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    Mona Campus

    SUMMER SCHOOL 2011/2012

    Information Guide




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    The University of the West Indies, Mona Faculty of Pure & Applied Sciences

    June 4 – July 31, 2012

    Summer School 2011/2012

    FPAS Summer School Coordinator

    Dr. Eric Hyslop – eric.hyslop@uwimona.edu.jm. Faculty Office Faculty of Pure & Applied Sciences 977-1785

    Departments/Sections Summer School Coordinators  Dr. Cheryl Stewart, Biochemistry Section

    cherylsstewart@gmail.com  Mr. Jevon Samuels, Department of Chemistry

    jevon.samuels@hotmail.com or jevon.samuels@uwimona.edu.jm  Dr. Gunjan Mansingh, Department of Computing

    gunjan.mansingh@uwimona.edu.jm  Mrs. Anne Lyew-Ayee, Department of Geography & Geology

    anne.lyewayee@uwimona.edu.jm  Dr. Tannice Hall, Department of Life Sciences


     Dr. Sam McDaniel, Department of Mathematics sammcdan@yahoo.edu.jm

     Dr. Tannecia Stephenson, Department of Physics


    mailto:eric.hyslop@uwimona.edu.jm mailto:cherylsstewart@gmail.com mailto:jevon.samuels@hotmail.com mailto:jevon.samuels@uwimona.edu.jm mailto:gunjan.mansingh@uwimona.edu.jm ../Local%20Settings/Temporary%20Internet%20Files/Content.Outlook/C333U015/anne.lyewayee@uwimona.edu.jm mailto:tannice.hall02@uwimona.edu.jm mailto:sammcdan@yahoo.edu.jm ../Local%20Settings/Temporary%20Internet%20Files/Content.Outlook/C333U015/tannecia.stephenson02@uwimona.edu.jm

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    Who Can Register

    The following categories of students are eligible for admission to the Summer School:

     Registered students of the University who have to repeat any of the course(s) offered.

     Registered students of the University who have not taken the course(s) previously, but fall into one of the following categories:-

     Students of the University who have not yet completed the requirements for the degree programme for which they are registered.

     Registered UWI students from other UWI campuses.

     Students of the University who have been granted (a) leave of absence for Semester I and/or 2, or (b) permission to Write “Examinations Only”.

     Individuals that are not students of the University, but are eligible to matriculate at either the Normal or Lower level or as a mature student.

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    Official opening of the Online Registration site May 6, 2012

    Normal Adjustment to Registration

    (normal registration period) May 6 – June 3, 2012

    Deadline for Payment of Fees June 3, 2012

    Teaching Begins June 4, 2012

    Late Registration (Add/Drop) June 4-10, 2012

    Online Registration Site closes to

    students June 11, 2012

    Academic Board Approval after

    Add/drop period (Late fines will be

    levied by Academic Board) June 11-17, 2012

    Mid-Semester Examinations June 25-29, 2012

    Teaching (Summer School) Ends July 13, 2012

    Summer School Final Examination July 16-31, 2012

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     Summer School is optional.

     Each department reserves the right to withdraw a course if the quota for the course is not met.

     Summer Course Load: Students can register for a maximum of TWELVE credits;

    e.g. four out-of-faculty courses (3 credits each), two in-faculty 6-credit courses, or three 4-credit courses. Finalizing students may apply to the Associate Dean for special permission to exceed credit limit.

     Student will not be deregistered; consequently, if you add a course and you do not

    drop it by the stipulated deadline, the course will remain on your record and you will:

    be charged for the course receive a grade of FA

     If you do not register for a course by the stipulated deadline you will not be allowed

    to sit the exam for that course. This includes students given permission to sit courses as exams-only.

     It is the sole responsibility of the students to ensure that their registration is completed.


    M11= Full Course MLX = Lab Exemption MEX = Exam Only

    (Students should check with their respective Departments to find out which category they are qualified for before registering). TIMETABLE - Students, who are pursuing more than one course, should choose carefully and register for only one course in any one time slot.

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    COURSE CODE COURSE TITLE STREAM FOUN1201/FD12A Science, Medicine and Technology M11/MEX COURSE CODE COURSE TITLE STREAM BC10M/BIOC1011 Introductory Biochemistry MEX BC21D/BIOC2014 Bioenergetics and Cell Metabolism MEX BC31M/MICRO3213 Applied and Environmental Microbiology MEX BC34C/BIOL3312 Molecular Biology II MEX BC34M/MICRO3214 Molecular Microbiology MEX BC35A/BIOC3013 Biochemical Physiology MEX BC35C/BIOT3113 Biotechnology I MEX BC35D/BIOT3114 Biotechnology II MEX

    BIOCHEMISTRY/BIOTECHNOLOGY SECTIONS COURSE CODE COURSE TITLE STREAM CHEM0901 Preliminary Chemistry A MLX & MEX CHEM0902 Preliminary Chemistry B MLX & MEX CHEM1901 Introductory Chemistry A M11, MLX & MEX CHEM1902 Introductory Chemistry B M11, MLX & MEX CHEM2001 Chemical Analysis I MLX & MEX CHEM2101 Inorganic Chemistry MLX & MEX CHEM2201 Spectroscopy, Mechanisms and Aromatic Systems MLX & MEX CHEM2301 Physical Chemistry MLX & MEX CHEM3001 Chemical Analysis II MLX & MEX CHEM3101 Inorganic Chemistry MLX & MEX CHEM3201 Organic Synthesis, Biomolecules and Stereochemistry MLX & MEX CHEM3301 Physical Chemistry MLX & MEX CHEM3701 Research Project CHEM3702 Advanced Research Project

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    COURSE CODE COURSE TITLE STREAM COMP1110 Mathematics for Computing M11 & MEX COMP1120 Computing and Society M11 & MEX COMP1126 Introduction to Computing I M11 & MEX COMP1127 Introduction to Computing II M11 & MEX COMP1161 Object-Oriented Programming M11 & MEX CS20R/COMP2111 Analysis of Algorithms MEX CS20S/COMP2101 Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science MEX CS23Q/COMP2240 Computer Organization MEX COMP2190 Net-Centric Computing MEX

    COURSE CODE COURSE TITLE STREAM GEOG1131 Human Geography I: Population, Migration and Human Settlement MEX GEOG1231 Earth Environments 1: Geomorphology and Soils MEX GEOG2101 Urban Geography MEX GEOG2201 Geosphere & Hydrosphere MEX GEOL1101 Earth Science 1: Earth Materials and Plate Tectonics MEX GEOL1102 Earth Science 2: Earth Processes and Earth History MEX GEOL2002 Sedimentology MEX GEOG3301 Geography of the Caribbean MEX

    COURSE CODE COURSE TITLE STREAM BIOL0011 Preliminary Biology I MEX BIOL0012 Preliminary Biology II MEX BIOL1017 Cell Biology MLX & MEX BIOL1018 Molecular Biology & Genetics MLX & MEX BIOL1262 Living Organisms 1 MLX & MEX BIOL1263 Living Organisms 2 MLX & MEX

    OLD LEVEL 2 COURSES (offered if needed)

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    BIOL2012 Evolutionary Biology MEX BIOL2014 Ecology MEX BIOL2015 Biometry MEX BOTN2011 Seed Plants MEX BIOL2011 General & Molecular genetics MEX BOTN2012 Plant Physiology MEX ZOOL2012 Functional Organisation of Animals 1 MEX ZOOL2013 Functional Organisation of Animals 2 MEX BIOL2252 Eukaryotic Microorganisms MEX

    NEW LEVEL 2 COURSES BIOL2401 Research Skills MEX BIOL2402 Biometry MEX BIOL2403 Ecology MEX BIOL2404 Genetics MEX BIOL2406 Eukaryotic Microorganisms MEX BOTN2401 Plant Form MEX BOTN2402 Plant Physiology MEX ZOOL2401 Animal Form MEX ZOOL2402 Animal Function MEX AGSL2401 Soil and Water Management MEX

    LEVEL 2 Summer School full course BIOL2013 Diving Technology for Aquatic Sciences M11

    LEVEL 3 COURSES (Special Offers) BIOL3014 Marine Ecology 1 MEX BIOL3015 Marine Ecology 2 MEX BIOL3017 Virology MEX BIOL3018 Project M11 BIOL3020 Conservation MEX BIOL3021 Freshwater Ecology MEX BIOL3023 Coral reef MEX BOTN3014 Forestry MEX BOTN3015 Plant Breeding MEX BOTN3016 Plant Biotechnology MEX BOTN3017 Horticulture MEX BOTN3018 Medicinal & Economic Botany MEX ZOOL3015 General Parasitology MEX ZOOL3017 Immunology MEX ZOOL3020 Insect Biology and Systematics MEX ZOOL3021 Pest Management MEX

    SEMESTER 3 (BSc Tropical Horticulture and MSc students ONLY) AGBU3012 Research Project M11 AGBU3008 Internship M11 BIOL6019 Project (10 credits) M11 BIOL6010 Research Project (8 credits) M11

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