Enhancing the student learning experience through Assessed Enquiry Based Learning

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Enhancing the student learning experience through Assessed Enquiry Based Learning . Ruth Pearce. Evaluation of previous cohorts. Attrition at 15% (above benchmark) little personal relevance already doing the job Onerous assessment. Challenges. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Enhancing the student learning experience through Assessed Enquiry Based Learning

    Ruth Pearce

  • Evaluation of previous cohorts

    Attrition at 15% (above benchmark)little personal relevancealready doing the jobOnerous assessment

  • ChallengesStudent cohort expert practitioners from a range of clinical backgrounds My expectations were it would be a traditional course with more depth at a different academic level and I would be reminded of being a student nurse and I expected to be made to feel stupid. We were always threatened with a discontinuation of our training and I expected that kind of culture. Questionable motivation for undertaking programme Well it sounds awful but I had no expectations of it when started because wed been sent on it, in a manner of speaking, because we had to show we were educated to Masters level so we thought about what would we not mind doing and I suppose teaching was the obvious one, so we had a really low expectation of it.Their priority was to develop technical teaching skills

  • Enquiry Based LearningStudent centred onus is on the learner within the teamCollaborativeAllows theory to be explored within student context Integration of knowledge and practiceDeep approach to learning as students make their own connections between ideas. Open nature of an enquiry ensures there is scope for more realistic and relevant learning and peer interactions foster engagement. Allows the development of a wide range of abilities: knowledge-creation, team-working, presentation, information literacy, ICT, problem-solving, creativity and project management. (Kahn and ORourke, 2004)

  • ContextPGCert Teacher in Health and Social CareDelivered as part of Masters in Advanced Social and Healthcare provision

  • How does EBL work?Engage team and set ground rulesLaunch enquiryIdeas explode out from enquiryStudents explore the literature to formulate speculative general principles in relation to the enquiry.Hypotheses are generated about what actions are needed to lead to an improvement in their practice.Students set own agenda for learning: ownership of timetableBring information back and articulate to team own understandingReview, evaluate and modify understanding through subsequent sessions.Draw enquiry to a close and address enquiry.

  • Supporting EBLFacilitator role:Anxieties around processDeconstruction of existing experiencesReconstruction

    Wiki activity:Engages students with web-based learningEnables externalisation of the EBL process

  • StudyAimsTo provide an outstanding student experienceTo engage with active learning through the EBL process To encourage collaboration, teamwork and the development of transferable skillsMethodSemi-structured interviewsThematic analysis

  • Findings (1)All students identified:significant change to their practice as a result of learning from the programme. immediate application to practice.collective learning responsibility ensured the students actively engaged with learning

  • Findings (2)All students indicated that their confidence had developed through:teamworkpresenting an argument challenging each others perspectives. Students spoke of EBL as a transformational learning experience.

  • Change in practiceIts been brilliant to come into something that you didnt think you were going to learn and end up changing everything you do has been amazing. To look at things from different perspectives and realise youre not too old to change. It has really helped me to achieve much more than anticipated. I think it has caused an automatic internal change because it has totally changed my perspective.

  • Immediate applicationThe fact here weve been recognised as expert practitioners and our knowledge has been respected has made all the difference, we can apply what we learn directly to our practice.

  • Collective LearningWith EBL you take a greater responsibility for your own learning and that of your colleagues, its very much about the team and not just letting yourself down if you dont perform, your letting the team down it mirrors reflective practice really

  • Confidence and development (1)To have developed the confidence to change and look at what we were doing its difficult when given a certain environment in which to teach and youre aware youre not doing the class justice but to then have the knowledge and awareness of the effect of the environment and how this can be changed.This experience has been completely different with a group that has worked together, gelled and weve learnt a lot from each other.

  • Confidence and development (2)It has given me the confidence to challenge practice and truly think differently and at Masters level. I just found myself thinking differently, I found my teaching was different as my previous experience has been typical teaching/learning and EBL has helped me appreciate the true value of learning. I think it has increased my confidence as a teacher and learner.We are champions for practice education having had a positive learning experience and the confidence that brings.

  • Transformational learning experience (1)The EBL process in itself is what has changed everything, not just my teaching and learning but the world as a whole.

    Learning is about growth and we all have our own stories of transformation from this course.

  • Transformational learning experience (2)Its not unique but its one of those prized occasions where the process has been as rich as the end result. I think the fact that it happens in education when we are actually looking at trying to attain that, does create its uniqueness and exploits the very powerful nature of a group.

  • Examples of practice developmentChange to infection control mandatory training from PowerPoint presentation to small group, practical sessions with staff led activities.Change to GNVQ training from all day lectures with poor attendance to a one hour lead lecture supported by individual or small group tutorials and small group work.Change to self harm and suicide risk assessment sessions to medical staff in A&E from PowerPoint presentations to scenario based activities.

  • The success of EBL in the PGCertI think that what struck me most about the EBL was that you can see the simplicity of it is its defining point because it can be used in any course but the I think the mastery that has been demonstrated was using it in a course about education, not only were you allowing us to use EBL but you were allowing us to experience it in a course about teaching and learning. I think that way we were able to see more than just the one side and experience real student centred learning.

  • Success indicators62% of the students have new jobs leading education in their field of practice.

    I didnt expect it to be fun either, I thought it would be a tick box exercise but learning should be fun and this has been.I was expecting it to be stressful, I wasnt expecting fun or for it to be enjoyable or to make friends and its been really good, weve definitely learnt so much

  • ReferencesKahn, P. & ORourke, K. (2004) Guide to curriculum design. Higher Education Academy http://www.heacademy.ac.uk/resources/detail/id359_guide_to_curriculum_design_ebl accessed 16.05.08


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