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  • Electroluminescence imagining

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    Location: Bahawalpur, Pakistan

    Test type: Electroluminescence Imaging

    Risk: Potential Damage to PV Modules

    About Us

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    A 100 MWp PV project was installed in Bahawalpur, Pakistan. Commissioned in 2015, the

    plant contributes 100MWp of power into country's national grid.

    During the construction phase, a severe sand storm hit the region. Due to high winds, some

    PV Modules that were improperly installed fell off the mounting tables. There was a high

    chance that the PV cells in these PV modules have suffered serious damage as a result of

    the fall.

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    In order to verify this, the panels were transported to our testing facility for EL imaging. The

    damaged panels were to be replaced so each PV array would continue to function normally.

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    All Panels were visually

    inspected before

    subjecting to EL imaging.

    As in most cases, it is

    difficult to identify damage

    to the cells within the

    modules without proper


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    Upon EL imaging, it was

    observed that there was a

    significant damage to the

    cells in some panels.

    Multiple cracks and large

    inactive regions meant

    that these panels will

    function poorly if installed

    in a PV array and would

    decrease the performance

    of other modules within

    that array.

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    Dr. Jrgen Arp

    Gartenstrasse 36

    D- 14482 Potsdam

    + 49 331 70 40 30 11

    + 49 331 70 40 30 22



    83 A/E-1, Gulberg III, Lahore

    Tel. +92 423 578 2266

    Site address:

    QA Solar Park, Bahawalpur