Ecosystems. First of all.. What is an ecosystem? Can you tell me what an ecosystem is in your own words? What about a biome ? Can you tell me what an.

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Ecosystems EcosystemsFirst of all.. What is an ecosystem?Can you tell me what an ecosystem is in your own words? What about a biome?Lets watch the following video clip on the next slide to make sure we have the correct answer! How does an ecosystem work? First of all, in an ecosystem, there is something called interdependency. (Top of notes.) Interdependency is when elements within an ecosystem depend on each other to survive. This means that if one thing is not there, the other thing cannot stay alive. Can you think of an example of this? Organisms in NatureOrganisms interact with living and nonliving things to survive. PLANTS depend on living and nonliving things to survive.Examples of this: Plants feed animals, plants provide shelter, plants need water and sunlight, plants reproduce with the help of animals and wind Organisms in NatureANIMALS depend on living and nonliving things to survive. Examples: Animals need water, animals eat plants, animals eat other animalsEcosystemAs we learned in the video, an ecosystem is a system of living and nonliving things in their natural environment. Ecosystem elementsEcosystem elements:Producers: use the sun to create energy. How do they create this energy? Why is the sun needed?Consumers: Eat othersDecomposers: Eat dead organisms and break them down(fungi and bacteria are the main decomposer groups)Herbivores: Eat plantsCarnivores: Eat meatOmnivores: Eat plants and meatEcosystem RelationshipsThe way things work with or affect other things in an ecosystem. Different Kinds There are many different kinds of ecosystems. When we watched the video clip, we learned that these are broken down into something called biomes. Your taskToday, you and your group will be responsible for researching a certain biome. You will create a poster with your group. You MUST work as a team. Your poster must include the general characteristics of your biome. On your poster, you need to include the living/nonliving venn-diagram. There must be at least 5 in each category. You also must include 10 relationships that go on in your biome. Please draw and color NEATLY.Be prepared to share your biome with the rest of the class.


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