THE OFFICIAL SCHOOL ORGAN OF THE ATENEO GRADE SCHOOL Volume 56 Issue 2 SY 2009 - 2010 [email protected] The Eaglet This is the Grades 4 & 5 Sesquicentennial Issue of EAGLET Nation Building with young heroes

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The Official SchOOl Organ Of The aTeneO grade SchOOl Volume 56 issue 2 SY 2009 - 2010 [email protected]

The Eaglet

This is the Grades 4 & 5Sesquicentennial

Issue of EAGLET


with young heroes

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Building the Nation

Message from the Headmaster

Fr. Norberto maria Luza bautista, SJ


as we start this new year 2010, we fondly remember the past 3 years when we prepared for the culmination of the sesquicentennial celebration of the ateneo de Manila University. This celebration is most significant to our community considering that the ateneo as we know now, started from a primary school of around 20-30 students taught by 10 Jesuits from the aragon Province led by fr. Jose fernandez cuevas, SJ.

We dedicated year 2007 to celebrate excellence; in 2008, to deepen Spirituality; and in 2009, to build the nation.

i am happy to note that this eaglet issue has continued the theme of last year’s “Building the nation.” it emphasizes to all of us that this call and mission of every atenean to love and serve our country demands a lifetime and passionate commitment.

The 3 special themes cannot be taken independently or separately in our human experience. Pursuing excellence devoid of spirituality and love for our country sounds narcissistic. Spirituality without service to others especially the poor is hypocrisy. and building the nation without competence brought by excellence and deep christian spirituality courts frustration and failure.

The 3 themes are inter-related with each other for us to become effective agents of

change and builders of hope for our countrymen and


The ateneo de Manila grade School community has, one of our core values in education, the social involvement programs for our students and faculty. for many years now, our students have joined the Bigay Puso programs – visiting the sick at Pgh and the prisoners at the Bilibid Prisons, building gK houses in Sitio ruby, welcoming children from the public schools, sponsoring scholars, and others. Our faculty have actively participated in the University’s ateneo center for educational development [aced] by training public school teachers and administrators. every summer, they also go to Bukidnon to train the parochial school teachers working in schools that are administered by Jesuits in the Mission district.

i think our community also passed the test given to us by Ondoy when we opened our school doors to over 2000 people stranded inside the campus on that fateful day. We were able to feed, shelter our evacuees in our classrooms and in the Singson hall, mobilized the Ondoy operations, visited the survivors’ houses, and more. The agSPac successfully organized the holy guardian angels Scheme to help their co-parents cope with the disaster by supplying them the uniforms and school materials. On the other hand, the school, through the help of our generous publishers, provided for the lost books to our boys. and in the aftermath of Ondoy, we still were able to give gift premiums taken from our half-a-million peso collection to our affected personnel.

We have done what we were supposed to do, and we thank god for giving us the grace of service. The Mission continues and we ask for the graces of hope and courage to pursue the call to build our nation.


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although i am a child of the 80's , the MTV generation, i confess that i was not much of a Michael Jackson fan. however since his death , i have come to appreciate the profound impact of Michael on many generations of people .

among the many songs that michael popularized i have the oddest choice for a favorite song. it is odd in the sense that not too many people

know that it is a song by michael. The song i have in mind is called " in our small way " let me share with you a portion of the lyrics that resonates with me :

Maybe you and i can't do great things.We may not change the world in one dayBut we still can change some things todayin our small way.

Asst. Headmaster for Student Affairs’ Messageit's a song about how each of you despite your limited capacities can do your share in building our nation and our world . You may not be the lawmaker who can pass legislation to protect the marginalized. YOu may not be the businessman who can raise money for the poor. You may not be the person whose responsibilities are of great consequence to many.

But the fact that we are just students, gives us that opportunity to plant the seeds of heroism in us . no less than efren Penaflorida reminded us of that there is a hero in each of us.

So,while some of what we do today like winning sports competitions or staging plays may bear little or no significance to the current challenges of our nation and the world, we find inspiration in Michael Jackson's song :

Maybe you and i can't do great things.We may not change the world in one dayBut we still can change some things todayin our small way.

Mr. Jose P.. Salvador, Jr.

Rizal, 11 years old, at the Ateneo Municipal de Manila

THE COVER∞§∞ Ms. Perez would like to thank the following grades 4 and 5 students for being part of this sesquicentennial issue cover:Koji Odal, Jerard afable, Mikko canlas, Miggy antiporda, arvin almario, cedric lim, diego francisco, cesar fabro, don Juan, chino Manaloto, Matthew limpin, Miko Peralta and carlos lugtu. Jiggy Jacinto for this photo. →

a hundred and thirty seven years ago on June 10, 1872, a young 10-year old boy from calamba took the entrance examinations in the ateneo composing of christian doctrine, arithmetic and reading. in his memoirs, the boy lamented about his worries of being rejected because of his small stature but it was not to be–the ateneo accepted him and on that school year, the Ateneo’s Greatest Alumnus and the National Hero of the Philippines enrolled in the Jesuit school.- Rizal, the Ateneo, and excellence by Joe de Castro

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Have you made your “New Year Resolutions”? Have you been following it already?

In case you didn’t know, a “New Year Resolution” is something that you promise yourself to do to make you a better person. This New Year, 2010 is a year for us to change, to become a good person. That means being independent, doing your chores and all the good qualities an Atenean is supposed to have. To be a person for our people and our country. Now, I’ll tell you something important: Be an even better person each day of the year and you’ll have a brighter future.

Miko Peralta | 4-Maguindanao


First row: raFael Dimla|5-Pinaglabanan, Carlos magtibay 4-ati, miko Peralta|4-maguinDanao, Christian menzon|5-menDiola, Carl Pino|5-Pinaglabanan, miguel huerto|4-maranaw,

angelo hernanDez|4-yakan

seConD row: niCky solis|4-yakan, luigi sallan |4-yakan, marCus luna|5-maCtan, aaron seeChung|5-menDiola, lorenzo Vallente|4-yakan,

moDerators: mr. irone boquiron anD ms. Carmine Diaz


Why We love

Bughaw, Ventures & Eaglet StaffGr. 4 and 5

Page 5: Eaglet Volume 56 # 2 Print

Why We love BUGHAW




Carl gelo

marCus Christian miguel


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miko Peralta 4-maguinDanao

“This Is It” the movie is basically a rehearsal for the real concert but since Michael Jackson passed away, the real concert was cancelled but footages of the practice was made into a mov-ie. MJ is a humble musical entertainer and treats his co-workers in the concert with respect. In this concert, he wanted to sing songs his fans would like to hear. He’s songs in the concert convey mes-sages of change. He is awesome because he is THE KING OF POP!

miko Peralta | 4-maguinDanao

The movie 2012 is about the “apocalypse” and a cause of global warming. Earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis and floods are the natural disasters that took place and they look real be-cause of its great effects. Adult supervision is needed because of some language used and death scenes, but it is still a nice movie. In the movie, there was also a family that was also like the “stars” of the movie, the Curtis’. They survived all the natural disasters. Amazing, isn’t it? It is hard to explain the movie because many things happened so I’ll just like to say, I loved the movie!I recommend everyone to watch it, surely by the end of the movie you’ll love Mother Nature.



-He didn’t do the moonwalk often.

-There were many cuts in the songs because of course, it’s just his practices.


-He danced great even if it was just pratice.

-All my favorite songs are the songs he sang for the concert.

-He sang his old songs as well.

-The music videos were creative.

-There’s a new Thriller video there.

-The choreography was awesome!

The Bad:

-A lot of people had “drama-scenes,” so it’s like a drama story.

-Often use of foul language.

The Good:

-the effects were so realistic.

-The faith shown by the people to God was strong.

-The movie showed the truth about global warming.

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(reVieweD by all members oF bughaw)

Director: Christophe BarratierMainCharacters: Clement Mathieu – Gerard Jugnot Rachin – Francis Berleand Chabert – Kaddou Tierad Violette Morhange – Marie Bunel Maxence – Jean Paul Bonnaire Pierre Morhange – Jean-Baptiste MaunierWhen: 2004Where: FranceStory: The chorus is about a teacher who teaches music in a private school. However, this time, he was teaching in a public school where children are delinquent and behavior is above their heads. The class of Mr. Matthieu have their own way of distributing their teachers or the class by being rowdy, noisy, rude and wild. However, as Mr. Matthieu entered this school, he was determined that there is something good and great within these students. After finding that music is one thing that is common to all, he begun teaching and helping them with their singing. However, con-flict are there to ruin the whole of the story though in the end everything worked for the better.

Strengths: -The children have beautiful voices. -The teacher (Matthieu) is very inspiring. -Scenes were funny, dramatic, shocking; a mix of everything. -Acting of the different characters are all good. -A movie for all ages.

Weakness: -Almost the whole movie was done in one setting. -The language is in French although there is an English subtitle.

OverallRating: We recommend this film for everyone’s enjoyment. We will appreciate our teachers

more and find out what hard work our teachers do for us.

The Chorus

Everyone seems to have waited long for this movie. For me, it was okay, while others say they didn’t like it. In a way, I didn’t like some parts too. At times the story pace was a bit fast and some scenes aren’t that funny like the first movie. I’m not sure if it was worth the wait. Any-way, I give Transformer II Revenge of the Fallen a 3-star for the coolness of the robots and its cinematography.

I’ve watched all the Harry Potter film (from Sor-cerer’s Stone up to The Half-Blood Prince) but by far Half-Blood Prince is the best. The story is great although no ac-tion scenes were seen for the final battle of good and evil (from the book a battle was going on while Dumbledore died) so it was a little bit boring in the end. Commenting on the way the characters acted, they were really great, gave each character its unique personality. I hope the last sequel of the movie will be as good as this or maybe far the best.

lorenzo Vallente | 4-yakan




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By raFael Dimla|5-PugaD lawin

AVATAR…. is a blockbuster movie all around the world.

Now, let me tell you my opinions, thoughts and the plot of the movie. It is about humans going to Pandora on the year 2154, a moon of the Alpha Centauri Star System. All they want is to get very precious minerals from it. However, there are creatures living in it called ‘’Na’vi” that worship a god/ess named ‘’Eywa’’. So, they made an Avatar for each person that were assigned to meet those creatures. One of them is Jake Sully (Sam Worthington). In one mission, he had to go around, take some samples of the planet and make peaceful relationship between them and the Na’vis. Unfor-tunately (or fortunately for him), he got lost and were attacked by the wild animals of Pandora. Luckily, the daughter of her clan’s chief, Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) saved him. As Jake met Neytiri, he wanted to befriend her. However, some Na’vis caught him and so he was brought to Neytiri’s clan. Neytiri’s mother, Mo’at was interested of Jake so she told Neytiri to teach Jake there culture and wand there ways to treat the nature. One is teaching him to fly with a gigantic winged creature and riding a horse-like creature as there form of transportation. As Jake’s avatar sleeps, Jake then goes back to being a human. As human, he gave important information about Pandora and its creatures to the force of humans in Pandora. After months, Jake grew close to Neytiri, breaking the humans’ intentions and plans. Jake reveals his ‘’betray’’ against the human forces in Pandora when the humans demolished the “TREE OF VOICES”, a very im-portant place of Na’vis and Jake tried to destroy there truck. Dr. Grace Augustine (Sigourney Weaver), Jake, and some companions argued that the tree that they demolished is very important for the Na’vi creatures. Jake and Dr. Augustine were then given 1 hour to convince the Na’vis to leave where they are and go. When Jake and Dr. Augustine talked to them and reveled there original intentions, they were sent to prison (Pandoran way) and called as a betrayer by Neytiri. Moments have passed and Colonel Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang) disconnects Augustine and Jake from there Avatar and was also sent to prison in there base and was considered as betrayer too. One woman pilot saved Au-gustine and Jake and tried to escape. However, Quatrich hit Dr. Grace Augustine badly by his gun causing her to death. The Na’vis tried to heal Dr. Augustine in the Tree Of Souls but Augustine’s last words were: “I AM WITH EYWA NOW.” With the help of Neytiri and Tsu’tey (new leader of the clan), Jake assembles over 2000 Na’vis and fight against the humans. Jake prays to Ey’wa in the Tree Of Souls to help him and the Na’vis fight to the up-coming battle. Then the humans arrived. The battle started. Even the the wild creatures of Pandora joined in. At last, the Pandorans won. They made humans go back to where they live and only some were chosen to stay. The clan then made a ritual to permanently make Jake transfers Jake from his human body to his avatar body. I watched it in 3D. I think, this was really intentionally made not for 3D because SOME were only in 3D. The positive side is that it had wonderful effects and the story was nice. Although I expected too much. I would rate this movie with 4.5 stars.

*some information were from Wikipedia.org

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Reviewed by: miko Peralta | 4-maguinDanao

I’ve only read the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”, “Rodrick Rules” and “The Last Straw” and I can already say that this is the funniest series I’ve read. This book was made by an American author and cartoonist Jeff Kinney.

Characters:Greg Heffley, Frank Heffley, Susan Heffley, Manny Heffley, Rodrick Heffley, Fregley, Row-ley Jefferson, Patty Farell, Holly Hills, Heather Hills, Chirag Gupta, The Whirley Street Kids, Lenwood Heath, Alex Aruda, Archie Kelly, Trista, Bill Walter, The Snellas, Ward, Scotty Douglas, Leland, Mr. Warren, Larry Larkin, Bryce Anderson, Fregley’s Mother, Mr. Gupta, Sweetie (Dog), Uncle Charlie, Gramma, Grandpa, Uncle Joe, Aunt Loretta, Aunt Brenda, Mr. Jefferson, Mrs. Jefferson, Rowley’s Grandfather.

About the Books: It’s basically Greg’s Journal with his adventures and comics. The first book was about the “Cheese Touch”, the school play and more about his start in Middle School. “Rodrick Rules” is about the “Mom Bucks”, a talent show, Rodrick’s Band, and mostly about Rodrick’s misadventures with Greg. Though how much they both hate each other, they still are brothers. “The Last Straw” is about how much Greg’s dad wants him to be more athletic, so his dad signed him up for the soccer team. Then, his dad finds out about “Spag Union Military Academy” and wants Greg to join to make him like a real good man. The book is also about love as Greg impresses Holly Hills because Greg has a crush on her. He tries to get her to notice him but he always has obstacles and such. “Dog Days” is about Greg’s Summer Vacation. The “Do-It-Yourself Book” is an activity book for you to make your own journal.

Overall: I love these books so much! They are funny, cool and AWESOME!!!

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

“Diary oF a wimPy kiD: the last straw” is about Greg, his father, Uncle Joe, the soccer team, Holly Hills, & Spag Union Military Academy.

“Diary oF a wimPy kiD: Dog Days” is about Greg’s sum-mer vacation.

“Diary oF a wimPy kiD: roDriCk rules” is about Greg, Ro-drick, Greg’s Grand-father, the Mom Bucks program, a civil war battlefield, and a talent show.

“Diary oF a wimPy kiD Do-it-yourselF book” (published af-ter “Rodrick Rules”), is an activity book that features a blank section encouraging readers to keep their own journal in the style of the books.


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Moses Afable CantillionAteneo College AB European Studies: Business Track Minor in Hispanic StudiesCA of 4-KalingaAP and Filipino“Ateneo has always been a home to me.”I want to give back to Ateneo.

“You miss 100% of the chances you don’t take.”

Carlos magtibay | 4 –ati

Precious V. PasiaMiriam CollegeCA of 4- T’BoliReading and LanguageLoves and likes to teach.Responsible.

“Aim High!” angelo hernanDez | 4-yakan

Interview with the A.N.T.S.

1. Full name2. School graduated from3. Level/subject you are teaching4. Why did you choose to be a teacher?5. What do you think about the Ateneans?6. Motto in Life

Describe yourself in one word.

Akela Jeska V. SydiongcoAteneo De Manila UniversityScience 4 and 5She loves it here.Always wanted to teach ever since she was a little girl. She enjoys sharing what she knows and learning together with the boys.

“Always be open to things you can learn, continue improving in things you’re already good

at and just never give up.”

aaron seeChung | 5-menDiola

Janna Margarite B. PabloUniversity of Sto. Tomas (UST)Math 3 and 4Because it was something I wanted to do but more importantly I want to help and inspire young gentlemen.I think they are smart but can be naughty sometimes.

“Always think positive and ineverything that you do give

your best.” miko i. Peralta| 4-maguinDanao

Emmanuelle R. ValerioAteneo De Manila University5-Corregidor, EnglishWants to take part in forming the future leaders of our country and world.Hyperactive, inquisitive,assertive. :)

“Shoot for the moon because if you miss, you’ll still

be among the stars.”tenacious

Page 11: Eaglet Volume 56 # 2 Print

Patricia Ana S. ValeraAteneo de Manila UniversityCA of Prep-Mapagbigay I chose to be a teacher because I love children and because teaching is a work of heart. :)Ateneans are catalysts of change. :)

"Fall in love, stay in love, and it will decide everything." -- Fr. Arrupe,


A.N.T.S.Ateneo’s New Teachers

What has life to offer meWhen I grow old

What’s there to look forward tobeyond the biting cold

‘Coz they say it’s difficultYes, stereotypical

You gotta be conventional,You can’t be so radical

So I sing this song to all of my ageFor these are the questions

We’ve got to faceFor in this cycle that we call life

We are the ones who are next in line.

And we gotta work, we gotta feel,let’s open our eyes and do whatever it takes.




Dominique Felize Nario de GuzmanMiriam CollegeGr. 1-MulawinI want to help in shaping the minds of young children, equipping them with enough knowledge & experiences that would make them great citzens!Full of potentials and can become great leaders!

“Choose a job that you love and you’ll never have to

work a day in your life again.”

Liza Diane Bernal JularbalMiriam CollegeGr. 1 Relief TeacherI love kids & I want to help in molding young minds. I was also inspired by my teachers way back in GS & HS who made a BIG difference in my life. Who knows, maybe one day I can also make a difference in our student’s life.Ateneans have great minds!

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”--Ghandi

Page 12: Eaglet Volume 56 # 2 Print

The field Trip was a-W-e-S-O-M-e! first, we went to “BOOM na BOOM” where the “Science entertainment center” and the “crocodile Park” was.

inside the “Science entertainment center”, we sat in columns by section and listened to the speaker. She was talking about what science is and guidelines in the “Science entertainment center”. Then, she asked everyone to hold each other’s hands and shout “SUMO!” When we shouted, we felt electricity pass through us. Pretty amazing! Then, we were allowed to look around the area. There were so many interesting things there like the anti-gravity mirror, the ho-logram, the skeleton on a bike (that represents your skeleton like riding a bike) and many more. after that, we went to another room which looked like a studio. first, we were asked to go to the place where almost everything was green and sit on a carpet. They asked us to act like we were flying high in the sky (including our class adviser, Mrs. Paner and Mrs. Marivic Juan, our cPr for 4-Maguindanao). a camera was tap-ping us. They asked us to act like we were going to crash. Then, the camera stopped rolling and they told us to stop. The host asked for four volunteers. Our class President and others volunteered. She asked them to sit on the four chairs in the green area. She covered them with a green blanket except the head. Then, the camera started rolling again and music started to play. She asked them to move their heads together with the music. after the video, they went back to their seats. Then a few minutes later, she said to get ready to watch a movie in the screen. As we watched, we saw ourselves on a carpet flying and it looked like we were really going to crash. another scene was the four volunteers were dancing with a different body to a song about “Sumo” the snack. (Some of those bodies looked like girls so our class laughed so hard). next, we were brought to another room which looked like a recording studio. first, the same lady asked for two volunteers. Mrs. Paner had to pick. Then, they had to replace the voices in a show called naruto which they picked to the volunteers’ voices. The volunteers were funny in saying the lines so it was pretty funny hearing my classmate’s voice instead of naruto’s. (^_^) We went to “The darK rOOM” after. Probably, they called it the dark room because the paintings on the walls were black. The only thing that wasn’t dark in the room was a wall. it was painted white and there was a light facing it. i also saw a dif-ferent kind of light on the ceiling. Then, the tour guide told us to look at the wall at the back. When we looked, there was a laser show. She asked us to clap our hands slowly, and then the laser started to follow the beat. She then asked us to clap our hands very fast. after a while, the laser started to follow the beat again.

Lakbay Aral ng Grade 4

Pictures are not allowed inside.

miko Peralta | 4-maguinDanao

Page 13: Eaglet Volume 56 # 2 Print

after that, she asked more volunteers to stand and lean on the white wall. She turned off the lights. After a while, something flashed. She asked the volun-teers to sit down. When they sat down, their shadows stayed at the wall (which became green because of the flash). Finally, we left the “Science Entertain-ment center” and went to the “crocodile Park”….. first, i saw many statues of crocodiles then i saw a pool with real ones. We sat on a bleacher in front of a place where they displayed animals. They first showed a yellow snake. Then, they showed a brown eagle. After that, they showed an orangutan. And finally, they showed small crocodiles. It was very amazing! next, we watched the crocodiles in the pool. They kept on moving around and around. We also watched them swimming in the pool. People started to feed them. even my classmate fed them! On another side, a person was on a tightrope walking above the pool of crocodiles. and did you know he almost fell? But he was able to go back. (Maybe he purposely meant to do it to catch attention). after the show, i walked around and saw many more animals along the way. it was almost lunch time so we left and went to Mall of asia to eat lunch in Jollibee. “Jollibee” was like the cafeteria! The whole store was closed for us, isn’t that sweet? :) After lunch we went to Manila post office. Pictures were not allowed so I’ll just describe briefly what we did. First we bought our stamps for our post cards to send to our parents. Then, we all lined up to send our post cards. after which we had a tour around the building. lastly, we all listened to a speaker who knew so much about the Manila Post Office. next and last stop, the “Money Museum”… We had to walk going there but it was also fun! When we were in the build-ing, we watched a video about how they make money (pictures were’nt al-lowed here as well). They gave us free time to go around the museum and see the history of the museum. after that, we left going back to ateneo. While going back to school, i took a long nap and woke up arriving at ateneo. The day was long and tiring but this “lakbay-aral” was a sure hit to us. We learned many things and enjoyed the day with our friends and teachers.

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In your own words, Nation building is....

EAGLET asks...raFael Dimla | 5-Pinaglabanan

Page 15: Eaglet Volume 56 # 2 Print
Page 16: Eaglet Volume 56 # 2 Print

Grade 5 CLASS NIGHT!!!

By: raF Dimla|5-PugaD lawin

Since the 1st day of school, we, the Grade 5 students were already looking forward to this Special Event: The Class Night. Now, the long wait is over. Just last January 22-(23), we had our Class Night entitled: ‘’Jack-son 5: Can’t stop till you get enough rocking with you’’. The program was really fun. The whole program was facilitated by Mr. Boquiron and Mrs. Hipolito. The opening remarks were by Mr. Salvador (the AHSA). The first dance number was by the Class Parent Representatives. They all danced “I Gotta Feeling”. Then the 1st 3 sections danced some MJ songs. Then the 1st game was played. The game is like Speed Staking but simpler and the cups were plastic. After that, the next 4 sections also danced MJ songs. Next, the 2nd players of each sec-tion played the game. They had to get 2 teaspoons: 1 to the boy who’s gonna be the first to play and the other one to the second boy. The First boy should have a ping pong ball on top of his teaspoon, walk, go around the cone then pass it to the next boy. The next boy should do it again until all the players are done. Then, Team C (the next 3 sections)also danced some songs like “Smooth Criminal”. The last game was played and it was a race. Each person will have to use jumping ropes to move then go around the cone then give to the next boy and do the same things until they finish. Finally, the last 3 section danced “Thriller”, ”Bad” and “They Don’t Really Care about us”. After the dance number, all the teachers danced “ABC”, girl teachers danced ‘’Single Ladies” and guy teachers danced “The Way you Make me Feel” with Ms. Sydionco. And their last song was “Party All the Time”. There were also awards like the Most Disciplined Class (5 Pugad Lawin). The 1st Place for the games was 5-Intramuros. After the program, some students played Board Games, some even watched movies and most of the people went GHOST HUNTING. However, we were not able to find ghosts. After that, we went back to the classroom. Some slept already but most of us slept at 1:00,2:00,3:00 am and some didn’t even sleep at all. Morning came and we had morning exercises. We stretched then fixed our things. After that, we all came home. As a ‘’newbie’’ in a class night, I could say that this Class Night is a very fun one and exciting. I hope, in the next years, our class night will be like this or even nicer.

“Jackson 5: Can’t stop ‘till you get enough rocking with you!”

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Grade 5 CLASS NIGHT!!!

By: miko i. Peralta | 4-maguinDanao

Are any of you excited to go to Ateneo Col-lege? Well, I am! When I have assingments or proj-ects to do in college, I might go to the new Rizal Li-brary often and do it here. It is a very nice place to study there. It has many useful books, internet so that you can research about stuff and many more. It is also a very beautiful place because of all it’sfountains, plants and designs. It has been made around the months of October and November and was finished on December. It has been designed with many natural things which makes it a very wonderful eco-friendly place.

The library doesn’t only have books and com-puters, but also CD’s and DVD’s as well! You get to watch documentaries, blockbusters, educational and entertainment in the viewing rooms!There are so many rooms here to help students study. There are big bookshelves with over 30,000 books! There is also “Reference and Information Services” were there are comput-ers, Wi-Fi, dictionaries, thesaurus and many other reference books that help make studying easier.Besides the books and such, there are also many beau-tiful things in the library. There are paintings on the walls of the building which are very amazing! There are water fountains, exotic plants, big windows to see a beautiful landscape of the garden and even amazing formats of the bookshelves and computers. There are chairs that are for group report meetings.

In my opinion, the Rizal Library will moti-vate students in their study. The building was built to help students for research. I wish that I would be able to go to the Rizal Library when I go to college.

Front Foyer of the Library

First Floor Books

Aaron and Marcus admiring t

Enzo tossing a coin

and making a wish

Books... ...Books...

...Books... and MORE Books...

Security Cameras on every

floor and room

Second Floor..Third Floor..

Fourth Floor.......Phew!!...

hard-working students

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Valentine’s Daymiko Peralta | 4-maguinDanao

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, everyone! I hope everone is preparing cards for their loved ones! It is on February 14 as everyone knows. Valentine’s Day is also known as Saint Valentine’s Day. Saint Valentine was a bishop in Terni, Italy. He was impris-oned and beheaded by the Roman Emperor Cladius II on AD 269. There are many stories of his that show why he is the patron saint of people who love one another. (Source: Geronimo Stilton Book # 23: Valentine’s Day Disaster) Valentine’s Day is about showing love for others. You can give gifts to your friends, family and even enemies. But more so, you can show your love with some gestures like having a big family hug!

Top 13 Cheesiest Things

you can say to a girl!by Josh quimbo anD iCe rabonza

13.”Did your heart stop when I passed? (girl says “No”) “Want me to pass here again?”

12. “If I can define love, I’d use your name.”

11. “Wnenever I see you, it feels like a big piano fell on me.”

10. If you were a star and I was a telescope I’ll always watch you.”

9. “Are you an apple? ‘Caause your the apple of my eye.”

8. “Can I have your number? ‘Cause I lost mine.”

7. “Are you a Pokemon? ‘Cause I choose?”

6. “Are you a parking ticket? ‘Cause you have the word ‘fine’ on it?

5. “Are you a magnet? ‘Cause I’m attracted to you.”

4. “Can I take a picture of you? So I can show Santa Claus what I want for Cristmas.”

3. “If I rearrange the alphabet, I’ll put U and I together.”

2. Are you Jamaican? ‘Cause your ja’makin me crazy.”

1. An angel tested me one day and erased my memory. The angel asked me “Do you remember anything?” and I said your name was “I love you.”

We sit under a giant treeWatching the blue sky

You remember your first broken heartAnd on my shoulder you cry

Why did he leave you?Did he even know your name?

I bet he doesn’t know youOh I know it’s such a shame

Now look, isn’t that great, Love?A heart shaped cloud made for us to see

A perfect shape, a symbol of usIt was meant to be, you and me

It reminded me of my first broken heartI couldn’t help but cry

I kiss your hair, your head on my shoulderNow I’m sure love isn’t blind

I’ll hold on foreverDon’t care what they say

Though I’ll always be the illicit loverIt’s the part I’d gladly play

Heart Shaped Cloudsby Carl Pino | 5-PugaD lawin


love poems

coming in

Ventures!! Think of giving not as a duty but as a privilege.

Page 19: Eaglet Volume 56 # 2 Print

“Bigay Puso” mula sa Puso ng mga Atenista What is the importance of Bigay-Puso to you?

sting teoPaCo | 5-Pinaglabanan

VinCent montero | 5-Pasong tiraD

Carlo aCosta | 5-biyak na bato

CisCo ortega | 4-bagobo

Carlos tiu | 4-manobo

bobby Diro | 5 maCtan Joaquin Carsi Cruz | 4-maranawCarlos reloVe | 5-biyak na bato

Think of giving not as a duty but as a privilege.John D. roCkeFeller

Page 20: Eaglet Volume 56 # 2 Print

Math and Spelling Quiz Bee

2nd Place: 4-MangyanRenaeus Arlchristian D. Torres

Joaquin Jaime F. CadizArturo Miguel S. Cruz

3rd Place: 4-T’boliSaunder Czar A. Salazar

Ricardo Anton C. SobrerinasAlbert C. tongson

1st Place: 4-MaguindanaoJabby B. Aurelio

Mikhail Franco D. BonnevieKonni-Kamil G. De los Reyes

Last January 19, 2010, the classes of grade 4 had their Math and Spelling Contest. Some classes dominated the event particulary the class of Ifugao and Maguindanao who won 3 major awards in Spelling and Math. These class-es gave their best and easily worked their way to the top. though there are classes who lost, it’s okay, what’s impor-tant is that we aknowledge the students who worked so hard for this event and we offer all of these for the greater glory of God. -Luigi Sallan|4-Yakan

Math Class Competition1st Place: Maguindanao

2nd Place: Ifugao3rd Place: Kalinga


Math Class Competition1st Place: 5-Corregidor

2nd Place: 5-Bagumbayan3rd Place: 5-EDSA

1st Place: 5-CorregidorJuan Rafael B. Camacho

Rafael Angelo R. PunsalanDavid Vincent L. Romero

2nd Place: 5-Pugad LawinFranco Rodolfo P. BrobioRaphael Carlos T. MalixiLuis Gabriel P. Soriano

3rd Place: 5-BagumbayanJoaquin Alfonso F. Jodloman

Joaquin S. LermaJustine Kyle D. Mapalo

Gr. 5

Gr. 4

Page 21: Eaglet Volume 56 # 2 Print

Math and Spelling Quiz Bee

Math Class Competition1st Place: Maguindanao

2nd Place: Ifugao3rd Place: Kalinga

3rd Place: 4-ManoboPaulo O. Sablaya

2nd Place: 4-MaguindanaoJose Rafael B. Reyes

1st Place: 4-IfugaoDaniel Raymond D. Del Rio

Spelling Class Competition1st Place: Ifugao

2nd Place: Ati3rd Place: Tausug


3rd Place: 5-BagumbayanJoaquin Alfonso F. Jodloman

Joaquin S. LermaJustine Kyle D. Mapalo

1st Place: 5-CorregidorJand D. Magpantay

2nd Place:5- KawitMark Nithaniel C. Cruz

3rd Place: 5-BagumbayanSimon C. Domingo

Spelling Class Competition1st Place:5- Malacanang

2nd Place: 5-Biak-na-Bato3rd Place: 5-EDSA

Gr. 4

Gr. 5

Page 22: Eaglet Volume 56 # 2 Print

Stories to the Bones

miko i. Peralta | 4-maguinDanao

These aren’t ordinary zombies, they are human zombies! They were walk-ing down the streets of Ayala Heights last October 31, 2009 at Halloween Night. They were the “Zom-bie Mob”. I’ll warn you, if you feel scared, please don’t look at these pictures, thank you, and enjoy! Mwa-hahahaha!


One day, there was a poor boy named Harry. He was lost in a big town called Rizal Village. While he was walking around, he saw a weird sign saying, “Deadtree”. He was so curious about Deadtree, he went inside. He didn’t know the horror that awaits him.

While he was walking, he heard a noise. He looked back but saw nothing. Then, he heard murmuring. “Who’s there?” He asked. “HELP!” He ran to the direction of the voice and saw people hung on a half-broken wall. “Who tied you up?” Har-ry asked. “LOOK BEHIND YOU!” They shouted. He looked behind him and saw a tall man holding a knife which was drip-ping blood. He was so scared; he ran and vanished in the fog. The man followed him and ran faster. Then, they both vanished.

Harry stopped to catch his breath then he saw the man about to slice him in half. He closed his eyes and prayed and prayed and waited to be hit by the knife but he didn’t feel anything. He opened his eyes and saw a black dressed man punching the man holding the knife. The killer got his gun and almost shot the black man but he was too fast. Then the killer fell to the ground. After that, the man disappeared. The boy wanted to thank the man but went to the tied up people instead. As he was untying the people, they said, “Thank you, boy. You’re a true hero.” The boy thought about it then said, “No, the man who saved me was a true hero.”

The True hero Once, there was a man named Charles Brown. He was going to visit his grandfather, Tom Brown in the cem-etery. He took a bus going to “Forever Green Memorial Park”.

During his trip, the bus broke down. “Sorry for the incon-venience. I will just get some oil for the bus. Thank you for your patience.” The bus driver went out of his seat and got oil for the bus. “Oh great, I’m going to be late for work.” A business man said. “I’m going to be late for a party.” A young girl said. Charles said noth-ing. He got tired of everyone’s complaints. Suddenly, a very fast car crashed into the bus. Everyone screamed in terror as the two vehi-cles collapsed and got destroyed. He fell from his seat and fainted.

Charles woke up and saw the bus destroyed. No one was there but him. He looked outside the window and saw the memorial park. “Here’s my stop. I wonder what happened to everyone…” As he was going out of the bus, he noticed that the people didn’t see them. “Hello everyone!” He said to the people. No one replied. “I wonder what happened to everyone.” A girl said. “They act like I don’t exist.” He told himself. He went inside the park and went for to the grave of his grandfather. While he was walking, he saw many people around his grandfather’s grave. “Why are there so many people around my grandfather’s grave?” As he walked closer, he saw his name on a grave next to his grandfather. After that, he saw a dove on his grave. Then an angel said to him, “Come, fol-low me.” He took the angel’s hand and went up to heaven.


Page 23: Eaglet Volume 56 # 2 Print

marCus luna | 5-maCtan

Boris Maloney just bought a new house but not knowing that he’ll be having annoting neigh-bours. He only realized this the following mornings when his neighbours talk so loudy with each other and ev-ery night when they watch television, full volume. He planned to move after a week of living in this new house but checking his pockets, wallets and savings, he can’t afford to buy a new place, he doesn’t have enough money. One day, he went to the supermarket to buy things and groceries. He forgot one thing before he left his house, he was cooking his favourite fried chicken by the way, he left the stove open! Suddenly with an explosion and a bang, fire started to spread all over the his house. It was on fire! Unfortunately, the fire station was very far from his place, if they would arrive, his house would be in ashes by then. But luckily, with the help of his annoying neighbours, they all got their buckets, filled it up with water and put out the fire. When Boris arrived, he was very depressed but he was also very thankful. He never knew that his neighbours will give time for this disaster and will be there in times of trouble. Now he still lives in the same house, in the same neighbourhood. Even if at mornings everyone talks loudly and every night all televi-sions are on full volume, he got used to it. At times, he even joins them in their conversations in the mornings and movie watching at night.

mr. boris

miguel huerto | 4-maranaw

It was late in the afternoon, almost

all students were gone 2 students went back

to their classroom to get their things. As they

went down the stairs, they noticed that the

stairs were endless. they tried to walk fast

then into a run yet they keep on seeing stairs.

On the 13th time going down, they saw a blur-

ry picture on the wall, they ignored it for a

while. then the picture became clearer as they

kept on going down the stairs. On their 20th

time, they saw a clear picture of a lady. On

their 25th time, it started to cry blood from its

eyes. They were so scared so they decided to

run fast and ignore whatever is in their way.

however on their 30th time to run down the

stairs, the picture, with no blood, was laugh-

ing really hard. this made them more scared

than before, so they both jumped out of a win-

dow, run as fast as they can and never looked

back. for a few months, they never looked at

a painting becasue of this scary experience.


lorenzo V. Vallente | 4-yakan Been in an elevator before? did you ever feel like the elevator is crowded yet you’re the only one there? well, this story will why. One stormy day, a family of 5, the mom, dad, two boys and one girl, went to this fancy hotel for vacation. the hotel was located far from the city, surrounded by trees and tall grasses everywhere. It was called “The Hollywood Tower Hotel.” They were in an elevetor going to the 13th floor. they were the only ones in the there. it was really pouring hard outside, then suddenly the elevator shakes and stop. the dad said everything will be alright, its just the storm.. then, without any warning, thunder struck the hotel, directly to the elevator. No one got out alive. Now the ghosts of the family hunts elevator, since this is were they died.

hoTeL eLevATor






teD by: Ch

ristian m


n | 5-men



Page 24: Eaglet Volume 56 # 2 Print


What’s your guess? Is the boy really carrying the big

planet or not?___________

“I want to slip!”I said to my mom (who was eating a banana). I accidentally said “slip” when I meant “sleep” but I thought it didn’t matter. “Wait first, Jon. I will get the mop.” My mom ran and mopped the floor. “Okay, you may slip on the floor.” I think she meant, “Okay, you may sleep on the floor,” but I was confused. “What happened to my bed to sleep on?” I asked. I think she heard it like “...happened to my bed on slip on,” because this happened: “Oh, bed, okay.” She ran to my room and mopped my bed. I felt more confused. “I want to sleep! Not slip!” I said. “Oh, why not you slip and sleep on the floor?” She asked. “No thanks, I’ll just sleep on the couch.” When I walked in the living room, I slipped on a banana peel and landed on the couch. I think my mom thought I said, “No thanks, I’ll just slip to the couch.”

miko Peralta 4-maguinDanao

Slip or


miko Peralta | 4-maguinDanao

JOKES!!!1. Q: Ano ang isda na nangangarate? A:__________

2. Q: Ano ang bullet proof na isda? A:__________

3. Q: ano ang hayop na hindi sigurado? A:__________

4. Q: Ano ang sasabihin ng isda sa isang isda na matagl na hindi nagkikita? A:__________

5. Q: Ano ang mangyayari sa isda na nahati sa dalawa? A:__________

6. Q: Ano ang sumasabog na hayop? A:__________

Answers:1. Tila-PIA! 2. Pating 3. Baka 4. Isda’t you?! 5. Tu-na 6. PAGONG!

Jelo hernanDez anD mr. boquiron | 4-yakan CARS anDre alVero

5-PugaD lawin

My Drawings

Page 25: Eaglet Volume 56 # 2 Print

Wait for me, Hermann!

Come on, Horton! We’re missing the sunset!

So beautiful! Come on, you got to see this!

Wait, for me, Hermann!

You missed it, Horton! No more sunsets.


so emo, Horton!


Wait, there’s a sunset here!

Just kidding!



miko Peralta 4-maguinDanao


Where‘s the sunset?


(CRYING) No sunset!

Page 26: Eaglet Volume 56 # 2 Print

Class Chronicles


The “Math Contest” was a great victory for us, 4-Maguindanao. We won first place, both individual and the whole class. Our math teacher, Mr. Dela Peña praticed our section and contestants very well. I’m also think that they studied at home. And even if some failed Math, they did all there best for the contest. Congratulations!


5-Barasoain, indedd a noisy class at first. But when you get to meet them, they’ll be alot of fun. There is a va-riety of students; smart, fun, shy, creative, and many more. Our class has tried many times to win contests, but have of-ten failed but often we do succeed. Truly, there are many good qualities to be seen and recognized in this class.

5-Mendiola (Carlos Dimailig)

Hello! This is Carlo Dimailig of 5-Mendiola. This schoolyear is indeed a memorable and fantastic year with unexpected events for our class. Let me start on the month of September 2009. First of all, the AGS fair. As I recall about it, I was spending a lot of good times with my friends; in the rides, playing basketball and by just staying inside the classroom. I do remember buying several goodies in several booths inside the cafeteria. the next day was the traditional Salu-Salo. But surprisingly, many families were in their respective classroom. After that rough experience, I believe that God has taught us an important lesson... to be aware about our environment,global warming which we ignored that caused about the heavy downpour and destruction of homes during typhoon Ondoy. Another memorable experience was the intramurals. Out of numerous awards given to our batch, our class only got the 1st runner-up in the sport volleyball for team A. In swimming, only 7 were in advanced swimming out of 41 classmates. Then in basketball, Pugad Lawid won. When it comes to volleyball, we pretty much survived our team A nd D but only team A was able to reach the finals. we were kind of disappointed, but like they say, “we got to have the spirit of sportsmanship.” However in the early part of 2010, which soccer was our game for intramurals, we have 5 varsities (Jaco, Paolo, Vince, Josh, Atom) in class, so we can have a little bit of chance. the next event is an event quite familiar to you: Class Night. Well, fun activities happened, like presentation of the the classes and teachers and ghost-hunting. Honestly, sleeping in the classroom wasn’t that great. First of all, I had to sleep on the cold pavement of our classroom since my sleeping bag was super thin. Next my classmates were talking the whole night. Good thing, Mr. Aenelle was with us but without him it’s going to be a pandomonium. The next day was pack up and going home. The final event is the Christmas party. When started the day with a mass. Inside the classroom there were mountains of food and drinks we like like C2, Pepsi, Shakey’s and Mcdo. Well. after eating our vice-president, Francis Araneta, got to sing. After that num-ber was our presentation but since Isaiah and I forgot to bring our speakers, our dance number was cancelled. after that was the gift giving. Well, my partner gave me a name band. Others got cool gifts like a death note and a hamster. Finally, we had to clean up our classroom. Now that’s how I and my classmates remember our schoolyear. This school year is really awesome with my classmates. How about you, was your expereince cool too?

Page 27: Eaglet Volume 56 # 2 Print


Page 28: Eaglet Volume 56 # 2 Print

Nation Building Starts with ME!



respect cooperation