Digital Imaging, Photography, Videography. Photography Writing with light

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Text of Digital Imaging, Photography, Videography. Photography Writing with light

  • Digital Imaging, Photography, Videography

  • PhotographyWriting with light

  • Photography - What is it?What are some of the things it is used for?Visual CommunicationMany different things to different peopleHobby, Avocation, Vocation, Work

  • Photography - History1839 -160 years of photographyUnique ability of silver to react to light energyWilliam Henry Fox TalbotDaguerreEastman - Kodak

  • Subtractive Primaries

  • What is light?Electromagnetic spectrum400-700 nmUltraviolet to InfraredUV shorter than 400 nmIR longer than 700 nmFilms & CCDs(sensors) can record extended range

  • Photography - What is it?Traditional ProcessLight reacts with silver halideCreates latent image(invisible)Chemical process develops imageproduce negative or positivePrint made from negativePhotographic process repeated

  • Photography - What is it?Digital ProcessLight reacts with light sensorCCD, CMOSImage stored in memoryImage in memory downloaded or viewed directlyPrint made from digital file

  • Photographs are converted to bitmapsorCaptured as bitmaps

    Movies are captured as a series of bitmapsEach frame = bitmap

  • Digital ImagesPixels - Picture ElementPixels per inch

  • Computer GraphicsFile TypesBitmapVector

  • BitmapsbmpjpegtiffgifPict(combo)Proprietary

  • Digital ImagesDots per inchLines per inchHalftonesLines per mm

  • VectorEPS(?)AIPictCGMWMF

  • ScannersDrumFlatbedFilm

  • ScannersOptical resolutionInterpolated resolution

  • Scanning SoftwarePhotoshop pluginPhoto DeluxeWang ImagingETC.

  • ScanningHow much information do you need?Line Art(One Bit - B&W)Output resolutionGrayscale(254 shades of grey w/B&W)No more than 1.5 final LPIColorSame as grey scaleUnless outputting to high resolution film recorderLPI is NOT DPI

  • Storing Digital ImagesMagneticOpticalArchival

  • StoragePhoto CDFive Resolutions up to 8X10$2.00 per image100 pictures per CDPicture CD1024X768 = 4X6 inch printPicture Disk640X480 = Computer display

  • Resolution /tms/imaging/dpidemo.htm

  • Storage SizeMore bitsmore informationBigger sizemore space

  • CompressionLossless for still picturesLZWLossyJPEGMPEGMPEG2 audio layer 3MP3

  • Digital CamerasCCDCMOS

  • Digital CamerasResolutionScreen 640X480Megapixel 1000x10003.3 M approx $800Good quality 8X10

  • Digital Cameras$300 -1500Kodak, Apple, Ricoh, Epson, Olympus$3000-20,000Nikon, Fuji, CanonDigital Back

  • Digital CamerasImage Storage in cameraSCSI HDFloppy DiskBuilt-in RAMSmart MediaMemory Stick(SONY)

  • Digital CamerasImage TransferSerialSCSIParallelUSBFirewire-IEE 1394PCMCIA Card Reader

  • Digital CamerasNumber of PhotosResolution of Photos

  • Digital CamerasExposure ControlsLensQualityZoomDigital Zoom/Optical Zoom

  • Digital CamerasDigital VideoSony DVX 1000(Mini DV)Canon Optura(Mini DV)Sony Digital 8MM(D8)

  • Digital CamerasDigital VideoStorage tapeCD-RDVD-RDigital information

  • Analog CaptureVideo cardRegular VCR(NTSC video)DAC(digital to analog conversion)

  • Digital Stream CaptureFirewireAll ready digitalNo loss in DAC

  • Capture SoftwarePremiereVideo StudioiMovieFinal Cut ProETC.

  • Digital CamerasVideo StorageSCSI HDIDE HDCD-RDVD-R1-20 MB per second

  • Digital ImagesInputProcessingOutput

  • Using Digital ImagesPublicationPresentationElectronic PublicationEmailTraditional Output

  • Advanced UsesElectronic DeliveryQTVRStreaming

  • PlaytimeOlympus 3030StillMovieSmart Media

  • Working material = lightTools = cameras & filmFinal presentation = print or slideSecondary uses = publications of all types

    Working material = lightTools = cameras & filmFinal presentation = print or slideSecondary uses = publications of all types