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This is the spring 2010 issue of E-you magazine. This magazine is totally produced by students to give you an insight of Evangel University.

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    eu:24:Check Out Our Worldwide Service Trip Opportunities

    Find out about Springfields best coffee hangouts

    See the sneak peek for our next eu:24


    First off, I would like to say, gre

    etings from Evangel!

    I know a lot of you are looking

    at several schools and wonderi


    how in the world you are going

    to decide where to go. As you lo


    into all of your options, I want

    to encourage you to look for

    something more than a place to si

    mply get an education. I know

    that in my time at Evangel God

    has taken me places that I

    could never have reached on my

    own. College is one of the

    most exciting times of your life

    , and Evangel has so much

    more to offer than simply an edu

    cation. Evangel is a place

    where you can grow spiritually a

    nd build relationships

    that will last a lifetime; an ex

    perience that you will

    never forget, filled with endless

    opportunities. As you

    search for a college, I encoura

    ge you to remember

    that youre looking for so much m

    ore than a place to

    earn your degree. Youre lookin

    g for a place that

    will change your life.

    God Bless,

    Josh DeForest

    Evangel University Student Body


    Letter from the editor:Welcome to the third edition of E-You magazine! Its almost time for you to decide where you will go to college, and its my hope that by providing this magazine we can make that decision a little easier for you. This magazine is

    made by students for students; so start reading and find out if EU is the perfect place for you!

    Editor in Chief

    Junior, Journalism Major

    -Katy Miglicco

    student body president

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    5 7 9



    called toserve

    legends inthe making

    experiencethe world eu:24

    Learn about the many service trip opportunities offered at Evangel. Plus hear testimonies from students whose lives were changed from their experience.

    Get to know two of our recent graduates who are living life to the max! Find out how Cody and Heather are dig-ging deep and digging in!

    Read about the Jane Aus-ten book tour. A hands-on excursion through England directed by one of our own professors, Dr. Diane Awbrey.

    19we ask,


    Hear from two of our athletes as they answer questions about EU sports, day-to-day life, and their goals for the future ahead.

    Read all about the upcom-ing activities at this years eu:24 event and learn how to sign up!

    17which brew

    to buy

    Read as Editor in Chief Katy Miglicco takes you on a tour of Springfields downtown coffee shops in search of the best brews in town.

    Editor in Chief: Katy Miglicco

    Assistant Editor: April Hood

    Photography: Bethany Whitlock

    Design: D. Mayne Design

    Contributors: Josh DeForest, Leah Meinhardt, Sarah Stanley, Dr. Diane Awbrey, Kim Mundt, Shirley Shedd, Brenda Lochner,Paul Logsdon, Dr. Robert Turnbull

    Executive Editor: Rachel Hayden

  • 3 E-YOU SPRING 2010

    Junior Business Education Major Lewis Resident Holland, MI You will often find Zach at North Point church. He plays guitar and sings on North Points worship team.

    Senior Spanish Education Major Spence Resident Concord, NC

    Sara spends much of her time teaching children free, pre-ballet classes at Springfield Ballet. Many of the children who attend

    come from low economic schools.

    Sophomore Biblical Studies Major Burgess Resident Hartville, MOWe spotted Jeni after she won the Miss Branson title at the 2009 Miss Springfield/Branson Pageant held at Evangel.

    Sophomore Intercultural Studies Ma


    Burgess Resident Daytona Beach, FL

    If you are looking for Allison, search no

    further than Firehouse

    Pottery. This paint-your-own pottery stu

    dio specializes in

    helping groups and individuals make m

    emories and create

    meaningful pottery art.


    SARA THOMPSONjeni dixon


    The spring of 2010 is going to be a busy but productive one for students involved in theatre arts at Evangel. David Smith, director of theatre arts, once again has big plans for the spring production. This year, students in the theatre program will have a chance to perform in an operetta with students from the Music Department.

    The spring performance of Gilbert and Sullivans The Makado will be jointly directed by Smith and Jane Berg, instructor of voice. The production is scheduled for the final weekend in February, which is right before the spring production of William Shakespeares A Midsummer Nights Dream. Professor Smith plans to follow traditional Shakespearean style when directing A Midsummer Nights Dream, which is a great undertaking for both director and students, but he has high hopes that the show will display the immense talent and hard work of his students.

    The students involved in theatre arts rounded off their busy fall semester of student-directed productions and one-act shows with their auditions for A Midsummer Nights Dream. They dove right into preparation for the upcoming spring shows and have definitely shown enthusiasm for the upcoming semesters roster of productions. It will undoubtedly be a season of great growth and experience for the students involved.

    Interested in theatre??? Check out whats going on in the theatre arts program this upcoming semester!

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    Europe, being rich in culture and history, was the destination for Evangel Concert Orchestras 2009 sum-mer tour. A group of 41 Evangel students, along with their luggage and instruments, traveled throughout France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, and the Czech Republic. The group, led by Dr. Larry Dissmore, served with several missionaries and translators during their month of service in Europe.

    While on the tour, the orchestra ministered at several churches, a Teen Challenge center, a nationwide drug and alcohol recovery program, and several other venues. In each country, we advertised our performances as a concert, rather than just being a musical presentation. Several of our students would give their tes-timonies during the service, and many times there would be an altar call at the end, after several musical numbers and a time of worship, said Leah Meinhardt, junior Advertising and Public Relations major, who participated in the tour.

    The concerts provided a non-threatening en-vironment for Europeans who might not have otherwise gone to a church service. Often, the services were overflowing with peo-ple, and guests would have to stand. In each city, members of several churches opened their homes for the orchestra to stay with them. Most often, the hosts did not speak English, which made communication very difficult. How-ever, they were always able to find a common ground: faith.

    The orchestra members, although excited about the work that God was doing, grew tired after several performances. The change in time zones, their busy schedule, long bus rides, and constantly changing environments, had taken its toll on the students. However, as Meinhardt explained, God renewed their strength. Somehow, we always made it through and played well and had an impact, she said. Gods hand was unquestionably involved in the details of the Concert Orchestras European tour. He ministered not only to the Europeans who at- tended the concerts, but also to members of the orchestra. The theme that just sticks out to me is Gods faithfulness. Many times when I thought God was going to use me to speak to others, He used them to speak to me. I was so blessed by the faithfulness of the missionaries and the people in the congregations in countries where it is so easy to be dragged down by the things of the world, Meinhardt said.


    By: April Hood

    God used the testimonies of the students to touch a lot of lives. Many people gave their heart to the Lord, Meinhardt said. While the team was ministering in Amsterdam, a man gave his heart to the Lord. In becoming a Christian, he risked the rejection and loss of his entire family. There was no doubt that God was using the orchestra to reach people with the hope of Christ.

  • Austria Belize Czech Republic El Salvador Guatemala Haiti Kenya LA Dream Center Mexico New Orleans Dream Center Panama Paris Tanzania England Italy Jamaica Nicaragua Peru Romania Scotland Southeast Asia Cambodia England Jamaica Kenya

    Austria Belize Czech Republic El Salvador Guatemala Haiti Kenya LA Dream Center Mexico New Orleans Dream Center Panama Paris Tanzania England Italy

    Jamaica Nicaragua Peru Romania Scotland Southeast Asia Cambodia England Jamaica Kenya

    5 E-YOU SPRING 2010

    Each year, EU students get the chance to take service trips all across the globe. Some service trips occur during the school year, while others take place during the summer for more extended peri-ods of time. Either way, students who participate get the chance to go see parts of the world they have never known before, and minister to those whom they have never met. Read on and discover what students are saying about their experiences!

    Date: Spring Break 2010Duration: 9 days

    Mission: Working with missionaries at One Way Ministry. Facilitating school assemblies, church services, and assisting local pastors. Trip directed toward childrens ministry, including activities that prevent children from becoming involved in substance abuse. Team le