Do Now: Take the review quiz!!!! (Yes, it counts!!!!)

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Text of Do Now: Take the review quiz!!!! (Yes, it counts!!!!)

  • Do Now: Take the review quiz!!!!(Yes, it counts!!!!)

  • You will view the film clip The Geography and History of Greece

    Please list at least 1 similarity and 1 difference in Greeces geography from the River Valley Civilizations of Egypt, The Fertile Crescent, China, or India

  • Peninsula: a body of land surrounded by water on (3) sidesCity-State: Independent communities that existed in Ancient GreeceCultural Diffusion: the exchange of ideas through contact with other peopleClimate: the weather in some location averaged over some long period of time

  • In groups of (3)Each student will be responsible for reading their section to the rest of the group.After reading, the group will answer the questions found on the reverse side of the page.All students will complete the questions found on the worksheet

  • The Greeks were the first Europeans to develop their own civilization.

  • (A) Ancient Greece consisted of a mountainous peninsula, the hilly coast of Asia Minor (Turkey) and many islands in the Aegean Sea.

  • B. Climate:1. mild climate2. most Greeks lived along the coastlineC. Harbors:1. many excellent harbors2. Athens - came to depend on trade3. olive oil and pottery

  • through trade the Greeks learneda) astronomyb) mathematicsc) navigationd) building techniquese) borrowed the alphabet from the Phoeniciansf) coined money from Lydia

  • A. isolated communities developed into independent political unitscalled - city-states (Polis)

    B. each city-state was different1) own government2) laws3) armyC. most important city-states: Athens and Sparta


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