Essential Herbs for Adrenal Health & thyroid healing

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  • Holly Warner Health January 29, 2016

    Whats the biggest question I am asked with regards to thyroid? Im on Synthroid and my doctor says its permanent, is it? First off let me start by saying if you are on Synthroid it does not have to be permanent. Many women are told that once they are on it it is for life and this simply is not the case. There is hope. Many have lost their libido, 1


    This herb is fantastic for those suffering from chronic fatigued or anxiety. It is known to be rejuvenating, boosts immunity, helps with insomnia, reproductive issues and exhaustion. If you need to boost your energy in a calming way, need to just chill out, this is the herb for you. If you find you are high strung this will help relax the nervous system. I like to call this my sleep herb when I am wound to tightly. **note** if you are sensitive to nightshades you may want to avoid this herb.**


    Remember years ago everyone and their dog were jumping on the ginseng wagon, well it got payed out. That is unfortunate because it does have its place. Known to improve the bodys resistance to environmental stressors it boosts immunity and improves mental clarity


    Adrenal fatigue | Autoimmune | Thyroid

  • Holly Warner Health January 29, 2016

    suffering from loss of concentration, depression and other debilitating symptoms. This was supposed to HELP you but instead it simply is not supporting your thyroid or your adrenals. That is what this article is for.

    When you compromise the health of your liver and your kidneys, you will need to support them in order to heal. That means supporting with diet, nutrition and herbs.

    Let me give you a little background I started out with thyroid health and women hormones being my focus until I realized that the adrenals were the real issue. You see the symptoms are not due to a malfunctioning thyroid, they are letting you know there is something wrong deeper in the body, the whole system needs attention. When you look at the endocrine system you get a better insight as to what is going on.

    Two glands are important to look at. The adrenal glands 2

    Lets talk condition specific herbs.


    Lemon balm: calms the nervous system, also good for graves disease.

    Motherwort: good for the heart, for those suffering from anxiety and good for those suffering menopause as well.

    Bugleweed: great for hypothyroid as well


    Kelp: if you are taking iodine supplements stop, they are not pure iodine, even sea salt. kelp contains natural iodine plus fiber to help digest it. You can also have kelp if you are hyperthyroid as it is complete.

    Bladderwrack: this is a type of seaweed. Its great for the bladder and the thyroid, it is a iodine rich food.

    Hashimotos & Graves

    Black Walnut Hull: dewormer, cleans out the system

    Bug-Free (paraguard), scram (21 days of this will flush out the system) This can help get your tsp levels back to normal as you are clearing out the digestive system.

    Reishi Mushroom: immune regulator


  • Holly Warner Health January 29, 2016

    and the thyroid glands. To often the adrenals are written off as a buzz word or trend by allopathic medicine, this is a big mistake. It should be a baseline for testing, as it is in my clinical practice. The pineal gland is another to peek at, it regulates your circadian rhythm, this is essential to get the message out to the rest of your system what is going on.

    There is a lot to healing, it is never one thing. Although it is thought thyroid issues or Hashimotos can be the cause of infertility it goes much deeper, this again is why I use an adrenal dysfunction panel as a baseline.

    Lets look at your adrenals and kidneys, when looking into this whyyou cannot get pregnant is key. If your adrenals can barely keep you alive how can it create another life? Remember that your whole entire system is connected. Want to know how to test for adrenal health or dysfunction?Schedule a consultationand lets start getting you back on track. Seeing as everything is connected I take the approach of treating the person not the paper.

    Some of you are asking what herbs have to do with this, ok here it is. Lets look at adaptogenic herbs these strengthen the body and help with our ability to handle stress. Above I have made a list of aa few herbs which can help

    Cleaning out the digestive system is key to both Graves and Hashimoto's diseases. Adding in miatake mushrooms to help regulate blood sugar is a fabulous addition to the herbal regime.

    Schedule aconsultationand lets sit down and see what is right for you. 3