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This is for real! I drive the BMW car of my choice, a hard-top convertible for FREE! There is no magic, no special skills required. Any oridnary person residing in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa can qualify! I did it, so can you. Allow me to show you how simple this is!

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  • Introducing Stemtechs BMW Program

    Presented by Stemtech Associate Marijke Long!Me and my dream BMW convertible!

  • A Simple Recipe!

    Question: Can you find THREE people besides you that would work for a free BMW?

    Thats IT!! Only 3 people!

  • What is the Stemtech BMW Program?

    It is a reward program which Stemtech Health Sciences has created to encourage their Independent Associates to share their revolutionary stem cell nutrition products with others through referrals. In the process of earning a free BMW, you will automatically build a network organization where you can enjoy true residual income allowing you to be your own boss and be in control of your own time!

  • How Does it Work? It is simple!!

    Find only 20 people that like to improve their health by automatically receiving one or more of Stemtechs fabulous products!

    From those 20, identify JUST 3 people who like to drive a free BMW!!

    Ask those 3 to do the same as you did!

  • Fine Print? You are probably wondering, is it really that simple?

    What is the fine print here?

    There is none! Truly, if you find 3 people beside yourself that not only want to drive a free BMW, but actually WILL accomplish this, your success is guaranteed.

    The formula is:

  • The Formula Explained:

    The 20 people you personally introduced to Stemtechs products and who have agreed to go on a monthy autoship program are your first level. This includes your 3 people that will qualify for the BMW program. Lets call them BMW Go-Getters!

    Your 3 BMW Go-Getters must also have 20 people on the monthly autoship program. From those 20, they must identify 3 BMW go-getters each. This is your 2nd level, their 1st level. You now have 3 x 20 = 60, already 10 more then the required 50. It does not hurt to have some extra to build a buffer in case someone drops out.

    Just like you, your 3 BMW Go-Getters must each have a minimum of 50 people on their 2nd level enjoying optimal health by being on a monthly autoship order. Since they identified 3 BMW Go-Getters with 20 people each on their 1st levels, it is simple math. They would have 60 people each on their 2nd level, 180 on your third. You need 125, so you would have 55 extra people on your 3rd level, which is excellent!

  • The Formula Explained.. Continued:

    Stemtech looks at the amount of bottles ordered on the monthly autoship on your 3rd level. Each one of those autoship bottle has a point value assigned to it, which is 50 points, called 50 APV (Autoship Point Value). Any so-called Autoship bottle purchased anywhere in the world has this 50 APV. You need a minimum of 12,500 APV on your 3rd level. Remember, you need a minimum of 125 people on your 3rd level. This would translate to 2 bottles average per person, because 100 APV times 125 people is 12,500 APV.

    Some people may order 1 item. Others order 4 or 6, because the whole family and their pets want to benefit. Statistics have shown that most people will order 2-4 bottles. So it is very easy to reach the 12,500 APV on your 3rd level.

    Besides, if you stick the formula of finding 3 BMW-Go-Getters on the previous page, you will at least have 180 happy customers on your 3rd level, so you would be well over the required 12,500 APV

  • ExtraThe Financial Reward!!! Are you excited about driving a Free BMW?

    But waitthat is only the beginning! Not only can you be cruising in your fancy car, you will actually be making an excellent income from commissions Stemtech will pay you as a thank you for sharing their revolutionary and unique, organic, kosher and halal certified stem cell nutritional products! This can start right away, while you are working towards your free BMW!

    The Company kicks back over $3.00 per product item on the monthly autoships on several of your levels to YOU! Not only on your 1st, 2nd and 3rd level, but actually over your first 7 levels!

    Do the math: When you drive your free BMW, you will have at least 125 people on your 3rd level ordering an minimum average of 2 items on the monthly autoship program, which is at least 250 items. You would be earning over $3.00 times 250 which is $750.00+ on your 3rd level alone!

    The same would happen to the BMW Go-Getters in your team, which makes it a win-win for everyone The numbers start to multiply rapidly in those 7 levels below you and so do the dollar amounts!

    And this goes on for month after month after month, every time someone receives a monthly autoship. This is known as residual income.

  • Impossible? Too good to be true? Not really, because I did it.and so did others. There is

    no magic and no special skills required. I am just an ordinary person. It is primarily a numbers game and truly, if I can do it, so can you!!

    The Golden Rule is: the more Stemtech BMWs are gracing our roads, the more success you enjoy as a Stemtech associae What is more, the greater number of people you help earn a free BMW and the bigger their financial success, the better it will be for you. Your success depends on their success!!

    So, I have a real interest in YOUR success! I want to be involved to get as many people as possible driving free BMWs. Allow me to partner with you to make this happen FOR YOU. Contact me if you are ready, or if you want to know more. You can ask me any question! Click on the license plate for contact info!

    Join me in the FUN!!

    My BMW License Plate

  • Here my exciting BMW Adventure!

  • Thank You for looking!

    ! Merlie and Dennis, fellow BMW Club members

    .......and Happy Driving!!