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Engaging with stakeholders. Presentation to SAFESPUR workshop 3 July 2007 Jon Phillips NDA Communications Director. Agenda. The NDA Approach to stakeholder engagement National Stakeholder Group Site-based consultation The NDA web site Lessons learnt Conclusion. The NDA. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Engaging with stakeholders

    Presentation to SAFESPUR workshop3 July 2007Jon PhillipsNDA Communications Director

  • AgendaThe NDAApproach to stakeholderengagementNational StakeholderGroupSite-based consultationThe NDA web siteLessons learntConclusion

  • The NDANDPB established in 2005Remit to clean up the civil public sector nuclear legacySites and facilities built from 1940s onwardsAnnual funding of ~2.8BnBased in West CumbriaResponsible for 20 former UKAEA and BNFL sites & integrated waste strategy

  • NDA Strategic PrioritiesSafety, security and environmental performanceHazard reductionSecuring a stable funding environmentStakeholder engagement and meeting socio-economic obligationsDelivering value for money from our contractorsDeveloping integrated waste solutions Maximising income to offset the cost of decommissioning Building an effective industry through competition, skills and R&DDeveloping the NDA into a world class organisation

  • Changing perceptionsGovernment expectations:Openness, transparency and pro-active stakeholder engagement

    NDA mission statement:To deliver safe, sustainable and publicly acceptable solutions to the challenge of nuclear clean-up and waste management. This means:Never compromising on safety or securityTaking full account of our social and environmental responsibilitiesAlways seeking value for money for the tax payerActively engaging with stakeholders

  • Stakeholder DefinitionAny individual or organisation that has a declared interest in the activities of the NDA

  • Stakeholder categoriesAssessing stakeholdersFormal role in approving, supporting or assessing proposed actions or performance of NDAParticipating stakeholdersMajor contribution to ensure the success of NDAInfluencing stakeholdersPotential to influence the strategy and direction of the NDA.

  • NDA charterCommitment toBe open and transparentMake information availableListen to commentsEngage and consultSupport Site and National groupProvide briefing/trainingHold meetings in public placesPay out of pocket expenses

  • National Stakeholder Group Meets twice per yearMembers representingEach Site Stakeholder GroupUK Government departments & regulatorsNational NGOsNDA and nuclear industryOverseas stakeholdersIndependently facilitatedFunded by NDANational strategic issues

  • Issues GroupsMaterials Issues GroupScrutinise NDAs strategic objectives & decision making processes on management of nuclear materials & spent fuel

    Waste Issues GroupReporting to NSG, identify issues and challenge/advise on Waste strategies & plans acting as a sounding board

  • Review & emerging resultsFuture engagement To be Issue ledUse different methodsInvolve more people & CommunitiesImprove communicationsEnhance NDA cultureExpect wholesale changeKeep under review

  • Site End States consultation

    A valuable experience but - Needs to be clear guidanceGreater consideration given to the resource impactA better audit trail

  • The NDA websiteBegan as a staff recruitment toolNow the primary method of engaging with stakeholdersRevamped in April to take account of user views

  • Move to a Stakeholder Tool Different AudiencesRecognise different audiences:Local Site StakeholdersContractorsEmployeesNon-Governmental OrganisationsPoliticiansPress/Media

  • A News ChannelNews Alert ServiceStakeholders subscribe via NDA websiteWeb Alert sent via email to registered stakeholders (1800+)RSS feed availablePress releases and newsDialogue e-newsletter available online and issued in PDF to stakeholders via website

  • Live Web Cast Via NDA WebsiteLow, medium, and high bandwidth optionsStreamed for 3 months548 requests for video clipCD-ROM version available

  • Web ChatAnother means of engaging stakeholdersScheduled online chat facilityNDA panel responded to stakeholder questions online in real-timeTranscript of chat posted on NDA website

  • Online ConsultationEnables stakeholders to register once for responding online to all NDA consultationsAll responses automatically collated according to specific issue within consultation

  • NDA Stakeholder AuditJan 2006

  • NDA Stakeholder Audit Jan 2006

  • NDA Stakeholder AuditJan 2006

  • Lessons learntNo-one likes surprisesEarly warning and engagementDifferentiate between communication and consultationListen as much as you talkChallenge the experts to simplify languageBuild trust through personal contactCheck you are being understood

  • Research on Energy issues July 2006Which of the following sources would you most trust to tell you the truth about thesafety or otherwise of nuclear power?Source: Populus

  • ConclusionNDA signalled great change for the UK nuclear industryAccountable to Government, stakeholders & publicStakeholder engagement will remain at the heart of NDA deliveryWithout it we cannot achieve our missionExpect our contractors to do the same

  • www.nda.gov.uk

    Overall, the site end process provided valuable experience for both the NDA and the SSGs on how such exercises might be run in the future. Specific learning points included:Needs to be clear guidance issued to the SSGs as early as possible (as both the NDA and the SSGs were, to a certain extent, learning as the site end states project developed, guidance was produced as the project evolved and not given more emphasis at the beginning) Greater consideration needs to be given to the resource impact of such exercises on the SSGs Better audit trail of the parties consulted and their responses (when pushed, some SSGs initially struggled to confirm who they had consulted and what the response had been. This information is essential if we are trying to confirm that statutory consultees like local authorities have been given the opportunity to participate. To be clear, the SSGs did have the information, they just did not have it in a format that made it easy to retrieve)

    Openness and transparency in all that we do is written into the government documents which established the NDA. This is particularly important when it comes to stakeholder engagement.

    We have a large number of local, regional and national organisations interested in our activities. At the local level we have built on existing site liaison groups but ensured their autonomy by having an independent chairperson and control by the group over their meeting arrangements and a small budget.

    At the UK national level we have established a National Stakeholder group which has now met twice and established working groups on specific issues. We have also established a Scottish stakeholder forum to ensure Scottish perspectives are properly heard at the UK national group.

    Clearly, a wide range of media from local newspapers to national TV stations are very interested in reporting our activities and the issues we are involved in. The UK Government energy Review and statements by the Prime Minister and other politicians have kept the nuclear issue high on the news agenda.

    How are these audiences and there needs catered for on our website? If we are to continue to add documents and statements to our site (which is unavoidable given our commitment to openness and transparency) then at least we need to let those who may be interested know that new material has been posted.

    This is why we have introduced a News Alert service where users which users can subscribe to. Whenever any significant additions or changes to the web site are made, an e-mail listing the changes and a link to each is sent to anyone who has subscribed. Around 300 have registered in the 2 months the service has been available.

    Not everyone wants to or has the time to read through all our documents. That is why we have introduced dialogue an electronic newsletter which distils the highlights of our activity. Dialogue is available to view and download from our website and to encourage readership we e-mail all our stakeholders with the link direct to the newsletter on the day it is published. We initially thought we would publish quarterly but there is so much going on that we are running at an issue every 6 to 8 weeks at the moment. This is what a typical web alert looks like. The stakeholder, on opening their e-mail can click directly on the link to the document or news release they are interested in. To try and move on from the site being purely an electronic library we experimented with a live web cast of our press conference last august where we launched our draft strategy. The chairman gave a 20 minute presentation and this was followed by a question and answer session with over 20 journalists and two TV crews.

    We offered the web cast in a range of bandwidth options to allow as many people as possible to access the event.

    After the live cast we streamed the broadcast for 3 months on the site right through the period of public consultation on the draft Strategy and also had a CD-Rom version available for those who were unable to access the broadcast direct from our website.

    With over 500 requests for the clip we have judged this experiment a success and something we will try again. As another means of engaging stakeholders during the public consultation programme on our draft Strategy we decided to hold a live web chat. This was scheduled for 2 hours and advertised on the web site in advance. We had a panel of NDA experts on hand to answer any question raised. 27 people took part from all over the UK and the debate was posted on the website for anyone to read afterwards.Here are some results from a stakeholder survey we carried out earlier this year.

    The results are very positive in terms of stakeholder use and views on our webs