Drupal Now! - Introduction to Drupal

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<p>Blue with Bottom Title</p> <p>Get Started with Drupal...Now</p> <p>Alozie Nwosu</p> <p>- Setting up a local Drupal dev environment- Quick walkthrough: "From Install to Useful"- Using Drupal Multisite for Multiple Sites</p> <p>What We'll Cover</p> <p>What is Drupal?</p> <p>Easy ways to install Drupal</p> <p>Drupal directory structure and settings</p> <p>Post-installation setup tips</p> <p>Multiple sites with Multisite</p> <p>What We Won't Cover...This Time</p> <p>Module building</p> <p>Theme building/customization</p> <p>LAMP settings &amp; tuning</p> <p>About Drupal</p> <p>d.o (dee-dot-oh): http://drupal.org</p> <p>Created by Dries Buytaert in 1999</p> <p>Latest version: Drupal 7.8Drupal 6 still supported (current version: 6.22)</p> <p>#3 CMS on top 1 million websites (after Wordpress and Joomla)see 2010 OSCMS Report from Water and Stone) </p> <p>Drupal's Moving Parts</p> <p>http://drupal.org/download</p> <p>Drupal Core</p> <p>Modules</p> <p>Themes</p> <p>Sites folder</p> <p>(Libraries)</p> <p>The Core Drupal's Brain</p> <p>Contains index.php and other brainsCore modules and themes</p> <p>Install, update, and cron scripts</p> <p>Supporting scripts, include files, htaccess</p> <p>Installs on (X)AMP stackUnzip into webserver docroot or subfolder and go!</p> <p>Can sub other web and db servers</p> <p>Best on 'NIX machine</p> <p>The Drupal Mantra</p> <p>Save a kitten...don't hack core.</p> <p>Modules Make the World</p> <p>Extend Drupal's functionalityRead makes Drupal usable</p> <p>Core modules installed with main Drupal pkg</p> <p>Contributed modules can be added to site(s) as needed</p> <p>Available for free/libre from d.o:<br />http://drupal.org/project/modules</p> <p>Themes more than good looks</p> <p>At minimum, provide the site's styling and layout</p> <p>Customize to differentiate:Content types</p> <p>Page sections (blocks)</p> <p>Dynamic lists (views)</p> <p>Implement theme functions</p> <p>Enhance with jQuery/AJAX</p> <p>HTML5 and CSS3 compatible</p> <p>Sites Folder for...sites!</p> <p>Sites folder for site-specific: Modules</p> <p>Themes</p> <p>settings</p> <p>Default folder out of box</p> <p>Supports multiple sites for single core installation</p> <p>Share modules, themes, and libraries across sites</p> <p>Installing Drupal</p> <p>Drupal Install Guidehttp://drupal.org/documentation/install</p> <p>System Reqs:<br />http://drupal.org/requirements</p> <p>Search YouTube or Google for:Install Drupal</p> <p>Install Drupal 7</p> <p>Install Drupal 6</p> <p>Tons of video walkthroughs and articles/posts</p> <p>Review an Active Installation</p> <p>Let's look at local dev install of Drupal 6:<br />http://d6test.local/</p> <p>Also have a local install of Drupal 7:<br />http://d7test.local/</p> <p>Modules for D6 Content</p> <p>Listing critical modules for content creation and display:CCK</p> <p>Views</p> <p>Images (image, imageapi, imagecache, imagefield)</p> <p>Filefield</p> <p>Date</p> <p>Modules - Admin</p> <p>Critical modules for administration:Pathauto</p> <p>Backup and Migrate</p> <p>Poormanscron</p> <p>Admin or Admin Menus</p> <p>WYSIWYG (with TinyMCE or CKEditor lib)</p> <p>Token</p> <p>Workflow</p> <p>Modules - Development</p> <p>Helpful modules to use (and learn) for custom module developmentDevel</p> <p>SimpleTest</p> <p>Learning Drupal</p> <p>Google and d.o search, search, search</p> <p>YouTube lots of tutorial videos</p> <p>Lullabot videos and podcasts:http://www.lullabot.com/ideas/</p> <p>GotDrupal videos: http://gotdrupal.com/</p> <p>Learn by the Drop videos: http://learnbythedrop.com/</p> <p>Acquia Drupal Connect podcasts: http://acquia.com/resources/podcasts</p> <p>Additional Drupal-delia</p> <p>Drush the Drupal Shell!!!: http://drush.ws</p> <p>Aegir Hosting System for Drupal: http://www.aegirproject.org/</p> <p>Start using Drupal now @ Drupal Gardens:<br />http://www.drupalgardens.com/</p> <p>About Me</p> <p>Alozie F. Nwosualozie@gmail.com</p> <p>@theaphro</p> <p>http://drupal.org/user/546026 (alozie)</p> <p>Brown WebServices, Senior Web Developerhttp://www.brown.edu/it/webservices</p> <p>FreeGeek Providence, Teaching Committee Member, Computing for Newbies instructorhttp://freegeekpvd.org</p>