Editing and Writing Tips

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Editing and Writing Tips. Punctuation. Punctuation. Punctuation. Use of Pronouns. Use of Pronouns. WHAT DO YOU SEE IN THESE SENTENCES?. WHAT DO YOU SEE IN THESE SENTENCES?. Quotation Marks. Quotation Marks. Quotation Marks. Book Titles. Book Titles. Third-Person Writing. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Editing and Writing Tips

Editing and Writing TipsPunctuationPunctuationPunctuationUse of PronounsUse of PronounsWHAT DO YOU SEE IN THESE SENTENCES?WHAT DO YOU SEE IN THESE SENTENCES?Quotation MarksQuotation MarksQuotation MarksBook TitlesBook TitlesThird-Person WritingThird-Person WritingThird-Person WritingAgreementAgreementUnnecessary WordsUnnecessary WordsUnnecessary WordsHeadings and SubheadsHeadings and SubheadsHeadings and Subheads