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  • Environmental Management and Mainstreaming


    National Biodiversity and

    Business Indaba 2017

    Presented by: Deidre Herbst


    Integration and


  • 2017/11/22 22

    Mainstreaming biodiversity needs to

    be Purposeful and Driven.

  • 2017/11/22 3

    Demand for Electricity


    The demand for electricity has slowed

    this may create an opportunity for

    transformation of supply options.

  • 2017/11/22 4

    Water Use

    Water availability is one of the most significant

    threats to development in SA

    Eskom water use will decrease over the next two

    decades as older plants shut down and the

    energy mix transforms.

    The negative impact on wetlands due to coal

    mining and power generation is likely to reduce


  • Considering a preparing for the future

    22 November 2017 5

  • Continue to reduce the environmental footprint of Eskom

    activities: Air quality, Water use, Waste Management,

    Biodiversity and behavioral response.

    Guide the Eskom of tomorrow from an environmental

    perspective that leads to Eskom recognised as an

    environmental responsible and sustainable organisation

    The two strategic objectives of the Environmental Management Strategy

    22 November 2017 6

    The two strategic objectives

    of the Environmental Management Strategy are:

  • Supporting environmental strategies and plans

    22 November 2017 7

    Strategies: Water, Biodiversity, Air Quality, Waste Mgt Standard

    Action Plans and Standards: Water Implementation Plans, Biodiversity Action plans, Bird Mitigation Action plans, PCB phase out plan, Integrated Waste Mgt plans, Air

    Quality Fleet Strategy, Environmental Impact Assessments, EMPs, WULs

    Policies: Water, Air Quality, Biodiversity,

    Environmental Strategy and Departmental Ops plan

    Corporate plan, SHEQ Policy, Socio Economic Dev Policy, Climate Change


  • 8


    "The six C's"

    1. Continuity of supply

    - Minimise Txand Dx Dips / Trips related to wildlife incidents

    - Prevent delays in EIA authorisations due to biodiversity

    - Ensure the protection and life extension of Eskom plant

    2. Cost to company

    - Decrease maintenance related outage costs

    - Decrease breaker / plant operations

    - Decrease line faults

    - Manage Offset recommendations

    - Increase tax benefits through responsible stewardship land management

    3. Conservation

    - Develop Species action plans for Eskom sites

    - Excel in the mgt of Eskom land for the protection of species and declared as a protected area

    - Undertake research initiatives

    4. Compliance

    - International conventions

    - South African Constitution and biodiversity legislation at governmental all levels

    - Environmental Impact Assessment Authorisations

    - Minimise biodiversity safety risk to Eskom staff during routine maintenance and repair of plant.

    5. Corporate Image

    - Promote Eskom as a responsible corporate citizen

    - Participate in stewardship agreements, industry/NGO partnerships

    - Encourage external comms and stakeholder engagement

    6. Community

    - Promote site biodiversity goals/solutions inclusive of community involvement

    - Identify sustainable projects to uplift the community quality of life

    Initiatives to achieve the objectives

    Section 5.3

    Development of objectives for the Biodiversity Implementation Plan

    Section 4 Objectives



    Phasing and Integrating Biodiversity



  • 22 November 2017 9

    EWT Partnership addressing the impacts of our infrastructure on biodiversity

    and support in our journey to mainstreaming biodiversity

  • Our vision

    The vision of the Partnership is for Ingula to become a world renowned,

    sustainable conservation area

  • Behavioural Change

    22 November 2017 11

  • 2017/11/22 12

    The change in demand for electricity, the age of coal fired plants

    provide an opportunity to transition to cleaner energy.

    Integration is the golden thread but being purposeful is key to

    unlocking the potential for mainstreaming biodiversity

    Partnering is essential

    Leadership commitment behaviour and attitude are key

    components of success

    If you dont plan you plan to fail but once you have a plan make

    sure you transition properly into execution


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