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    Drives for tube mills and rotary kilnsEverything revolves around reliability and efficiency: complete systems for the cement and minerals industry

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    Uneven loads, extreme axial and radial forces, high dust generation the grinding of iron ore, limestone and clinker is marked by harsh working conditions.

    First-class components and systems from a single providerTube mills and rotary kilns are particularly demanding applications that call

    for maximum performance and reliability from drive systems. Our drive

    concepts are efficient, standardised solutions that maximise the availability

    of your system not only because they are among the best in the world but

    also because they are optimally coordinated.

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    Optimum coordination of drive systems

    FLENDER drive systems enjoy an unrivalled reputation in the cement industry. Siemens owes its expertise and technological lead to decades of experience and hundreds of installed component assemblies. Top quality is the basis for long-lived and reliable drives here. Furthermore, the highest possible level of development and the best engi-neering always guarantee maximum productivity for your system.

    Siemens offers you highly standardised, perfectly coordi-nated systems for tube mills and rotary kilns from a single provider for any required drive system. For you that means, above all, high system availability and low inter-face risks.

    A question of philosophy

    Which drive concept is the right one? This question arises with both applications. In the case of tube mills, for example, you have a choice between a girth gear drive system with a safety hood and oil supply system and a conventional drive with apinion shaft and grease lubrication.

    Make your choice on the basis of space requirements, power requirements and noise levels, but also take into consideration the cost aspects, because capital and main-tenance expenditure vary greatly.

    One partner for all drive requirements

    Whichever drive concept you choose, Siemens has de- veloped and perfected it. We are not only the biggest provider in the global market; we are also forerunners in technology and quality.

    We guarantee you both security of investment and con- venience, because we offer you each and every drive con- cept made completely by a single provider. At the same time the one-face-to-the-customer principle ensures that you are dealing with a provider that has the solution you need virtually ready to hand. You need only choose bet- ween concepts.

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    Globally unique: Siemens offers you complete systems comprising the gear unit, girth gear and periphery.

    Tube mill drivesTube mills are amongst the biggest work machines. Mechanically driven mills have a power requirement of up to 19 MW.

    The extreme working conditions and heavy dust gener-ation in cement, limestone and gypsum manufacturing make high demands of the drive system: reliability on the one hand and optimum performance on the other. Tube mills can be driven either by girth gear units or con- ventionally. In both cases Siemens delivers the complete system.

    Girth gear drives

    In the case of the girth gear drive the gear teeth engage with the girth gear directly. That way the drive train makes do with fewer components than a conventional drive. It is therefore considerably more compact and space-saving and involves lower foundation costs. The gear unit and girth gear are lubricated with oil by means of a closed-circuit system.

    Siemens came up with the drive concept in 1989 and de- veloped it further on the basis of customer requirements for higher performing mills and higher face values. The systems of today are marked out by perfect load distribu-tion over the entire girth gear face width. They are hard-wearing and run extremely quietly and reliably.

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    Perfect gear technology for pinion-shaft drives: MDSS gear units

    The quality of the girth gear also plays a decisive role here. We offer you the worlds biggest girth gears, ma- nufactured with the highest precision from different materials. These are outstanding for their extremely high homogeneity.

    The DMG2 gear unit has been tried and tested more than 500 times. Its straightforward construction and the simple alignment of the system result in low installation costs with the girth gear drive. Thanks to oil lubrication and the extremely leakproof safety hood, maintenance and operating costs are minimised. The oil supply system can be located beneath the mill. As well as the DMG2 gear unit and the girth gear, Siemens also offers the safety hood, the oil supply system and the auxiliary drive.

    Conventional drive

    MDSS gear units and FLENDER gear units are used for con- ventional tube mill drives. Besides the gear unit, coupling and girth gear, the drive system also comprises the pinion shaft and the auxiliary drive. Only the gear unit itself has an oil supply system, as the girth gear and pinion shaft are grease-lubricated.

    Conventional drive by MDSS

    This is a single-stage helical gear unit which was specially developed for use in tube mill operation. It is driven by the MDSS gear unit as standard and available to you in countless different versions. MDSS gear units are optimis- ed for individual power requirements and thanks to their application-optimised tooth geometry combine highest efficiencies and long bearing lives.

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    SystemsDMG2 girth gear unit with girth gear

    MDSS tube mill gear unit with girth gear and pinion shaft

    Gear unit with girth gear and pinion shaft

    Output valuesup to 9,000 kW (single drive) up to 18,000 kW (double drive)

    up to 18,000 kW (double drive) up to 20,000 kW (double drive)

    Sizes 18, 22, 25.4, 30 1, 2, 3 3 to 28

    Transmission stages Three-stage Single-stage Single- to three-stage

    Transmissions 5.5 to 11.6 4 to 7.2 1.25 to 112

    Nominal torques 1,800,000 Nm 2,900,000 Nm 1,400,000 Nm

    SystemsDUORED with girth gear and pinion shaft

    Gear unit with girth gear and pinion shaft

    PLANUREX with girth gear and pinion shaft

    Output values up to 18,000 kW up to 12,000 kW (double drive) up to 12,000 kW

    Sizes 550 to 1,200 5 to 28 9 to 36

    Transmission stages Three- to four-stage Three-stage Three-stage

    Transmissions 18 to 224 22.4 to 100 25 to 125

    Nominal torques 4,800,000 Nm 1,400,000 Nm 2,600,000 Nm

    Tube mills

    Rotary kilns

  • Always on the move: drive concepts for rotary kilns The different operating conditions for rotary kilns call for cost-optimised gear units. The kilns run continu-ously. They are shut down only every now and then for maintenance work.

    Two of the main basic requirements for the drives are therefore reliability and durability. Because of their power requirements, only conventional drives are used here.

    Siemens always has the right solution for your specific drive requirement. All drive component assemblies are optimally coordinated and completely standardised. They are readily available, thoroughly tried and testet and thanks to a large number of variants offer you a wide choice of options.

    Drive systems with the gear unit types presented here comprise the girth gear, coupling, pinion shaft and auxil-iary drive.

    Siemens offers girth gears with a diameter of up to 16.5 m and a largest module of 110. The smallest possible tooth tolerances permit the largest possible contact pattern. The girth gears play a decisive role in the long service life of all drive component assemblies and protect the system because of their remarkably smooth and quiet running.


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    DUORED gear unit

    The three-stage gear units for the upper torque range are real cost minimisers. No other drive concept offers a better cost-torque ratio. Good gear units stand out thanks to their perfectly balanced load sharing. In the case of FLENDER DUORED gear units the torque to be transmit-ted is shared evenly between both gear sets.

    Further features:

    Highest possible levels of efficiency

    First-class quality

    Low noise emissions

    Low wear

    Short delivery time

    Very attractive price-performance ratio

    PLANUREX gear unit

    FLENDER planetary gear units supplement the highly developed standard gear unit range at Siemens. Thanks to their very compact construction they deliver the highest transmittable torque in the smallest possible space. PLANUREX gear units thus have an extremely high power density.

    Further features:

    Low investment costs per newton metre

    Long useful life

    Low noise emissions

    First-class quality

    Short delivery time

    Very attractive price-performance ratio

    Rotary kiln drives

    DUORED gear unit PLANUREX gear unit

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    FLENDER gear unit

    There is a standardised gear unit series for the cement industry offering 24 sizes off the shelf. These gear units are used in the middle torque range. Because of their high level of development they are very easy to service and maintain.

    Further features:

    Highest possible levels of efficiency

    First-class quality

    Low noise emissions

    Low wear

    Short delivery time

    Very attractive price-performance ratio

    System service

    On the basis of engineering know-how and expertise in the cement industry our focus is not only on ensuring the highest possible availability of your drives but also on the productivity of your entire system.

    At Siemens you receive perfect field ser- vice, repairs and condition monitoring for the entire drive system wo