Directions of Marketing Research-Vitbs Project Report by MBA students Vinitha

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MBA project report submitted by VITBS (VIT) students Vinitha, Vinoth, Senthil & V. Venkatashan under guidance/ supervision of Prof. RN Subudhi. This report analyses the content of 200 latest research articles in Marketing Research and tries to find the research trend.

Text of Directions of Marketing Research-Vitbs Project Report by MBA students Vinitha

  • 5/24/2018 Directions of Marketing Research-Vitbs Project Report by MBA students Vinitha





    [Research project, in partial fulfillment of the requirement of MBA degree of

    VITBS, VIT UniversityVellore (TN), India]

    Submitted by: V. Venkatashan (05MBA 112)

    N.C. Vinothkumar (05MBA118)

    S.D. Senthil kumar (05MBA092)

    Vinitha. V.S. (05MBA 115)

    [Project Supervisor & Course Instructor: Prof. RN Subudhi]

    Group No.: II (Section B, MBA 2005-07)



    Sr. no Contents Page no.

    1 Introduction 02

    2 Classification of industry 03

    3 Contents analysis of 200 articles 08

    4 chartsDirections of Marketing Research 28

    b) Source of Data

    5 Conclusion 28

    6 Reference 29

    7 Appendix 30

    .Note: This is a student project report prepared and submitted by group of MBA students,mentioned above, as a part of their class-room assignment and is for academic purposeonly.

  • 5/24/2018 Directions of Marketing Research-Vitbs Project Report by MBA students Vinitha




    Marketing research is a critical part of marketing intelligence system. It helps to

    improve management decision making by providing relevant, accurate and timely

    information. Every decision poses unique needs for information, and relevant strategies

    can be developed based on the information gathered through marketing research. The

    first step of the marketing research contains defining the problem. The problem here is;


    basic research approach. For the research purpose, we are taking a sample size of 200

    marketing research articles. The sources of information are secondary data to analyze the

    direction of the marketing research .For this purpose we read around 200 articlesabstract to find out the conclusion of the problem.

    According to American Marketing Association, Marketing research is The

    systematic gathering, recording and analyzing of data about problems relating to the

    marketing of goods and services .

    All of research can be categorized into basic and applied. Basic research is that

    intended to expand the body of knowledge in a field or to provide knowledge for the use

    of others. Applied research is carried on for the solving of a particular or for guiding a

    specific decision, and usually its results are private.

    The preliminary stages of the marketing research contain the following steps;

    1. Determine or define the problem or opportunity that is faced what theproblem is?

    2. Specify what information is neededWhat data are needed?3. Identify the sources of informationHow to obtain those data?4. Decide on techniques for acquiring the information From whom to obtain the


    5. Gather and process the information

  • 5/24/2018 Directions of Marketing Research-Vitbs Project Report by MBA students Vinitha



    6. Analyze and interpret the meaning7. Present the finding to the decision maker.

    Types of research:-

    All research approaches can be classified into one of three general categories of research

    such as;1. Exploratory2. Descriptive3. Causal

    These categories differ significantly in terms of research purpose, research questions, the

    precision of the hypotheses that are formed, and the data methods that are used. Types of

    marketing research in details;

    1) Exploratory:

    Exploratory research is used when one is seeking insights into the general nature of a

    problem, the possible decision alternatives and relevant variables that need to be

    considered. This method is highly flexible, unstructured and qualitative, for the

    researcher begins without firm without preconceptions as to what will be found.

    2) Descriptive:

    It embraces a large proportion of marketing research. The purpose is to provide an

    accurate snapshot of some aspect of the marketing research. In descriptive research,

    hypotheses often will exist, but they may be tentative and speculative. In general, the

    relationship studied will not be causal in nature.

    3) Causal:

    When it is necessary to show that one variable causes or determines the values of other

    variables, a casual research approach must be used.

    Data collection method:-

    The data can collect from two sources such as secondary source and primary source.

    Objective of the study:

    To study the directions of marketing research

  • 5/24/2018 Directions of Marketing Research-Vitbs Project Report by MBA students Vinitha



    Classification of industry:

    Broadly we have classified 10 industries. They are;

    1) Service industry2) Retailing industry3) Agriculture industry4) Telecom industry5) Food & Beverage industry6) FMCG7) Rubber industry8) Printing industry9)

    Pharmaceutical industry

    10) Other industry

    The content analysis of the 200 articles is given below:


    Bold about theburger

    Burger Food &Beveragesindustry

    Study on the marketing strategyof burger king Corp.


    Image polisher Serviceindustry

    Clients role in the world andtheir personal style and image

    Crains ChicagoBusiness

    Insider Phones Telecomindustry

    Effect of sales of phones onholidays


    Analyze this:Comprehensivemarket researchpays off


    determine the hotel's businessmix and the advantages anddisadvantages of specificlocations relevant to demandgenerators

    Hotel & MotelManagement

    The players Serviceindustry


    Find out the top 100 influentialpeople in the canadian market.


    In good company Serviceindustry

    Find out 500 growingcompanies in US

    . Inc., Nov2005Special Issue

    resources Serviceindustry( advt)

    Ads spending trend in internetand other media

    B to B

    Late news Advertisement

    Retail industry Effect of support given by theprotestant church for thedocumentary of Wallmart the

    Advertising Age

  • 5/24/2018 Directions of Marketing Research-Vitbs Project Report by MBA students Vinitha



    highest cost of low price

    Travel weekly poll Serviceindustry(insurance)

    To assess the difficulty level ofinsurance examination

    Travel Weekly: TheChoice of TravelProfessionals

    Puerto Rico a TopProvider of CallCenters.


    Study the growth of carribeancall centre agents from 2002-2004

    Caribbean Business

    Apollo Tries toLand Media


    Study the employ mediacompanies for the promotion ofthe Project Apollo research toolin the U.S


    Blog,Blog,Blog.. Telecom(internet)

    Effect of security in the internet InformationWeek

    MarketingPerformance ofU.S. Farmers: ADiscussion.

    Soybean Agricultureindustry

    the studies concerning themarketing performance ofUnited States farmers

    American Journalof AgriculturalEconomics


    innovation,manufacturing,diffusion andadoption/rejectionprocesses

    Services Study the factors influencing

    the new product developmentsuccess or failure

    Journal of Business

    & IndustrialMarketing

    Hearing voices Services Study the involvement ofcustomers in new productdevelopment

    Appliance Design

    Ask them yourself Serviceindustry

    Survey on customer response ofkonstantin genruckes service.

    FSB: Fortune SmallBusiness

    Any ideas? services Study on advice for managers

    on motivating their employeesto develop new ideas andenhance their creativity

    Folio: The

    Magazine forMagazineManagement

    The international e-marketingframework (IEMF):Identifying thebuilding blocks forfuture global e-marketing research


    Study on international e-marketing


    An analysis of the

    factors affecting theadoption ofelectroniccommerce bySMEs: Evidencefrom an emergingmarket



    Study on internet-based

    electronic commerce (EC)adoption profile of small andmedium-sized enterprises(SMEs) in Turkey as well as thefactors affecting theirwillingness to adopt EC usage


    Marketing Review

    Imc Research mustfocus more on


    Study on the use of IMC(integrated marketing

    Journal ofAdvertising