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Alpha Speakers at e3 Embryology meeting includes,Balaban Basak,Hardarson Thorir,Jacques Cohen,Doshi Alpesh,Ebner Thomas.Academy of Clinical Embryologists, India will have there Speakers at Empowering Excellence in Embryology,which includes Shrinivasan M. S. ,Dr. Alex C. Varghese,Mr. Charudatt Joshi,Dr. Varsha Samson Roy,Bharat Joshi,Dr. Sawad Thotathil and Priya kannan.EART Speakers at Embryology workshop will be Dr. Kersi Avari,Kanagaraj and Vijayakumar Chelur.Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction and iFORCE - Indian Forum of Reproductive Clinical Embrologists,will also havethere Speakers at the Mega Embryology IVF event,in India.Scientific Program at ALPHA & EART Embryology WORKSHOP - INDIA - 2011.Embryo and Blastocyst Grading: Reaching a universal Consensus.Optimizing ICSI (to include IMSI).Time Lapse Videoing embryos: kinetic markers to determine embryo Quality.Non invasive techniques of grading the Oocyte and cumulus Oocyte corona complex.Day 3 vs. day 5 embryo transfers.Embryo biopsy for PGD.Single step versus sequential media for embryo development: Which one is more successful?The neglected compaction stage.Quality control in an IVF lab?Panel Discussion by IForce/ ACE/ ISAR.Overshadowing of embryologist's identity by clinicians - the current scenarioQualifications of a Clinical Embryologist - Where to draw a line.Full time (in house) V/s Part time (visiting) embryologists for ART Lab- are we compromising success and quality?Embryology Workshop with Hands On & Scientific Lectures:A]Micromanipulation of Gametes and Embryos - Getting the things right.After the session, delegate should have Full knowledge about Basics of micromanipulator set up,Different types of micromanipulator/s ,Do's and Don'ts during Micromanipulation,Optimizing skills of micromanipulation.B]IMSI - what to expect? After the session, delegate should have Full knowledge about Technical knowhow and history of IMSI,Applicability of IMSI in ART,Practical hints to perform better IMSI/ MSOME.C]Use of microsurgical Laser in ART Need for the LAH in ART,Supremacy of Laser over other conventional AH methods,Use of Laser for AH, Embryo Biopsy and sperm immobilization,Points to consider while opting for Laser in ART center.D]Polarization Microscopy - Boon OR Bane?The need for non invasive assessment of Oocyte,Assessment of Zona by automatic scoring system,Performing Spindle aligned ICSI,How spindle can deceive the user while assessing.E]CASA and applicability in ART.Need for CASA in ART,How to validate the CASA results,How to overcome the man-Machine interface problems,Move to morphometric assessment over morphology assessments,Research insight in to befit the parameters of CASA to fertility evaluation and predictive analysis.F]Vitrification - has it removed the need for conventional freezing.History and development of vitrification,Principle of super cooling,Practical points for successful vitrification & thaw process,Do’s and don’ts of IVF vitrification,Caution about toxic effects of VS solutions.G]Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis(PGD).How to perform Embryo Biopsies and blastomere fixation,Various terminologies like FISH/ CGH/ PCR and their applicability,Practical points for successful embryo biopsy and fixation,Do’s and don’ts of PGDThe "Empowering Excellence in Embryology”Workshop with Hands On & Scientific Lectures,Medical conference,Global Health Congress promises to match that sentiment and, at the same time, provide even more networking for this international gathering.alphaeart.com is there website where you can find more details about the Embryology workshop,IVF ART medical events and conference,Delegates Registration,scientific program.Save the date today by going to the medical Congress webiste www.alphaeart.com and register for this event, and accomplish in a day what would otherwise take you years to accomplish.Venue of the workshop "Empowering Excellence in Embryology”:Sheraton New Delhi H

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