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<p>Everything you ever wanted to know about</p> <p>contestFor PGP1 and PGP2 students of Invited Campuses (IIMs at Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta &amp; Lucknow, XLRI Jamshedpur, FMS Delhi, JBIMS, SP Jain and NITIE) This document has instructions specific to your campus - certain instructions may vary from other campuses depending on their schedules. This content, last updated on 30th November 2011 is prepared by Broadvision Perspectives strictly for reference of students and P&amp;G personnel only. No part of this document may be shared with other parties. Rights are reserved.</p> <p>Soccers Dream Team</p> <p>Basketballs Dream Team</p> <p>Crickets Dream Team</p> <p>Heres your unique opportunity to be a part of an FMCG Dream Team - P&amp;Gs Dream Team</p> <p>What is The Dream Team? A scintillating contest for those who have a passion for FMCG. An experience of learning, live strategizing and winning glory - for yourself and your campus. An experience that may change your approach to the way you perceive the FMCG business Loads of learnings, goodies and fun, packaged as an exciting contest! THE CONTEST IS OPEN TO BOTH FIRST AND SECOND YEAR STUDENTS. YOUR TEAMS MAY COMPRISE OF ALL FIRST, ALL SECOND OR A COMBINATION OF BOTH AS YOU CHOOSE!</p> <p>Whats the deal?1. Are you passionate about FMCG? 2. If yes, get 3 more people like you and form a 4 member team. 3. Give your team a name and register your team with P&amp;G - through paper form, email or Facebook latest by 10th December 2011. You and your team will get the Ambipur Caselet Kit by email, starting 9PM of 3rd December 2011. For teams registered beforehand, you will start getting the kit from 9PM of 3rd December 2011; for teams registering after that time, you will get the kit by email within 6 hours of your registering your team. 4. Work on the Ambipur strategy for the next 6 weeks, just as a P&amp;G Multifunctional team would. Play roles of P&amp;Gs functions by learning how P&amp;Gs Multifunctional Teams work, by attending The Multifunctional Way workshop in your campus. Learn how not to rely just on your functional or cross-functional expertise, but that of a team of functional experts to take the best FMCG decision. Do Market Research if you want to. Address the questions in the Case. Put your best MBA brains forward. 5. Prepare your strategy, addressing all the questions in the caselet as a presentation. Present your strategy, at a date 6 weeks from the date of registration, to a P&amp;G Panel, in your campus. If your team is judged to be the best, you get to repre sent your campus at the Grand Finale. 6. The Best 9 from the 9 invited BSchools get to present in front of the P&amp;G India Leadership Team, led by Mr. Shantanu Khosla, CEO of P&amp;G India, at the Grand Finale on 31st January 2011, at the Ball Room, Hyatt Regency Mumbai. 7. Compete with the best from 8 other campuses to be the National Champion.</p> <p>When and how do I register? REGISTRATIONS ARE OPEN NOW. All you need to register is the names, institute email ids, personal email ids and mobile numbers of you and your 3 team members. (Please note that your team members must agree to be in your team. We take it for granted that you have their concurrence when you use their names and numbers. If not, your team may face review as we go further.) You may register by: Sending an email with the above details to register@pg-thedreamteam.com Filling the paper registration form made available before and after The Multifunctional Way workshop Posting a message on Facebook. REGISTRATIONS WILL CLOSE BY 10TH DECEMBER 2011.</p> <p>What happens when I register? You will get an email with a zipped attachment containing: The Ambipur Brand Caselet giving the history, business details and the live issues faced by P&amp;Gs leaders pertaining to thbrand. Supporting data, charts etc. The questions to be addressed to effectively guide the Strategy for the Ambipur brand in India. You will also get an awesome Tshirt with The Dream Team logo, of your size, one for each of your team members. And of course, a gift hamper to your team, of the Ambipur products on offer, for you to touch, try and strategize :-) For any queries, doubts etc., please drop a mail to helpdesk@pg-thedreamteam.com</p> <p>What happens next? You and your team have 6 full weeks to work on the Strategy for the Ambipur brand. You have to come up with the Strategy for the Ambipur brand in India, by addressing the issues outlined in the case. You are free to do any data analysis, market research or other innovative steps as you deem fit. P&amp;G will conduct a workshop called The Multifunctional Way where you can learn how P&amp;Gs functions collaborate effectively to crack the FMCG business! (Its a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity) - you can use the learnings in the process of forming your strategy for the Ambipur brand. Your team deliverable is a presentation, outlining your strategy for the Ambipur brand, addressing the questions raised in the case.</p> <p>Tell me more about The Multifunctional Way workshop P&amp;G is the Worlds #1 FMCG company, with ~USD 82 Billion revenues, operations in more than 180 countries, serving 4.2 Billion customers. P&amp;Gs unique heritage has ensured a consistent string of innovations, since 174 years! One of the reasons for P&amp;Gs global leadership position in FMCG is their unique Multifunctional approach to the FMCG business. Under this, the 7 core functions and the other 9 allied functions collaborate as one dream team, thereby bringing a multidimensional perspective to the challenges of FMCG business. Students at BSchools, however, have almost no insights into this world beating Multifunctional approach - not anymore! The Multifunctional Way workshop will teach you have P&amp;G works in teams, and The Dream Team event will give you a live opportunity to put those learnings to live strategy for Ambipur! The workshop will be conducted by senior P&amp;G Managers, who have themselves worked in Multifunctional Teams before! The learnings to you will last a lifetime!</p> <p>Please note... The Multifunctional Way workshop will be conducted sometime during the first 3 weeks after the registrations are open. By then, you may have already started working on the Ambipur case. You dont have to wait to register, until after you have attended The Multifunctional Way workshop. Register your team, start working on the case. As and when you are exposed to The Multifunctional Way workshop, you can incorporate your learnings to strengthen your analysis. You may use the learnings from the workshop to strategize better, as P&amp;G believes in collaboration among functions for synergy, rather than a one function knows all approach.</p> <p>How does the Evaluation Process Work? The Evaluation will be held during the 15th January 2012 to 20th January 2012 period, at your campus. All, or a shortlist of, participating teams will be required to make a presentation of 20 minutes followed by Questions from the Jury. The Jury will be a Multifunctional Team comprising senior managers from P&amp;G, who have participated in various Multifunctional teams in the past. Teams will be rated on the strength of their analysis, the Multifunctional approach and the presentation of the Ambipur case. The best team from each of the campuses will get to present their strategy to the P&amp;G India Leadership on 31st January 2012 at the Ballroom, Hyatt Regency, Mumbai. This gala event will be attended by 75 managers of P&amp;G, and will see a scintillating contest from the best teams of 9 invited campuses.</p> <p>Tell me more about the Final Stage...Time Agenda</p> <p>30th January 2011 Morning</p> <p>Fly in to Mumbai as P&amp;Gs guest</p> <p>30th January 2011 Afternoon</p> <p>Visit to P&amp;G Plaza Mumbai, Interactions with the India Leadership Team and Managers of P&amp;G India</p> <p>30th January 2011 Evening</p> <p>Gala Dinner at the P&amp;G Plaza Rooftop with the India Leadership Team and Managers of P&amp;G India</p> <p>31st January 2011 Morning</p> <p>Time to prepare for your presentations</p> <p>31st January 2011 Second Half</p> <p>Grand Presentation to the P&amp;G Jury comprising of India Leadership Team led by Mr. Shantanu Khosla, CEO of P&amp;G India at the Ball Room of Hyatt Regency Hotel, Mumbai Take the ight out to your campus</p> <p>31st January 2011 Evening / Night / 1st Feb Morning</p> <p>What is in it for me? Live learnings from the #1 FMCG Company in the World. The Opportunity to strategize on a live challenge faced by real world managers, and to present your point of view to them directly. The Opportunity to spend a day at the P&amp;G Office with the P&amp;G India Leadership Team. Exciting Prizes: Campus Round: INR. 40,000/- for Winners; INR. 20,000/- for Runners-Up Grand Finale: INR. 150,000/- for Winners; INR. 75,000/- for Runners-Up Goodies all the way Glory to yourself and your campus</p> <p>Thank you for your time &amp; attention! We look forward to your participation soon!</p> <p>You can catch The Dream Team on: Facebook - www.facebook.com/pg-TheDreamTeam Email - register@pg-thedreamteam.com helpdesk@pg-thedreamteam.com</p>


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