Distributed digital libraries infrastructure in Poland

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Distributed digital libraries infrastructure in Poland. Adam Dudczak, Cezary Mazurek , Marcin Werla. EDLocal Kick-off meeting, London, UK, 26.06.2008. PSNC Activities. Operator of Poznań Metropolitan Area Network POZMAN Operator of Polish National Research and Education Network PIONIER - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Distributed digital libraries infrastructure in PolandAdam Dudczak, Cezary Mazurek, Marcin WerlaEDLocal Kick-off meeting, London, UK, 26.06.2008

  • Operator of Pozna Metropolitan Area Network POZMANOperator of Polish National Research and Education Network PIONIERHPC Center with Systems and Network Security CenterResearch and Development CenterPSNC Activities

  • TELIA5 Gb/sGANT 10+10 Gb/sGANT/TELIA 2x2,5 Gb/s

  • New Generation Networks Distributed Computing Portals and Content Management SecurityRESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT

  • PSNC Activities related to digital librariesFirst works started in 1996dLibra Digital Library Framework (since 1999)Digital Library of Wielkopolska (since 2002)Annual workshop Digital Libraries (since 2004)National research project Mechanisms of atomic services for distributed digital libraries (2006 - 2008)Digital Libraries Federation (since 2007)eContentPlus project ENRICH (2007-2009)eContentPlus project EDLocal (2008-2011)

  • dLibra Digital Library FrameworkFirst Polish software for building digital librariesDeveloped since 1999, ver. 4.0 since January 2008Currently the most popular digital library software in PolandAbout 30 deployments, used by over 200 of institutionsBuilt in Java with service-oriented architectureCompatible with OAI-PMH, RSS, RDF etc. Supports coordination of digitizationhttp://dlibra.psnc.pl/

  • Digital Library of WielkopolskaRegional digital library with resources related to history and culture of the Wielkopolska region, valuable cultural heritage materials and scientific publicationsAvailable since Oct 2002The largest digital library in Poland with more than 60 000 digital objects grouped in thematic collections 200 000 visitors and 2.5 mln hits each monthMaintained by PSNC and Pozna Foundation of Scientific Librarieshttp://www.wbc.poznan.pl/

  • Annual workshop Digital Libraries Annual national meetings of librarians, computer scientists and other people interested in digital librariesOver 50 participants each year2 or 3 days of presentations, tutorials and discussions about digital libraries in national and international contextAlso a meeting of dLibra software users great opportunity for feedback and discussion on the directions of dLibra development

  • National research project Mechanisms of atomic servicesResearch project funded by Polish Ministry of Science and Higher EducationMain goals:Functional analysis of digital libraries systems and modelsDivision of digital library functionality into several atomic servicesDesign of data model and REST communication protocols for defined servicesDesign of discovery, composition, monitoring and management mechanism for defined servicesSample applications

  • Digital Libraries FederationNext level of distributed digital libraries infrastructure in PolandCentral service maintained by PSNC, available since June 2007Harvests Dublin Core metadata from all OAI-PMH compatible Polish digital librariesCurrently holds metadata of over 145 000 digital objects from 20 digital librarieshttp://fbc.pionier.net.pl/

  • Digital Libraries FederationHarvested metadata is the basis for advanced services available in the federation:Search in the metadata of digitized objects and objects planned for digitizationResolution of unique OAI identifiers of digital objectsAutomated coordination of digitizationReport with objects planned for digitizationAutomated duplicates detection mechanismMechanism for avoiding duplicated digitization effortsStatistics on the harvested metadata

  • Digital Libraries FederationEase of use and promotion of Polish digital resourcesMini search-box embeddable in any web site or blog Mini search-box as iGoogle gadgetOpenSearch plugin for web browsersBuilt-in in the official Polish release of Firefox 3

  • eContentPlus project ENRICHEuropean Networking Resources and Information concerning Cultural HeritageMain aim: to create seamless access to distributed information about manuscripts and rare old printed books in Europe on the Manuscriptorium platform18 partners, 24 months, coordinated by the National Library of Czech Republic


  • Thank you Cezary: mazurek@man.poznan.plAdam: maneo@man.poznan.plMarcin: mwerla@man.poznan.pl