environment thesis and cyber law
environment thesis and cyber law
environment thesis and cyber law
environment thesis and cyber law
environment thesis and cyber law

environment thesis and cyber law

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ll.m. thesis on environmental law and cyber law

Text of environment thesis and cyber law

  • State Level Environment Impact Assessment Authori fy, Rajasthan4, lnsti tut ional Area, Jhalana Doongri, Jaipur-302004

    Phone : 0 | 4 l -27 05 633. 27 1 1329 Ext. 3 61

    No: Fl (4)/SEIAA/SEAC-Raj/Secn/Project /Cat 8 (a) B l(376)l ll '12

    To,The Majestic Real Marl Pvt. Ltdl -E-19, Shiv Shakt i ColonY,Shastri Nagar,Ja ipur ,

    Sub: Environment i\4anagernent PIan for Prop6sed Affordable [lor::'ing project ofMajestic Real Mart Pvt. Ltd. at village Kalwara, opp. Mahapura , Tehsil Sanganer,JaiPur, Rajasthan.

    Sir,This has reference to your application dated l8,5,ll seeking environmental elearanees for the abovs

    pro.ject under Environment tn4anag**rnt .pfan Hoiincation ?006, fhe proposal has

    been appraised es perprescribed procedure in t-r'rt f igr'tt oT provisions under the Environment Management Plan Notification 2006


    the basis of the mandatory documents encloJO *itft the application viz' the questionnaire' Environment

    Management pran, Environment Manag,ement ptun uno additionar clarifications furnished in response to the

    observation of the State Level Expert Committee Rajasthan, in its meeting held on 23124'2'12'

    2. Brief detai ls of the Proiect:

    Jaipur, oatea: l'iJ 4 i''i,lY ?'iqD

    t t . r No. in the l i s t o fSchedule / Category:

    v27. n28,I t z s , n 3 0 , l l 3 l , & l l 3 2Khasra No. - toos, toos. 1t23, t t24,Vi l laee Ka l Mahapura , Tehsi l San

    Location of Projcct

    Sunendered for road wideniNet Plot Size

    1.8+ 1.8=3.60Floor Area Ratio9923.98 Sq.m. (27 '44%32074.92 Sq.m. (0.886

    Pernrissible Heightr Prol.it Cost Rs. ZQICI-]g9!tl L4 KLD Sourc: Cround Water + treated water'Water Requirement &

    lol2 KVA conte.t.d io4JYVNL Lt9'

    N"r.r- ProDor",t p,.ovislon oi'CSR activit ies (Rs. 2l lacs) has been showed separately.

    Capital Cost7. I Env i ronment Management

    Cround Water Recharge

    Dual PlumbiSirtdr Energy Util ization

    Efficient Liehtin

    Monitoring of Air, Water,Noise & SoilInsulation oflWalls & roof

    Gr\Del l \SEIAA"SEAC\(EC Fi les)SEIAA\SEIAA EC secv from l \4ar ?0 I ? doc

  • ambu lancc l l l r a C t l ve r n tnc t t l

    clispensary (i,c. l l 's- 21 lacs) 6Nni.: - a,r agrecd by thc P.P. lettcr nil dt.25.07.201I' in reply to qucry potnt noCSR Act iv i t ies

    bs and other small Plants'(2) l-andscape plan rncluding

    -native variet ies of tree wil l be prepared to be

    imolemented.(3) Paiks and gardens wil l be developed in thc project area'iai Plantat ion *i l l b. don. along intcmal roads'isi In publ ic arcas lawns wil l bc dcpressed to absorb excess

    runoff '

    Creen Be l t P lan ta t ion

    The SEAC Rajasthan af ler due considerat ions of the re levant documents subrni t ied by the proJect

    proponent and addi t ional c lar i f icat ions/documents furn ished to i t have recommended for Envi ronmental

    Clearance with ceftain ri ie rf. i i".t. SEAC, Rajasthan has also reported that violation of the E'nvironment

    Impact Assessment Not idcat ion,2006 has been done by star t ing construct ion by get t ing envi ronmental

    c learance.The proponent has submit ted a wr i t ten commitment in accordance wi th MoEF' Of f ice

    Memorandum No. j - l t0 l3 l4 l /2006- lA. l l ( l ) dated 16,11.10 that the company wi l lnot take any v io lat ion

    of Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 in future. The SEIAA Rajasthan after considering the proposal

    and recommendatrons or tne spRc Rajasthan hereby accord Environmental clearance to the project as

    ;;; i l ;r;"isions of Environmental lmpact Asiessment Notif ication 2006 and its subsequent

    amendmen ts , sub jec t t os t r i c t con rp l i anceo f the te r l nsandcond i t i onsas fo l l ows :

    l t

    l l l




    "Consen t toEs tab l i sh "sha l l beob ta ined f romRPCBbe fo res ta r to fanycons t ruc t i onworka t thes i t e 'The pp shall obtain a,,No objection ceJificate for height clearance for the envisaged

    level from the

    AirPor ls Author i tY of India 'No Mob i l e t ower sha l l be i ns ta l l ed 'Rs156 Iacs as

    "ufirur "ort and Rs. 2g lacsas recuning cost for Environr:rental pollution control

    and moni tor ing shal l be kept by the PP and sui table moni tor ing provis ions wi l l be made in the

    accounts.As agreed part of corporate social responsibility' the.PP shall earmark an investment of

    Rs 2l

    lacs as capital cost for providing a full fledged ambulance for a Govemment dispensary' as

    agreed in letter no, ni l at.zs.ol.zol l . The expenditure on these activit ies shall be reflected in

    tlie books of account when presented for auditing of accounts'For conservation of electricity and to reduce energy lisses the management shall ensure.that the

    elecfricalvol tage is s tepped down f rom 33 KV to l l KVlnd d is t r ibuted at th is level and f ina l ly

    brought to 440

    li i l t shall obrain approval of drawings of laying electrical l ines from the concerned SE of RRVPNL/

    JVVNL.l 'he PP shal l iu l l t i l l the requi rements of energy regulatory.commlsslon 'Feasibil iry of underground wiring may be examined and followed'Open land may be earmarked for laying 132 kV line'Road width and bench should be adequate for easy movement of f ire fighting vehicles.

    The Drains should be of adequate capacity and be l ined ti l l the final disposal points'provision shall be made lor the housing of r;onstruction labor within the site with all necessary

    infrastructure and facil i t ies such as fuel f6r cooking, mobile toilets, mobile STP, safe drinking rvater'

    medical health care, crdche etc, The housing may UJin the form 'f temporary structures to be removed

    after the completion of the project'All required sanitary and hygienic measures shall be in place before starting constructic)n activit ies' Thesaie d isposat of wasie wate i ana sol id waste generated dur ingthe Construct ion phase shal l

    be ensured'

    Adequaie drinking water faci l i t ies shallbe provided for construction workers at the site'provisions shall be made for the supply of fuel (kerosene or cooking gas); utensils such as pressure

    v i

    v i i

    v i i ii v

    x ix i i

    x i i i

    x l v

    XVxv i

    X V I Icookers etc. to the laborers.Ai l the laborers.n!ug.O for construct ion shal l be screened for health and adequately treated beforeengaging them to work at the site'n'oi a-isinfection of waste water, appropriate tertiary treatment may be given'

    G:\DelI \SEIAA'St lAC\(EC Fi lcs)SEIAA\SEIAA EC secY from Mar 2012 doc

    xvi l l

  • XIX


    All the topsoil excavated during the construction shall be stored for use in horliculture/landscape

    development within the project site'Disposal of muck during construction phase shall not create any adverse effect

    on the neighbortng

    communities and be disposed taking the necessary precautions for general safety and hcalth aspects of the

    people, only in approved sites with the approval of competent authorlty'

    Soil and ground water samples wil l bs iested to ascerlain that, there is no threat to the ground water

    q"riity iif..ching of heavy rnetals and other toxic contaminants'Construction spoils, including bituminous material and other hazardous materials must not

    be allowed to

    contaminate water courses and the dump sites for such material must be secured so that they do not leach

    into the ground water.The diesel generaror sets to be used during the construction phase shall be low-sulphur-diesel

    type and

    shall confornr to Environment (Protection) nulcs for air and noise emission standards'Vehicles hired for brir;;;;;;;;i l;;;; material and laborers'Jo the site shall be in

    good csnditions and

    shall confbrm to uppfi.ite air and noise emission standards and shall be operated during non'

    xTyi:pn?':::*tLl,il, shail conform ro residentiar standards both during dav and night. rncremenrar

    pol lut ion loads on the ambient air and noise qual i ty shal l be closely monitored during construct ion phase'

    Fly ash shal l be ur.O urUuifJ ing mater ial in ih, "onst 'uct ion

    as per the provisions of Fly Ash not i f icat ion

    of September, lggg and arnended as on August, 2003 (The above condit ion is appl icable only i f the

    pro. lect is within 100 krn of Thermal Power Stat ion) 'heaay ml*ea concrete shal l be used in bui lding construct ion'Storm water control unJ i,, ,.-ur. as per CGWA and BIS standards for

    various "ppll:iti:.1:,...,

    Water demand during construction shall be r.Or..J by the use of pre-mixed concrete' curing agents and

    i'j,rJ ::*ffi lt,i l i;, requiremenr sha, not exceed s l 1.4 KLD. rhe pp shar obtain prior permission fiom

    CGWA before withdrawing ground water through tube wells during construction phase and post

    construction /operation phase ofthe proJect'Separarion of grey."d;i;; *.i., ir,.ir be done by the use of dual

    plumping line for separation of grey

    and black water.Treatment of 100% grey water by decentralized treatment shall be done'Building plan from ,n.'"o,nf.,.nt Authority ,rtuir ft got approved apd

    position cleared with reference to

    X.iilii.t-j"fi;asures.shall be taken to reduce air and noise po'ution during consrrucrion keeping in mind

    :t:r:,Tiilffi;T:i,'iTili"",oro in rhe project borh during consrrucrion and operarion of the project'Anyhazardouswastegenera ted 'dur ing .on , , * ' , ionp t 'ase"snat tbed isposedof fasperapp l icab le ru lesuni nort, with necessiry authorization of the RPCB'The approval