EnglishCornerCafe.com. Traffic Discussion How do you usually get around the city? What do you think of the subway system? How often do you use it? Do

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EnglishCornerCafe.com Slide 2 Traffic Discussion How do you usually get around the city? What do you think of the subway system? How often do you use it? Do you like it? What do you think of street traffic here? Do you like driving? Is this a good city for walking and cycling? Should more people use these methods of transportation? What keeps people from walking and cycling more often? What do you think could be done to improve the transportaton systems here? EnglishCornerCafe.com Slide 3 Traffic Vocabulary Match these words......to these definitions Sidewalk Bus stop Traffic light Lane Motorist Pedestrian Zebra crossing Crossing guard Avenue Jaywalking 1. A part of a road for a column of traffic 2. A place to walk across a street 3. Someone who is walking 4. Another name for a street 5. Someone who helps people walk across streets 6. A place where the bus stops 7. Walking in or across automobile lanes 8. Something which controls who goes and who stops at an intersection 9. Someone who is driving 10. A place for people to walk beside the road 10 6 8 1 9 3 2 5 4 7 EnglishCornerCafe.com Slide 4 Listen and fill in the gaps Havana-- 1,300 pedestrians are ____________ each year, and more than 150 are ____________ by cars. Visitors from ____________ cities often feel ____________ there is very little ____________ in this 2.1-million-person city. However, even with only a ____________ cars, there are many traffic ____________ because of the lack of caution and the ____________ city systems. Along Malecon, a six-lane avenue, ____________ are no zebra crossings for 8 kilometers, and ____________ run across the street to ____________ into the ocean. A couple walks ____________ down an unlit street and a 1950s car speeds ____________ only a few centimeters away. Two ____________ stand in the middle of the____________ and try to get a ride from motorists so ____________ wont need to use the over-crowded buses. Two of these busses ____________ in the center of the ____________ to exchange passengers, and there are no ____________ stops to protect the commuters. A woman ____________ pushes a stroller across ____________ avenue in front of coming cars. A bored traffic cop ____________ the jaywalkers. It looks like a scene from the video game Frogger. The local ____________ call it toreando autos, or bullfighting with cars (like the Spanish ____________). But the local newspaper ____________ it Lethal Imprudence and social indiscipline. Laws in ____________ make motorists who ____________ pedestrians go to jail. Local ____________ Alejandro Llanes, though, objects to ____________. He points to the pedestrians ____________ across the auto lanes and ____________, Look at that! If something happens there, whose fault ____________ it? There are calls to ____________ this suffering through love of ____________ and sufficient caution. EnglishCornerCafe.com Slide 5 Did you understand? How many pedestrians are hit every year? How many die? How many people are there in Havana? What problems are there on Malecon? Where do busses stop? What happens EnglishCornerCafe.com Slide 6 Traffic Crimes Rank these crime from most to least offensive: Driving while intoxicated (drunk driving) Running a red light Parking in a bicycle lane Jaywalking Speeding (10 km/hr over the limit) Riding a motorbike on the wrong side of the road Use these phrases: This is not as bad as that This is worse than that This is as bad as that I think... because Discuss why!!! EnglishCornerCafe.com Slide 7 Traffic in your city Discuss these questions with your group: What are some traffic problems in your city? Which are the biggest problems? why? Is there a problem between pedestrians and motorists here? Is there a problem between bicycles and motorists? What do you think would solve these traffic problems? How do you travel in your city? Do you like it? What would be your ideal way to travel? Why? EnglishCornerCafe.com Slide 8 Good and bad solutions Discuss 2 pros and 2 cons of each Reduce private car use to 1 day per week Give away 1 milion free electric bikes Increase subway and bus frequency Add 25% more subway and bus routes Your group's solution EnglishCornerCafe.com Slide 9 What were your solutions? Discuss which solution is best Argue like Americans! Use these: This is better than that This is not as good as that I think... because... Discuss why! EnglishCornerCafe.com Slide 10 Want more? englishcornercafe.com -Less prep, more fun-