Division scolaire franco-manitobaine No. 49

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École Pointe-des-CHÊNES. Ste-Anne, Manitoba. Division scolaire franco-manitobaine No. 49. Teacher wanting to attend Manitoba ASCD professional development on differentiated instruction – Rick Wormeli Team of three teachers and principal attend - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Division scolaire franco-manitobaine No. 49

Diapositive 1

Division scolaire franco-manitobaine No. 49Ste-Anne, Manitobacole Pointe-des-CHNES

CatalystTeacher wanting to attend Manitoba ASCDprofessional development on differentiated instruction Rick Wormeli

Team of three teachers and principal attend

High school team expresses desire to research/ implement new assessment and teaching strategies to make learning more relevantSCHOOL DEMOGRAPHICSte-Anne (One of four schools)K-12 French program; 325 students (9-12: 86 students)Community: blue collar with small percentage of professionals (medical)

Students (of professional parents) mark focused instead of learning processWhy do we have to learn this?Does this count for anything?Half-mark suckersEnter Scott HillWhat do you hope to see change at your school?

Students to become more engaged in their learning and assessment Students who will take greater responsibility for their learning Students who will contribute to their school, their community and beyond

HELP! = MSIPAssessmentSetting and Using Criteria (1997)Kathleen Gregory, Caren Cameron and Anne Davies

Assessment focused on criteriaGreater involvement of students in their own assessment and evaluationStudent and teacher develop rubricsLess content and more frequent testing

The Woodchip IncidentNegative student reaction regarding theneed for volunteers (during classtime)to distribute woodchips in schoolplayground-community park (SPADE)

Responsible and contributing citizens?Are students aware of Vision/Mission statements?Isnt school more than achieving good marks?

SCHOOL VISION & MISSION STATEMENTSElaborated through school community (students, parents and school staff) discussion (2 years ago)

Vision: Les apprenants de lcole Pointe-des-Chnes seront des citoyens francophones responsables et capables de contribuer la communaut globale dans un environnement o rgne un respect des diffrences.

Mission: La communaut de lcole Pointe-des-Chnes a pour mission doffrir, dans un milieu culturel franco-manitobain, une programmation visant lexcellence ses apprenants dans un environnement scuritaire et de dvelopper des partenariats avec la communaut globale.

Slogan: Passionn - Dvou - Confiant

Student consultation on Vision anD Mission statementsRespect and courtesy towards self and othersFollowing rulesParticipate in school organized tripsParticipate in school sports and other extracurricular activitiesVoluntarismBeing organized and demonstrating good work habitsPartnerships and exchangesSpeak franais more

We should live the slogan and values

Responsible and contributing citizensHumanitarian Aid ProjectDominican Republic

TD Shoreline Cleanup Seine/Rat River Conservation District

Global vs local and individualThe need to identify the characteristics of a good citizen

The need to put more emphasis on citizenship and less on academic marks

The need to change practices so that our schools Vision, Mission and Values are reflected in our assessmentsMonthlyReport

Graduation CeremonyStudents with good citizenship qualities to be recognized by way of plaques

Academic excellence and merit awards to be recognized by way of paper certificates

No verbal recognition of different diploma received

Awards given in different order so not to suggest that those related to marks are more prestigious and important. (Governor Generals award)

Things to comeMid-semester and end of semester report cardEntry and exit interviewsSocial justice issues to be initiated through student bodyExplore thematic teaching multidisciplinarityWork with parents to enhance their understanding of learning and assessment

ReflectionIn order to bring about change, transparency and consultation are keyAll participants must be on boardDont expect changes overnightie. Arriving for class on timeRespecting assignment deadlinesBeing responsible, willing to work and seeking helpNo substitute test the system