ECTOR COUNTY I. S. D. Educational Planning 2010 - 2011 High School Graduate

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ECTOR COUNTY I. S. D. Educational Planning 2010 - 2011 High School Graduate Slide 2 Todays Agenda 1.High School Graduation Programs 2. Transcripts/ 4 yr plans 3. Special Programs Slide 3 COUNSELING STAFF A-FI MR. DODDChampion Den FL-LMS. DENNISON MOJO Den M-RIMS. JONES Gold Den RO-ZMS. RENTERIA Victory Den 9 TH MS. CARRASCO CATE MRS. BYRNE COLLEGE MRS. BRADFORD Slide 4 GRADE CLASSIFICATION 0 6 12 18 Slide 5 High School Graduation Program Differences Recommended Program Meets prerequisites for community college or university. (26 credits) Distinguished Achievement Program Meets prerequisites for community college or university, but also requires college level coursework. (26 credits) Minimum Program For special circumstances only and requires approval from the students counselor, principal, and parent. (22 credits) Slide 6 RECOMMENDED / DISTINGUSHED PLAN 4 ENGLISH 4 SOCIAL STUDIES 4 MATHEMATICS 4 SCIENCE 0.5 COMM. APP. (Speech) 1 PHYSICAL EDUCATION 2 /3 FOREIGN LANGUAGE 1 FINE ART 5.5 /4.5 ELECTIVES 26 TOTAL CREDITS Slide 7 COURSE SEQUENCE FOR RECOMMENDED AND DISTINGUISHED PLANS COURSE RECOMMENDED SEQUENCE DISINGUISHED ACH. SEQUENCE EnglishEnglish I, II, III, and IV Math Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra II, and Pre-Calculus Or Algebra 1, Geometry, Math Models, and Algebra II Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and Pre-Calculus or another approved course Science Biology, Chemistry, Physics, plus another approved course Or IPC, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and another approved course which cannot include IPC Social StudiesWorld Geography, World History, U.S. History, Gov./Economics Slide 8 Approved 4 th Year Math & Science Courses Math Algebra 2 Pre-Calculus AP/IB Courses Dual Credit Courses Engineering Math Science Physics Anatomy & Physiology Astronomy Aquatic Science Environmental Systems AP/IB Courses Principles of Technology Slide 9 FOREIGN LANGUAGES (2 or 3 credits in same language) 1.Spanish 2.French 3.Latin 4.German 5.Russian 6.Japanese (GT) Slide 10 Distinguished Program Advanced Measures (The Four Indicators) PSAT NMSQT Score (Jr. year) AP Exams Score of 3, 4 or 5 (at the end of AP courses) Dual Credit grade of B or better Certain Career and Technical Education credits Slide 11 MINIMUM DEGREE PLAN 22 CREDITS ENGLISH 4 CREDITS SOCIAL STUDIES4 CREDITS MATHEMATICS 3 CREDITS SCIENCE 2 CREDITS COMMUNICATION APPLICATION0.5 CREDIT PHYSICAL EDUCATION1 CREDIT FINE ART 1 CREDIT ELECTIVES 6.5 CREDITS This Graduation Plan is only used in extreme cases, and requires a parent/counselor conference. Requirements: Students must be 16 years old, or Have completed 2 credits for graduation in each core content, or Have failed to be promoted to 10 th grade one or more times Slide 12 ELECTIVES CHOIRROTC JOURNALISM BAND/ORCHESTRA COMPUTER SCIENCE PROGRAMS OF STUDY Slide 13 FINE ARTS CHOIR BAND ORCHESTRA DANCE ART THEATER FLORAL DESIGN &PRIN OF AG Slide 14 Programs of Study A sequence of elective courses that prepare students for college and careers in high wage, high skill, and high demand fields. 33 Programs of Study Most lead to industry recognized certifications May offer college credit through Advanced Placement, Dual Credit, or Tech Prep. Involves courses from many different areas including Career & Technical Education, Technology Applications, and other electives Slide 15 WWW.ECTORCOUNTYISD.ORG WWW.ECTORCOUNTYISD.ORG ( UNDER THE GUIDANCE & COUNSELING DEPT.) Check out the High School Course Description Guide found online at: Slide 16 Exit-Level TAKS Scores GPA and Class Rank CREDITS Course Category for Graduation Requirements Credit removed due to lack of Attendance Slide 17 College GPA Designation for weighted courses Slide 18 WEIGHTED COURSES What courses are weighted? Any course designated Pre-AP, AP, G/T Selected Dual Credit courses Numerous Career and Technical Education courses They h ave a tremendous effect on your grade point average (GPA) The TOP 8 PERCENT of the graduating class receives automatic admission into Texas public colleges and universities! Slide 19 Advanced Placement GOAL To help students develop the study skills, habits of mind and critical thinking skills that they will need in college. Students who take AP courses are given the chance to earn college credit (while still in high school) and to stand out in the admissions process. ECISD offers AP courses and exams at OHS and PHS in 22 subjects. ECISD currently pays for all AP exams. Exams are administered each year in May. Exam contains both multiple choice and free response questions that require essay writing, problem solving, and other skills. Every examination receives an overall grade on a five-point scale. SCALE 5- Extremely Well Qualified 4 Well Qualified 3 Qualified 2 Possibly Qualified 1 No Recommendation Slide 20 COURSE AVERAGING Algebra 1 first semester 68 Algebra 1 second semester 72 Semesters Averaged 70 (Awards credit for both semesters if taken within the same school year) Slide 21 UIL ELIGIBILITY You must maintain a grade of 70 to earn credit in any class. For certain Pre-AP, AP, IB, GT, and Dual Credit courses in 9 th grade & up, a 65 is used for eligibility purposes. A 65 is a failing grade. Slide 22 English History Mathematics Computer Technology Science Communication Applications (Speech) Physical Education Foreign Language A wide Variety of Elective Courses Dual Credit and Early Admissions Enrollment See your college counselor about these options! SPRING REGISTRATION: NOV 30 & DEC 1 COLLEGE CORNER Slide 23 EARLY GRADUATION SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM If You Graduate Within Benefit With # of College Hours BenefitTotal 36 months $2,00015 hours$1,000$3,000 41 months $50030 hours$1,000$1,500 46 months $030 hours$1,000 Slide 24 To Qualify, Students Must: Maintain a 2.75 grade point average, Complete the Recommended or Distinguished Achievement Program Volunteer at least 50 hours of community service by senior year CONTACT: MRS. BRADFORD AT COLLEGE CORNER FOR QUESTIONS Community Service Requirements: 9 th grade - 5 hours 10 th grade - 10 hours 11 th grade - 15 hours 12 th grade - 20 hours Texas Scholars Program Slide 25 Any Questions?