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PowerPoint Presentation

In the first clip of our music video, we places two clips that were similar cutting parts out in order to have a more continuous flow between the shots. In addition to that we added a layer on top and used a flicker effect where the scene goes from one scene to the other. This adds more effect to the music video and the whole concept of our music video.

In this scene we also added in another layer on top of another clip. We made the additional layer on top transparent so you could see both clips at the same time. This gives an illusion of a filter on top of the original clip and also gives it a music video vibe.

In this scene we slowed down the exhaling of smoke down and we added it in again and rewinded the clip as if the artist is inhaling in the smoke. We included this at the part of the clip where it say substances controlled to protect the mind.

In this next scene we rewinded the whole video during the instrumental of the song to show how she starts off her whole journey as soon as the lyrics of the song changes and the video and lyrics correlates.

In this scene we have the artist with her eyes closed and I slowed it down so it seems like her eyes are closed for some time. This links into the next scene of her in a different environment.