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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Family Portal InformationGet in Gear for the School Year</p> <p>Asking for Family Portal SupportFamily Portal ContactsTim Grafton | Tim_Grafton@hcpss.orgSusan Reider | Susan_Reider@hcpss.orgPaula Nickles |</p> <p>Information to IncludeYour name and your childs namePassword reset or new account?Student ID Number</p> <p>Important Links registrationLogin</p> <p>https://epstudentinfo.hcpss.orgEmergency procedure cardUses Family Portal credentialsFamily Portal Student AccountSetup at SchoolView GradesView ScheduleView AttendanceReceive NotificationsParent AccountSetup at HomeView GradesView ScheduleView attendanceLink to Emergency CardReceive NotificationsReceive Emails from SchoolNote: These are two separate accounts.Emergency Card Site</p> <p>Family Portal-Parent AccountWhat do you need?Authorization Code from HCPSSAn email address *Students should not have access to this email account.</p> <p>Where do I go? onparent/guardian</p> <p>Go through the 7 Family Portal Steps and Checklist</p> <p>Step 1</p> <p>Step 2</p> <p>Step 3</p> <p>Step 4</p> <p>Step 5</p> <p>Step 6</p> <p>Step 7</p> <p>STEP 8 Emergency Procedure card</p>


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