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2Thank you. Thank you to all the brave and fearless men and woman who channelled and steered me towards a summit in my life, where by I had no other alternative but to hnally write this little book. Without all of you this would not have been possible. Many people come and go, very few stick. These were the ones who believed and supported me as a loyal friend, valiant conhdant, son and soldier of the Almighty Truth. It would be my greatest honour to mention them as a token of my sincere gratitude. There have been six very prominent families in my life. All of these families and people are praiseworthy beyond command, and deserves only but the highest measure of noble admiration. They are truly the ones that I will take to war with me. The Bloodline of: BERGThe Bloodline of: VENTER The Bloodline of: HUTCHINSONThe Bloodline of: HERHOLDT The Bloodline of: HOLM The Bloodline of: MALANThere were many inspirations behind this project, yet there was one man who helped me to achieve this goal. Without him and his wonderful team of expertise I would have never had the opportunity to turn a dream into a reality. This man is a visionary, a leader that speaks of dignity, truth and justice. He is a mentor, a boss, a friend and a true conhdant. Wouter Snyman, as well as the entire team of "Attooh, you have my eternal gratitude. Another angel by my side is his sister, Lizelle Marais. Zella, you are that part of me that I always neglect and never have time for. Without you my life would literally fall apart. You are the best Personal Assistant I have ever come across, and the world would be at a loss when you pass and leave for Heaven. Thank you!These are my heros: My gallant father Dr. Adv. Eugene Berg, my striking mother Pauli Marais Berg, my brother and loyal sidekick Nielen Berg, my gorgeous sister that lives in the States, Magrikie Berg, and my brothers Judd and Charles Berg. My second mom and dad: Anton and Dolla Venter, thank you for giving me the gift of loyalty. My Godfather Ron Hutchinson and son Ihan, my best friend in Heaven. Thank you Reinhardt Herholdt in Botswana. Without you the world wouldve tripped me over and over again. You are my force of strength and shoulder in battle. Thank you to the Malan family in Adelaide. You are a true source of strength and joy in my life. And last but not least Eric Holm, one day my friend, your legs will turn to iron gold and you shall walk the surface of heaven and earth in a fearless and courageous stride. I love you. I love all of you! God, you have taught me that I can only keep what I have by giving it away. This message is to Honour You, and I hope that when you think of me, You see the cross. It is Your meekness that I strive for. God, please heal Charles Holtzhauzen and Handri de Klerk. They need You more than I ever did. I love You, and let Your will reign supreme. And The strong Shall become tinder And his work a spark, and Both of them shall burn together With none to quench them. Isaiah 1-31The task ahead of you can never ever be greater than the POWER behind you.ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS3introductionOh what a wondrous joy and delight it is to know that we might reach maybe just a few with the con-tent of this little book, and give them hope!For years people have been asking me to write down my truth because they felt and trusted that I had a very precious and valuable gift to offer. I could never understand what gift they were referring to. It always boggled my mind. What does a recovering drug addict with a few years of sobriety and bit of act-ing experience know about life and how to truly help people? Little did I know what God had in store for me? Little did I know to what a glorious position of life He would have me obtain and conquer in order to do His glorious work? These are only a few pages of what is about to follow. It was quite a challenge to write down most of these things; it was of utmost importance to me that it would lead you closer to your God, and NOT closer to me. Ego-centralism is a very dangerous thing, especially for me. Over years of sobriety I have witnessed many things. The hrst part of the book deals with certain core elements and forces in life that I had to deal with as a young man in order to survive and will hopefully serve as a little inspiration to those who feel they want to give up hope. My struggles came from years and years of an active and destructive life of extreme drug abuse. The second part of the book I talk about daily principles that I apply and what I have learned about leadership in order for me to thrive; intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and hnancially. 4My Life - my gift - part oneLet me start of by talking a bit about the disease of addiction and how it has affected my life. It was a long and tough journey, but I would love to share the miracles and blessings of my life with you.Now, I believe that in life there is only one thing worst than arrogance and that is false humility. Gran-diosity is a clear indication of disaster about to happen. I refer to myself as a recovering addict be-cause there is no such thing in life as a recovered addict. One is always in a place of recovery. It can be arrested as everyone knows, however, putting the drugs down is only part of the solution. If you are a drunken horse thief and you take the alcohol away, you are still a horse thief; you might as well just drink again. Its our behaviour, our values, principles; our entire being that needs to undergo a complete paradigm shift. This, from what I have witnessed over the last decade, only comes with grace. Yet it is not the Grace that KEEPS us clean. We need to take responsibility and do the things we were taught in order to stay clean and sober. The drugs are just a symptom of the disease. The disease is a spiritual obsessive-compulsive disorder that affects all areas of our lives. Many other symptoms occur with all kinds of people from all over the world; gambling, sex addiction, food or sex, the disease stays exactly the same, only the manifestation of it differs. We judge ourselves by our intentions, but the world judges us by our actionsMy life has been the most insane journey ever, and yet, God has pulled me from the ashes and lifted me into a huge position of great responsibility. It is important for me to say this because that is what life to me is about, "I AM RESPONSIBLE -For my livelihood, my successes, my happiness, my family and friends, my destiny. The blame game doesnt work for me anymore. It has only left me with emptiness, broken hearts and feelings of self-pity and despondency. I am not someone who likes to attract unneces-sary attention. When I write something I do it because of purpose, truth and strategy. There is a reason why I disclose certain things or aspects of my life, and why I choose to with hold some of them. For the purpose of this book, I would love to tell you a little about my past, as someone who just didnt know any better but to cause trouble wherever he went.My past is important to mention, as God might not otherwise get the absolute and complete honour that He deserves as my saviour and King. It was God alone that valued my being and saved my butt from fatal death. Not once, not twice, but several times. I still often hnd myself in a place of unworthiness before God, and I ask Him why me? I mean just to give you an example; when I was in grade two my teacher told my mother that one day I was going to end up in jail. Well, it wasnt far from the truth. I spent countless nights in various institutions across the country trying to hgure out just how exactly I got there. The answer was simple: Arrogance, stubbornness, anger, resentment, jealousy, hate towards the world and my God.It has always been an uncomfortable subject to talk about, and understandably so; many people, espe-cially the ones closest to me would rather like to forget those terrible dark days simply because there was too much shame, guilt and hurt involved. I dont blame them. I truly hope, as I know they would, 5understand and support the purpose of this book though. The disclosing of certain facts serves only as catalyst for a higher purpose; I have to be faithful to my God, for that I do not apologize. Secondly, I can only keep what I have by giving it away. This gift, lets call it, My Life will perish and suffocate within me unless I share the fundamental nature of my disease, and my road to recovery. Not just my road towards sobriety, but also my road towards abundance and hnancial independence. I dont necessarily enjoy speaking about the there and then, I would much rather just focus on the here and now, and all my wonderful blessings, yet if I forget my past, I am bound to repeat it. This is a great truth in my case. I have suffered greatly from grandiosity and clean time arrogance in the past; there were stages in my sober life that I thought I was so spiritual I was going to vaporise. I kid you not! Yip, there were stages that I thought the Dali Lama could come and learn a few things from me. Crazy isnt it, but Im sure many people can relate to this one. Shortcomings and defects of character dont disappear over night. It took me years and years of surrendering, something I still do on a daily basis in order for me to gain freedom and a better understanding of myself. Humility, I realized; is accepting the good and the bad the way God created us, not being more than or less than, and to better ourselves with tiny little meas-ures each day. There is no point in beating ourselves up for screwing up. Self-forgiveness is probably the most self-loving act in the world, if not the greatest! I have never experienced Gods forgiveness without a prior act of self-forgiveness. Shame is a terrible and extremely destructive force. It robs us of all dignity and majesty. It took a long time for me to stop looking in the mirror listening and believing that same old tape recording telling me how useless and worthless I wa