Drupal Now! - Introduction to Drupal

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Get Started with Drupal...Now

Alozie Nwosu

- Setting up a local Drupal dev environment- Quick walkthrough: "From Install to Useful"- Using Drupal Multisite for Multiple Sites

What We'll Cover

What is Drupal?

Easy ways to install Drupal

Drupal directory structure and settings

Post-installation setup tips

Multiple sites with Multisite

What We Won't Cover...This Time

Module building

Theme building/customization

LAMP settings & tuning

About Drupal

d.o (dee-dot-oh): http://drupal.org

Created by Dries Buytaert in 1999

Latest version: Drupal 7.8Drupal 6 still supported (current version: 6.22)

#3 CMS on top 1 million websites (after Wordpress and Joomla)see 2010 OSCMS Report from Water and Stone)

Drupal's Moving Parts


Drupal Core



Sites folder


The Core Drupal's Brain

Contains index.php and other brainsCore modules and themes

Install, update, and cron scripts

Supporting scripts, include files, htaccess

Installs on (X)AMP stackUnzip into webserver docroot or subfolder and go!

Can sub other web and db servers

Best on 'NIX machine

The Drupal Mantra

Save a kitten...don't hack core.

Modules Make the World

Extend Drupal's functionalityRead makes Drupal usable

Core modules installed with main Drupal pkg

Contributed modules can be added to site(s) as needed

Available for free/libre from d.o:

Themes more than good looks

At minimum, provide the site's styling and layout

Customize to differentiate:Content types

Page sections (blocks)

Dynamic lists (views)

Implement theme functions

Enhance with jQuery/AJAX

HTML5 and CSS3 compatible

Sites Folder for...sites!

Sites folder for site-specific: Modules



Default folder out of box

Supports multiple sites for single core installation

Share modules, themes, and libraries across sites

Installing Drupal

Drupal Install Guidehttp://drupal.org/documentation/install

System Reqs:

Search YouTube or Google for:Install Drupal

Install Drupal 7

Install Drupal 6

Tons of video walkthroughs and articles/posts

Review an Active Installation

Let's look at local dev install of Drupal 6:

Also have a local install of Drupal 7:

Modules for D6 Content

Listing critical modules for content creation and display:CCK


Images (image, imageapi, imagecache, imagefield)



Modules - Admin

Critical modules for administration:Pathauto

Backup and Migrate


Admin or Admin Menus

WYSIWYG (with TinyMCE or CKEditor lib)



Modules - Development

Helpful modules to use (and learn) for custom module developmentDevel


Learning Drupal

Google and d.o search, search, search

YouTube lots of tutorial videos

Lullabot videos and podcasts:http://www.lullabot.com/ideas/

GotDrupal videos: http://gotdrupal.com/

Learn by the Drop videos: http://learnbythedrop.com/

Acquia Drupal Connect podcasts: http://acquia.com/resources/podcasts

Additional Drupal-delia

Drush the Drupal Shell!!!: http://drush.ws

Aegir Hosting System for Drupal: http://www.aegirproject.org/

Start using Drupal now @ Drupal Gardens:

About Me

Alozie F. Nwosualozie@gmail.com


http://drupal.org/user/546026 (alozie)

Brown WebServices, Senior Web Developerhttp://www.brown.edu/it/webservices

FreeGeek Providence, Teaching Committee Member, Computing for Newbies instructorhttp://freegeekpvd.org