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Facts about. „. Welcome to this video from Ozeki. In this video I wi ll present what makes Ozeki Phone System XE the World’s best on-site software PBX for Windows – supported by all the facts. 1 / 14. OZEKI Phone System XE. The world's best on-site PBX for Windows. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Facts aboutWelcome to this video from Ozeki. In this video I will present what makes Ozeki Phone System XE the Worlds best on-site software PBX for Windows supported by all the facts.1 / 14

  • OZEKI Phone System XEthat integrates well into a Windows office environment, that provides outstanding performance, high quality, and offers a way to connect to existing IT systems, such as CRM, Workflow Management and company Databases.

    Ozeki Phone System XE offers the best APIs in the world. The world's best on-site PBX for Windows Ozeki Phone System XE is the World's best product for those who are looking for an on-site telephone system,2 / 14

  • 3 / 14OZEKI Phone System XEWhat you get a high performance SMS gateway that enables you to send and receive mobile text messages,a configurable call recording system, that can forward recordings as e-mail attachments, or can upload recordings to FTP or HTTP servers.an application telephone gateway that makes it possible to build applications that communicate with people using telephone calls and mobile messages.When you purchase Ozeki Phone System XE, you get an advanced SIP 2.0 VoIP telephone system,All this functionality is provided by a single high quality software product.

  • Better collaboration thanks to real time information supplied during calls by the PBXMore efficient, software assisted communication with your customers and employeesYou can take advantage of data stored in your databases and services offered by your IT systems can support communicationAbility to add automated notifications can help your workflowsA much easier to manage PBX system OZEKI Phone System XEBenefits With Ozeki Phone system XE you can achieve more efficient communication in your company, because the PBX provides 4 / 14

  • OZEKI Phone System XEIt uses Microsoft .NET Framework. Since .NET Framework is included in all Windows versions after Vista, it is not necessary to install it.Ozeki Phone System XE offers a web based user interface, which means it can be configured locally or remotely through a web browser. You can use Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer 9 or later. Chrome is recommended.Software requirementsOzeki Phone System XE can be installed on any standard PC with Windows Vista or later. 5 / 14

  • OZEKI Phone System XEFor optimal performance we recommend you to use a computer with a 64 bit, quad core CPU with 2 gigabytes of RAM, and make sure you have at least 300 MB of hard disk space free. Hardware requirementsOzeki Phone System XE does not require any special hardware. It can be installed on any Windows PC.6 / 14

  • OZEKI Phone System XEYou can use standard desktop phones (VoIP or analog using VoIP ATAs),you can attach smartphones (Android, iPhone or Windows Phone) through wifi,and you can use personal computers with softphone applications or by simply using a web browser (Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, IE). Supported phones and clients Once Ozeki Phone System XE is installed you can attach various devices to it to make phone calls and to send SMS messages.7 / 14

  • OZEKI Phone System XEYou can use your existing analog or ISDN phone lines. You can attach these with analog telephone gateways (ATAs). You can also connect to Internet VoIP services to get low cost calls to various networks. If your company gets customers through it's website, it's a good idea to setup a click to call button on your website and enable your customers to talk to you free of charge through a webphone offered by Ozeki Phone System XE. Connection to the public telephone network To make calls into the public telephone network you have several options to choose from:8 / 14

  • OZEKI Phone System XEFor this Ozeki Phone System XE provides 5 excellent APIs and an easy to use XML description language.Application programming interfaces Once Ozeki Phone System XE is connected to the telephone network, and your office telephones are also attached to it, you are ready to setup automated telephone services.9 / 14

  • OZEKI Phone System XEThe .NET API is a good choice for C sharp, Visual basic, and .NET developers. It offers easy to use methods and real time events. Making it easy to build any client application that interacts with calls or manages the operation of the PBX.The HTTP API is useful for web developers who would like to service calls from a web scripting language, such as PHP, ASP, Python, Ruby or Perl. These developers will also find the built in Javascript API useful, to create browser based real time communication solutions.The Database API and the OZML description language can be used by any developer or system integrator to setup automated calling or incoming call handling solutions. Application programming interface 10 / 14

  • OZEKI Phone System XEExample code for common applications, such as Automated Diallers, Appointment Reminder services and Interactive Voice Response systems are provided.Programming languages Software developers will find example code on our website to speed up development.11 / 14

  • OZEKI Phone System XEEvery organisation uses databases to manage information. A database can also be used as a gateway between a business application and the phone system. For example the business application can start a phone call or can send an SMS message by simply inserting a record into a database table.This is a very useful feature, when it comes to improving efficiency in workflows. Supported databases Ozeki Phone System XE can be configured to store data, such as call records, PBX events or PBX configuration in your database. 12 / 14

  • OZEKI Phone System XECommon solutions 13 / 14Operator efficiency improvement in call centres and officesWorkflow improvement with automated callsData collection using SMSData collection using phone calls (DTMF,call recording)Notification systems (SMS, text to speech calls)Marketing campaignsIntelligent IVRs

  • DownloadTo sum it up Ozeki Phone System XE is an outstanding PBX. It can be integrated into to your company's IT system in a very easy way and it can add great value to your everyday operations. 14 / 14It is a good idea to go to the www.ozekiphone.comwebsite now, anddownload the free version.You will enjoy working with this product.