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  1. 1. ENBE Final Project - The X Town - A Better Liveable Town - Olympus Skyscraper cityDesign concept and ideas compilation FNBE Jan 0115 Designer: Koo Jian Xiang Group members: Amelisa Heng Ashley Yap Pey Shian Emcy Tan Min Chuen Tutorial Group: Ms. Iffa Nayan Email: leo_kjx95@hotmail.com Hp Number: 010-225 6172 Type Of Town: City In The Air Grid: Hexagonal
  2. 2. Aim of the city- - To enhance a sustainable life for human beings - Provide a green and pollution-free city. - Move beyond historical correlation and towards prediction - Innovative technology all over the city - Establishing sustainable social and economic systems - Increase the quality of life Name of the new city- OLYMPUS Olympus represents the home of gods. I chose this name as my city name because Olympus gives a guarantee of quality in life and innovative in technology, beyond than the other. Its like Apple, Google and Samsung battle for control of the smart home, Olympus hopes to show how technology can make urban infrastructure more intelligent and responsive to citizens needs. People should move in there in to have a better form of living lifes. Culture- - Focus in healthy lifestyle - Living harmoniously between each other - Respect each others religious Education- - Advance education for citizens to strengthens their knowledge - Professional skill courses available
  3. 3. Recreational- - Golf course - Sport facilities - Gardens and running track - Clubhouses Other frequent question- - The main income of the people in my city is by doing business and nancing. The economics of the whole country depends on my city because my city has the most running nancial buildings, such as Wall Street. Other can be school teachers, food seller or farmers. - The town square is located in the centre of the commercial buildings. - The source of food is around the commercial areas. - The religious place is located at the residential areas where people can access to it in an easiest way without getting disturb by the busy area such as commercial areas.
  4. 4. Technology Of Olympus City 1. The augmented reality wall Augmented reality could make the world more interactive and social. The augmented reality wall reveals a system of integrated sensors and services that responds directly to your needs. 2. Personal Cloud The personal cloud uses responsive sensors to provide cooling air and moisture exact;y when you need it. Its clean, green and more economical than air conditioning.
  5. 5. 3. Smart Street5 In the future, the street will speak to you. By your existence, the on-the-ground street lights will sense you through thermal energy emitted from your body, hence it will light up the whole street. The sustainable city light will also activate when it sense you. 4. Wireless networking The wi system and switches will eventually installed in each street lights of the city. It emits 5 signals to the cloud which expand a wide area to the city for load breaking usage. Reference: http://museum.governmentsummit.org/2015/