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<ul><li> 1. Editing logs By Munira Mohamed</li></ul> <p> 2. Editing log January th 2014 6 3. What the group did today ? We uploaded the our footage to final cut pro, and went through all through footage to see what footage would be suitable for our documentary, so we can start editing the footage together. We also created bins for our footage to go in, so we are well organised. 4. Why we did this ? The reason for uploading footage was so that we have the right suitable footage for it to be edited together and be created to a good documentary. The reason for getting rid of some of the footage was that because some were not that much of good quality to be apart of our documentary. Creating bins help us be more organised with creating our documentary and it also gave us easy access to the footage that we need. 5. I was personally responsible for: For making a new folder for our documentary in bins this to made it easier to find the footage that we used and made us be more organised. 6. The purpose/impact/effect of this was Creating bins for our footage is very important for us as without bins are work will be all over the place and unorganised. Being is organised is the most important part as being organised helps enables our focus on your priorities. This also helps us have easy access on our footage and help us find it more quickly, this helps us to be able to start editing quicker than usual. 7. TH 8EDITING LOG JANUARY 2014 8. What the group did today ? We synced better audio to our footage for documentaries, so when present our documentaries the sound will be better quality. We also made a rough cut of our documentaries this is were we placed all our footage that we choose in roughly a place we think it fits well. We shot some extra footage that we didnt have an we wanted for our documentary. 9. Why we did this ? The reason for syncing the sound was so that the sound will be in better quality. Making a rough cut help us have an idea on what we want our documentary to look like and we also wanted to see what improvements are needed for our rough cut. We added extra footage to help us make our documentaries to have more interesting footage that was not in the previous footage. 10. I was personally responsible for: I was responsible to start editing for our documentaries. I was doing things like fading, overlaying, cross cutting etc. 11. The purpose/impact/effect of this was Starting editing help our group to have head start with our documentary as we manage to make our rough cut before nick from chocolate film had came and help us with improvements our documentary needed. Starting editing help me have a hang on how to edit more better. I learnt new things that Ive never come across when editing for example blade and fade. 12. th 14Editing log January 2014 13. What the group did today ? We produced music for out documentary and we shot extra footage We also tided stuff up and made trims and added more effects to documentary. 14. Why we did this ? The reason for producing music for our documentary was for our documentary to have something to make it flow and be less boring. The reason for shooting extra footage was in order for to have better footage that would fit perfectly with our documentary. 15. I was personally responsible for: Tided stuff up with our documentary and made trim /added more effects. I reorganised as the footage was unorganised and a bit out of place and jumpy. I correct minor errors to our documentary. 16. The purpose/impact/effect of this was Reorganising our documentary was to insure that are documentary was put together to properly. This help be very organised and very well tided up. This made are documentary much more clear and better, instead of jumpy and out of place. 17. th 18Editing log January 2014 18. What the group did today ? We changed songs for our documentary and responded to teachers feedback. We also looked over footage for mistakes and exported documentary into movie. 19. Why we did this ? The reason why we changed our song, because the song was to short for our documentary and it very out place and jumpy. The reason for responding to the feedback was to insure that we have taking all miss feedback into consideration for our documentary. We look over the footage to see if we had rendered all. The reason for exporting our documentary was to make our documentary into a movie, so it can be uploaded. 20. I was personally responsible for: I was responsible for exporting our documentary in a quick time movie into for it to be uploaded to YouTube. We all had to response to miss feedback to show that we all understand 21. The purpose/impact/effect of this was The purpose of exporting the documentary was for all of our footage to be one and become a quick time movie. The only way of uploading our documentary to YouTube was if our documentary was a short time movie. </p>