EASTER VIGiL TEXT viewAng ikukuwento ko sa â€yo ay tungkol kay Abraham, ang ama ni Isaac. Siya ang Ama ng ating Pananampalataya. Sinabi ng Diyos kay Abraham: “Pagtitibayin

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Text of EASTER VIGiL TEXT viewAng ikukuwento ko sa â€yo ay tungkol kay Abraham, ang ama ni Isaac....



3:00 a.m.

All assemble in silence inside the Church.

The Presider and Co-Presiders gather with other Ministers at the entrance door.

The Paschal Fire is lighted about 5 minutes before the beginning of the Celebration.

Microphones, Paschal Candle, Priests Candles are ready at the door.

Fans which will extinguish the candles are turned OFF

Minimal lighting in the Church and surrounds.

Songs and Responses are flashed on the screen as required.


Fire and Candle


CM- Commentator


N - Narrator (Continuity person)


ALL- Assembly


R 1-6- Readers

ST-Story Teller

VG- Voice of God

BIC - Baptism-In-Charge ( has prepared the Candidates for Sacraments of Initiation)

All others are indicated or implied in the text.

When all is ready the CM says:

CMWelcome, everyone, to the Celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus on this Easter morning, 20____.

Dear friends in Christ:

on this most holy night,

when our Lord Jesus Christ passed from death to life,

the Church invites her children throughout the world

to come together in vigil and prayer.

This is the Passover of the Lord.

The Electric Flame in the Sanctuary is switched ON.

Youth Group # 1 dance around the Flame and then dance through the Nave to Front Door.

When they have arrived at the Front door the CM says:

CM Please STAND.. and turn towards the Front Door.

The Presider greets the Assembly.

PGrace, mercy, and peace in abundance

from our loving God and Christ Jesus our Lord

be with you all.

AllAnd also with you.


PCreator God,

we gather here in darkness as a community

to thank you for your mighty works:


At the dawn of creation there was Fire.

Fire flared forth and revealed Creator God.

Fire was the source of life:

through Fire all living things came into being.

Fire became the Light of all that lives.

Fire brought forth the life

that became the Light shining in the darkness --

Jesus, the Light of the world.

Gathered to celebrate the Light that dwells among us we pray:

God of all that lives,

bless + this new fire.

Inflame us with new hope;

set our hearts ablaze with the fire of your love,

that we may come one day to the feast of eternal light.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.

ALLAmen. (Sung)

Paschal Candle

The Blessing

The Paschal Candle is presented to the Deacon who holds it in position for the Presider

The Assembly may be requested to repeat the words of the Presider.

The Presider traces on the cross, saying:

Christ yesterday and today(as he traces the vertical arm of the cross)

the beginning and the end(the horizontal arm)

the Alpha

(alpha, above the cross)

and the Omega.

(omega, below the cross)

All time belongs to him,

(the first numeral, in the upper left corner of the cross)

and all the ages.

(the second numeral, in the upper right corner)

To him be glory and power,(the third numeral in the lower left corner)

through every age for ever. (the last numeral in the lower right corner)


The insertion of the five grains of incense.

By his holy


and glorious wounds

may Christ the Lord


guard us

and keep us. AMEN


The priest lights the Paschal Candle from the new fire, saying:

PMay the light of Christ, rising in glory,

dispel the darkness of our hearts and minds.

DeaconThe Light of Christ.


Thanks be to God.

Solemn Procesion

Candle-lighters (Youth Group #1) now take their light from the Paschal Candle.

They light the candles of the assembly at the sides only so that they do not interfere

with the Deacon and SAs.

The Deacon proceeds slowly towards the Sanctuary.

He stops at the 2nd Door and sings Ang Liwanag ni Kristo; Assembly sings Salamat sa Diyos

The Light of Christ; Assembly sings: Thanks be to God.

He does the same at the 1st Door.

and again at the foot of the Sanctuary.

He then ascends to the middle of the Sanctuary and places the Candle on the Stand.

EASTER PROCLAMATION - exultet (Reduced because of time constraints)

Group #2 performs a Creative Dance (e.g. Pandanggo sa Ilaw) to honor the Paschal Candle.

Deacon / Cantor incenses the Candle, then sings / recites the Exultet.

He may have a companion who recites theSaid pieces.

People sing suitable responses.

Assembly remains STANDING throughout.


Rejoice, heavenly powers! Sing, choirs of angels!

Rejoice and dance, bright stars and blazing suns!

Jesus Christ, our King, is risen!

Sound the trumpet of salvation!

[Organist plays a musical phrase from any Trumpet Voluntary. e.g. Purcell]

Let our joyful voices resound this night!

Let Gods people rejoice on this Day of Days.

With joyful hearts and spirits set afire

draw near to sing this Easter Candles praise!

The Lord be with you.

And also with you.

Lift up your hearts.

We lift them up to the Lord.

Let us give thanks to the Lord our God.

It is right to give our thanks and praise.


We praise you, God, for all your works of light!

We bless you for that burst of fire and flame

through which you first created all that is:

a living universe of soaring stars,

of space and spinning planets, surging seas,

that cradle earth and rock against her breast.

SungGlory and praise to you, O God!

O Lord of heaven and the earth,

all creation owes its life to you,

the source and fountan of all life and love.


For, Father, it was your own light and love

that led your people Israel

dry-shod through foaming seas,

and brought them safe at last

to lands of milk and honey.

In your love you led them as a shining cloud by day

and as a flaming shaft of fire by night.

Ref.Christ is risen from the dead.

We are raised with him to new life!


O night, more holy than all other nights,

your watchful eyes beheld, in wondrous awe,

the triumph of our Savior over sin,

the rising of the Deathless One from death!

Ref.Christ is risen from the dead.

We are raised with him to new life!


And so, our God, Creator of all life,

with open hearts and hands we come to you.

Anointed with the Spirits power, we bear

these precious glowing gifts of fire and flame.

SungFor you alone are God, living and true.

All glory, praise and power belong to you

with Jesus Christ, the One who conquered death,

and with the Spirit blest for evermore.

AMEN. (Celtic)

CM Please extinguish your candles and BE SEATED.

The Church fans are switched ON.

If Bookstands have been used by the two Proclaimersthey are now removed.

The Paschal Candle Stand is removed and placed in a prominent place on the side.


The Story


And now the LITURGY of the WORD.(pause)

We will listen attentively to the Word of God,

recalling how God saved his people throughout history

and, in the fullness of time,

sent his own Son to be our Redeemer.

Through this Easter celebration,

may God bring to perfection the saving work already begun in us.

A. Old Testament

On the screen is flashed: PAMBUNGAD SA SALITA NG DIYOS

1. CREATION (Power Point Presentation to prepare the Assembly for the scientific

description of the creation of the Universe)

STAng mga taong agham o siyentipiko ng ating panahon

ay nagsasaad na ang kalawakan ay may labing-apat na (14) bilyong taon na.

Sa simula, kanilang ipinaliwanag na ang Apoy at pagsabog

ay nagbigay buhay sa bilyon-bilyong galaktika

na binubuo ng bilong-bilyong mga bituin.

Ang isa sa mga galaktika ay tinatawag na Milky Way,

na kinapapalooban ng ating Araw at ng walong (8) planeta.

Isa sa mga planetang ito ay ang Mundo,

ang ating tahanan na kasama ang ating Buwan.

Ang ating mundo ay nabubuhay nang mahigit sa apat (4) na bilyong taon na.

Ang layo ng mundo sa araw ay tamang-tama lamang,

upang lumikha ng lahat ng mga hayop at halamang may buhay.

Ito ay punong-puno ng kasaganaan,

may sigla at buhay at may pagkakaiba-iba.

Matapos ng bilyon-bilyong taon lumitaw ang tao;

Silay may mga katangiang makihalubilo, maglaro, may talino at kalayaan.

Ang mga tao ay may kakayahang kilalanin kung sino ang Taga-paglikha.

Sila rin ay may kakayahang paunlarin o wasakin ang bawat isa

pati na ang planetang sa kanilay nagbibigay ng buhay at ng kasaganaa