Earth Survives For Now

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Anthropogenic Activities destroying Earth. We need apply sustainablity in out activities so that future generations can have fresh air to breath, pure water to drink, good soil to grow food, nature and animals to see and enjoy.


  • 1.Earth Survives

2. Air Pollution 3. Bombs & Biological Weapons

    • All kinds of destructions using Bombs

4. Coastal Pollution

    • Most of the coastal areas around the world are depleted Mangrove depletion Coastal erosion

5. Deforestation

    • Deforestation Removal of forests and canopy

6. E-wastes, Endocrine Disruptors & Cell phone Radiation

          • E-wastes Electronic Wastes
          • Endocrine Disruptors Metals, Pesticides, Drugs
          • & Chemicals

7. Fish Kills 8. Global Warming, Ground water Depletion

    • Glacier melting & Hurricane Formation
    • Climate Change & Land Depletion

9. Hazardous Pollutants

    • HazMat cleaning sites Superfund sites

10. Industrial Pollution

    • Air, Land and Water Pollution

11. Junk Disposal

    • Buying unwanted things will end up as Junk
    • Sustainable buying will stop wastes from ending up in the earth

12. Killing Whales & Animals Such as Elephants,Tigers & more 13. Land Depletion

    • Destroying Lands

14. Metal Pollution &Toxicity *Malnutrition (Poor Children)

    • Mercury Minamata Disease
    • Lead, Arsenic & More

15. Noise Pollution Nuclear Wastes

    • Noise affecting humans and animals

16. Ozone Depletion, Oil Spills 17. Pesticides, Petroleum 18. Quarries Mountain Top removal 19. Radiation Disasters

    • Chernobyl Disaster

20. Solid Wastes, Sewage Pollution 21. Toxic Wastes 22. Underground Storage Tanks Leaking USTs 23. Vehicle PollutionVariformed Creatures Animals with more or no limbs

    • C

24. Water Pollution 25. X-ray Wastes

    • X-rays waste disposal & Medical Wastes
    • Spoil health by smoking along with all these pollutants

26. Yard Wastes 27. Zinc Mining Acid mine Drainage 28. Exploiting Children & Women 29. Reasons for thesedestructions

    • All these are needed or done for Economic Reasons.
    • People exploit and are not worried about future.
    • Some one is greedy and selfish.
    • All these needs, could be done in asustainable waywith out harming the planet, flora, fauna and people.
    • If not,

30. Future Water is already sold for money. Soon pure air will be sold (already being sold in some parts of the world).One day even if plenty of money is available, there will not be any food to buy and eat and pure water to drink. Let us not be 100% Greedy and save the environment for future.