Ethical & Islamic Crowdfunding - AlHuda   Crowdfunding Platform focused on Social Impact

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Ethical & Islamic CrowdfundingFor Social Finance

2016 #IslamicCrowdfunding

Islamic Social Finance

Loans MicrofinanceCharity Investment

Charitable Endowment

Qard Hassan

Empowerment for development



To remove suffering and for

urgent needs



Growth Capital sustainably


Protect assets & cash for social


Providing for Human Financial Needs Sustainably and Equitably

ExampleAffordable Housing on Waqf Land

with 30 year lease

Low Income


Commercial Developers

Govt & CSR

Investment Funds

SedaqahCash Waqf

Fund development & construction30 year lease

Qard Hassan



Profit + Capital

What is Crowdfunding/P2P?

An online funding marketplace

using the internet to gather funds for a defined purpose

When a large number of people from the crowd give small

contributions, it becomes possible to raise large amounts of

funding for various purposes

Crowdfunding for Good

1. Equitable: Not banks - investment financing, not debt. Share risks and returns.

2. Lower Cost: Financial institutions have expensive infrastructure & human resources.

3. Empowerment: Investors choose the projects they like based on their values & interests.

Crowdfunding for Good (2)

4. Engagement: Better understand investees. Real-time and video updates of projects.

5. Fairness: Transparent information and disclosures presented in clearly

6. Market pressure: The best get funded based on appeal. Creates healthy competition.

Crowdfunding Variations

Philanthropic Investment

Donations Reward Debt/Profit-Sharing Equity

charity pre-purchase earn from projects ownership

civic/social discounts/gifts provides capital tradeability

Ethis Ventures #IslamicCrowdfunding

builds, invests in & supports

Niche Islamic Crowdfunding

Worlds 1st Islamic Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform focused on Social Impact Developments

Award-winning Islamic SME P2P platform focused on Murabaha asset-financing

Worlds first Licensed Islamic P2P Platform in Malaysia. Launching 2017.

Worlds 1st Global Waqf Crowdfunding platform, founding patron is Tun Abdullah Badawi

Donation-based Crowdfunding platform to serve the MWT Alliance and its programs

Investment Club develops Affordable Housing in Indonesia using CrowdfundingBerita Harian, Singapore

Funding of Construction of Houses for Flood Victim for Govt Contractor in Malaysia

The future?

Islamic Crowdfunding perfectly complements the Islamic Finance industry, due to its focus on community and its ability to engage the masses

- Umar Munshi

Nothing can be closer to Islamic Finance

than Crowdfunding

- Sheikh Dr Ali Elgary @ WIBC 2015

Plugged into the Islamic


Get Involved

1. Budget start small and diversify

2. Objectivemonetary and social/religious

3. Interest & Comfortwhich campaign to support

Spread & Share!

From S$10

From S$500

From S$1,000