Electronic Transcript Request Process - Transcript Request Process Students, in order to request your…

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  • Electronic Transcript Request Process

    Students, in order to request your transcript electronically via GAcollege411, please click on

    the following link: https://secure.gacollege411.org/Home/_default.aspx


  • Next, click Sign In (top right corner)

    After entering your Account Name and Password, click Sign In in the blue highlighted

    box (If you are not able to access your account, please contact your Professional

    School Counselor for assistance).

  • Next, select the College Planning tab

  • Select Applications and Transcripts (bottom box)

  • Next, select Request and Track Your Transcript (bottom left box)

  • You must be associated with your high school to request transcripts (Please verify that

    your high school information is correct)

    Next, select the transcript postsecondary destination by using the scroll down tool in the

    blue highlighted box.

    Click Continue

  • Congratulations! Your transcript request has been submitted.

    Click on the Request Transcript tab to request another transcript or click on the History tab to view the status of all your requests.