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What is culture?

Enduring Understandings/Essential Questions for What is Culture? Enduring UnderstandingsThere are cultural differences within a community.Different cultures contribute to Rockwall, to Texas, to the nation, and to the world.Essential QuestionsHow are people and places alike?How are people and places different?What are some of the different cultures represented in Rockwall?How have people of different cultures contributed to the Rockwall community?1What is culture?Culture is a peoples whole way of life.You learn culture!Culture is learned behavioryou are not born with it.You learn how to act, feel, and think.You learn how to behavethe dos and donts.You learn culture through language!Hello, how are you?Hola, cmo ests? Hallo, wie geht es dir? Bonjour, comment allez-vous?

EnglishSpanishGermanFrenchJapaneseArabic4Culture is powerful!Taboos are powerful.You may be hungry, but if you are a Hindu, you will not eat beef!You may be starving, but if you are a Muslim, you will not eat pork!Cultures shape you!In the 1950s, our culture encouraged children to be children.In the 1980s, our culture encouraged children to be more aware of life around them.What about now?

6Cultures are the same!Culture is a response to human needs.Basic human needs that are similar around the world are called universal needs.Universal NeedsPeople need to eat. But what people eat (and how they cook it!) differs from culture to culture.People need to use the toilet. But toilets vary from culture to culture.People need a family. But families differ from culture to culture.


Culture spreads from place to place.The Aztecs invented a chocolate drink. Their Spanish conquerors carried chocolate to Europe!The TV has spread to every country on Earth. So has the computer!The process of spreading cultural elements is called cultural diffusion.Culture is a peoples way of life. Everything from A to Z.. . . But 4 things are special:Geography shapes culture (where you live determines how you live)History shapes culture (past experiences).Religion shapes culture (values).Language reflects the culture (vocabulary expands as culture changes).The ABCs of CultureArt & LiteratureWhat art forms (painting, music) and literary forms (novel, drama) are typical of a culture?

Library of Congresswww.pics4learning.comwww.pircs4learning.comBrian R. pageThe ABCs of CultureBuildingsWhat building (monument, statue, structure) symbolizes a culture?


13The ABCs of CultureCommunication & TransportationHow is information spread? How does the average person get around?

www.picks4learning.com-ShermanThe ABCs of CultureDressWhat clothing is typical of a culture?




The ABCs of CultureEconomyWhat drives this economyfarms, factories, or services? What is the biggest employer?

The ABCs of CultureFamilyWhat is the status of women and children? How well are women and children treated?

www.pics4learning.comThe ABCs of CultureGovernmentWho has power? How is the average citizen connected to the government?

www.pics4learning.comThe ABCs of CultureHistoryWhat major event shaped the culture?


www.pics4.learning.com-m. StrantonThe ABCs of CultureIconWhat images cause an immediate emotional response in nearly every person?

The ABCs of CultureJobsHow does the average person make a living?

The ABCs of CultureKnowledgeHow is knowledge (skills, habits, values, attitudes) passed from one generation to the next?

The ABCs of CultureLanguageWhat language do people speak?

The ABCs of CultureMovement & MigrationWho moves in and out of a culture?

www.pics4learning.comEllis Island24The ABCs of CultureNational PrideWhat people, places, or things spark feelings of loyalty and patriotism?

The ABCs of CultureOrganizationsIn this culture, what are the most important organizations (formal and informal)?

The ABCs of CulturePopulationWhat groups (age, race, religion, language, ethnic group) shape the culture?

The ABCs of CultureQuality of LifeHow would you rate the average persons health and happiness?

The ABCs of CultureReligionWhat are the religious beliefs and values? What are the traditional holidays, festivals, ceremonies?

The ABCs of CultureStatusWhat groups (racial, ethnic, religious, cultural, professional) have high and low status?

The ABCs of CultureTaboosWhat behavior is totally unacceptable?

The ABCs of CultureUrban or RuralDo most people live in the city or in the countryside?


www.pics4learning.com-KolkThe ABCs of CultureVacation & RecreationWhat do people do for fun? What are the sports?

The ABCs of CultureWays of everyday lifeHow do people take care of cooking, shopping, washing clothes?

The ABCs of CultureX marks the spotHow does geography shape the culture?

The ABCs of CultureYumWhat does the typical family eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner? The culture is known for what food?

Bugs for Dinner Bangkok, Thailandwww.pics4learnings.comFish and Chips-Londonwww.pics4 learning.comThe ABCs of CultureZtuffWhat stuff is typical? (i.e., chopsticks in China)

AssignmentPick 10 of the key terms from Chapter 4 and create a vocabulary pyramid.You choose where to place each term on your pyramid. Then summarize the definition using the appropriate number of words.Make sure to label each tier with the word you are using.Include sketches/drawings for each word.38ResourcesPerformance Education (2002). The ABCs of World Culture. 39


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