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  • Edisto Echoes Fall 2014

    Vol. 16, Issue 1

    Edisto Island Historic Preservation Society


    Once again, our Edisto & Beyond Tour was a smash hit

    with those who were fortunate enough to get tickets.

    The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and attendees

    seemed to take special delight in the properties that

    were on tour this year. A successful tour requires the

    time and talents of a whole team of people, and we are

    grateful to each and every person who helped out.

    Special thanks go to our historic property owners who

    graciously agreed to welcome our tour attendees:

    Carroll Belser and Sid Gauthreaux (Sunny Side

    Plantation), Ina and Ron Hoover (Blue House

    Plantation), Linda and Jim Murray (Cypress Trees Plantation), Jane and Ed McCollum (Jack Daw Hall

    and Murray and Jenkins Cemeteries), Nora and Al Floyd (At Ease Beach House), and the leadership of

    the four historic churches.

    Many thanks also to our volunteers who made the 2014 Edisto & Beyond Tour such a success, and

    special kudos to Cathy McWhorter who served as the docent coordinator.

    Edisto & Beyond 2014

    Bud Skidmore

    Bob Newton

    Sid Gauthreaux

    Sally Fairey

    Townsend Belser

    LaVonne Roof

    Pat Kostell

    Jack McWhorter

    Carol Reed

    Phyllis McInerney

    John McInerney

    John Fisher

    Patrick Meyer

    Harriett Tindall

    Susalee Sasser

    Betty Davis

    Cyndy McCormick

    Jane Darby

    Patti Cooper

    Richard Hill

    Dottie Hill

    Jim Wenthe

    Connie Ward-Cameron

    David Cameron

    Linda Meyer

    Gerald Haram

    Barbara Gould

    Buddy Watson

    Diane Watson

    Pat Neumann

    Susan Kozub

    Dean Habhegger

    Barbara Habhegger

    Mary Jansen

    Pat Jansen

    Ned Perrow

    Florence Perrow

    Bob Marshburn

    Jeff Neumann

    Jerry Zeller

    Robin Tennyson

    Kit Fox

    Amanda Fox

    Melinda Hester

    Jim Arnett

    Kelly Hannon

    Robert Anderson

    Ruth Anderson

    Marilyn Bowman

    Bill Davies

    Judi Inabineta

    Ida Tipton

    Carol Barnett

    Nancy Price

    Mimi Werntz

    Bonnie Doty

    Judith Blancett

    Patsy Beach

    Fran Dionne

    Olivia Padgett

    Debbie White

    Nancy Sandel

    Francine Morrison

    Linda Murray

    Elaine Jackson

    Bob King

    Betty Davis

    Carroll Belser

    Patrick Butler

    Harriet Gettys

    Wanda McCarley

    Susanne Nash

    Tommie Hughes

    Margaret Arnett

    Bob Spratlin

    Debbie Spratlin

    Duane Stater

  • Edisto Island Historic

    Preservation Society


    President - Sandra Marshburn

    Vice-President - Betty Davis

    Treasurer - Bob King

    Secretary - Cyndy McCormick


    David Blauch

    Bill Davies

    Gerald Haram

    Cathy McWhorter

    lbert Morrison

    Van Leer Rowe

    Nancy Sandel

    Ellen Unger

    PAST PRESIDENTS (Ex-officio)

    Sue Fisher

    Jane Darby

    Pat Neumann

    Cathy McWhorter

    Bonnie Doty

    Herb Black

    Caroline Boineau

    Jack Boineau

    Haig Powers

    Mickey Van Metre

    Mary Dean Richards

    Bud Skidmore

    Curtis Worthington

    Skeex Clarkson


    Sheila Beardsley


    Director: Gretchen Smith

    Administrative Assistant: Jenny Leckie

    Museum Assistants:

    Donna Walker

    Marsha Korpanty

    Fran Dionne

    The mission of the Edisto Island

    Historic Preservation Society is to

    preserve and exhibit the history of

    Edisto and to educate the public in

    these endeavors.

    Museum hours:

    Jan./Feb 1-4 p.m., Tues/Thurs/Sat

    March-Oct. 12-5 p.m., Tues Sat

    Nov./Dec. 11 a.m.-4 p.m., Tues-Sat


    2:30 4:00 P.M. at the Museum

    Brief business meeting

    Election of new EIHPS Board Members and Officers

    Announcement of 2014 Jack and Caroline Boineau Volunteer of the


  • From the Directors Chair...

    Even though we are a historical society and spend a great deal of our

    time looking to the past, we think its also a wise thing for us to look to

    the future. As most of you know, we have made quite a few changes

    and improvements in the physical layout of the Museum in the past

    year. We have been so pleased with how the new look has been re-

    ceived by not only our members, but by our visitors as well. And, now

    we think its time to make changes and improvements in the way we

    communicate with you.

    Beginning with the next newsletter, we will be transitioning to an electronic version which we hope

    you will embrace as much as you have our new exhibits and look here in the Museum. While we know

    there are a few hold-outs who dont have email, we believe the majority of our members are very com-

    fortable with this method of communication. So, in the future, we will be sending our newsletters elec-

    tronically to most of you. In order to get this process up and running, there are a few steps each of you

    will need to take:

    If you do not want to receive your newsletter via email, please let us know by either

    calling the Museum or by sending an email to that effect. If we do not hear from you,

    we will assume that you want the electronic version.

    We have email addresses for many of you, but realize that some of these may be

    outdated or incorrect. In order to ensure we have the proper addresses, we have

    devised a system that we hope will get our list current. In mid-December, I will send

    an email to all of the addresses that we have.

    If you do not receive this email from me, please send me an email

    (gsmith@edistomuseum.org) providing me with your name and correct email

    address so we can add it to the list.

    If you do receive this email and would like to receive future electronic newsletters

    and other periodic communications from us, you dont need to reply. That way, we

    will know your address is correct.

    If your email changes in the future, please be certain to send us the updated


    I realize this puts a little bit of the burden on you, but there is no other way for us to ensure that our list

    is accurate. I hope once we successfully get through this transition period, things will run smoothly. As

    a small non-profit, we try to hold down our operating costs as much as possible, and reducing our

    printing and mailing costs will certainly help our bottom line. We will continue to print a small number

    of hard copies for those of you who dont want to receive it electronically. We hope this transition will

    be smooth, but as with most changes, there may be a few glitches in the beginning and we ask for your

    patience as we work through this. We are excited to be joining the 21st Century at last!

    Gretchen Smith, Director

  • Letter From the President

    My term limit with the EIHPS Board of Directors is

    nearly over. There is no doubt that the 2015 Board

    will continue to work for the preservation of

    Edistos unique history with seriousness of pur-

    pose, fiscal responsibility and fun. The Nominating

    Committee, with the approval of the current Board

    of Directors is presenting the following names for

    approval by the membership.

    The nominees for the four officer positions are

    President, Sandra Marshburn; Vice President, Betty

    Davis; Treasurer, Bob Davis; and Secretary, Cyndy

    McCormick. I am not including biographical infor-

    mation for these four super-stars since they have

    been serving on the Board and are well-known to

    our membership.

    We have five stellar nominees who will be voted on

    by the EIHPS membership at our annual members

    meeting on Sunday, January 11th (2:30 to 4:00

    p.m.). We thought it would be helpful to give you a

    brief glimpse at each of them so you will be pre-

    pared to vote at the meeting. I have no doubt that

    they will each do all they can to make this a smooth

    and painless transition for EIHPS.

    David Blauch Dave was born and grew up in Pennsylvania before relocating to Virginia after receiving his BS

    from the University of Virginia and a MBA from Virginia Commonwealth University. He spent more than 30 years

    working in management for Philip Morris until his retirement in 2009. He and his wife Denise have been very ac-

    tive in the community since moving to Edisto Island after he retired. Some of his activities include serving on the

    Board of Directors for the Edisto Chamber of Commerce, the Lions Club and the Edisto Island Home Mission

    Team. He also volunteers for the Edisto Beach Turtle Patrol and is a member of the Planning Commission for the

    Town of Edisto Beach. Daves favorite hobbies are playing golf and collecting wine.

    Gerald Haram Jerry grew up in Maryland, but has strong family roots in South Carolina. After graduating from

    the University of Maryland, h then obtained a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from NW State Louisiana and

    worked as a mental health counselor in Portland, Oregon, for 32 years until his retirement in 2012. Jerry and his

    wife, Barbara, built a home in Middleton and moved to Edisto in 2013. Whi