Do Now  Are you good at knowing when someone is lying to you?  Name 3 ways you can tell when someone is lying.

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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Do NowAre you good at knowing when someone is lying to you?Name 3 ways you can tell when someone is lyingForensic PsychologyPolygraphs25 MINUTESFinish the packet from yesterdayThis will involve working quickly &amp; efficiently for the ENTIRE time. Timer will be up on the board for youPolygraphsIntend to catch lies by measuring skin responsesBP, HR, sweat, breathingControversial &amp; contradictory resultsGuilty Knowledge Test (GKT): higher reactions when unpublished info is shown to criminalsTodays Lesson: How to Detect Lies!Disclaimer: NONE OF THESE are going to work 100% of the time. These are general trends.Body LanguageLimited hand movementsAvoid eye contactHands touch face, throat, eyes &amp; mouthWill not likely touch their chest with the palm of their hand</p> <p>Emotional GesturesTiming is off between emotions/wordsEx: I love it! then a smile afterGestures dont match verbal statementsEx: Frowning when saying I love you!Expressions limited to mouth movements, not whole faceInteractions/ReactionsDefensiveUncomfortable facing questioner may turn awayMay place objects between youSpeechIndirect statementsFill in silenceA statement with a contraction is more likely to be truthful: I didnt do it &gt; I did not do itMonotonousMicroexpressionsInvoluntary facial movements reveal hidden emotions;v=EXm6YbXxSYkAnyone could be trained to find them, but some people are naturals</p> <p>Poster: Are You Being Lied To?Working in pairsOn your poster, give at least 2 ways to spot a lie in each categoryBody LanguagePersonal GesturesInteractions/ReactionsSpeechMicroexpressions</p>


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