizabeth MoonDeed of Paksenarrion19883134Glen CookChronicles of the Black Company19843335Robert SilverbergThe Majipoor Chronicles19803436Steven BrustThe Vlad Taltos Series198337Julian MayThe Saga of the Exiles19813638Weis & HickmanThe Death Gate Series19903739Andre NortonWitch World (The Estcarp Cycle)19633840Mercedes LackeyThe Last Herald-Mage19893941Piers AnthonyIncarnations of Immortality198342Susan CooperThe Dark is Rising19674043L E Modesitt JrSaga of Recluse19914144David GemmellDrenai Saga19844245J V JonesThe Book of Words199546Stephen KingThe Dark Tower19824347P C HodgellKencyrath Series198248Judith TarrThe Hound & the Falcon19854649Roger TaylorChronicles of Hawklan19884550Sheri S TepperLand of the True Game1983

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