DESIGN PORTFOLIO Fashion SMASH Book. What is a SMASH Book?

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Fashion SMASH Book

Design PortfolioFashion SMASH BookWhat is a SMASH Book?

#1- My StyleUsing the provided half sheet of cardstock, create a personal style collage. You need to include at least 10 pictures. There should be no white left showing on the page. Look for clothing items, accessories, hairstyles, makeup, etc.

#2- T-Shirt DesignUsing the provided template, design a t-shirt that you would wear. You may change the shape of the template if you would like. Use color and be creative!Cut it out to put in your SMASH Book.

#3- Practice SketchesThroughout the semester you will be designing lots of outfits. So now is the time to have fun and practice. Create @ least 3 sketches, color them (colored pencils please) and put them in your SMASH Book. Final sketches must be in black ink. Be creative!Do not draw faces on your croquis!

#4- Decorate CoverUse supplies provided or any you have of your own to decorate the cover of your SMASH Book. It should represent you and your point of view.

#5- Favorite Fashion DecadeNow that we have discussed the different fashions of each decade, design an outfit inspired by your favorite one. Write the decade on the page as well as a few sentences about why that decade is your favorite. Use black ink for your sketch and writing.

#6- L.B.D. (little black dress)Coco Chanel made the L.B.D. an essential part of a womans wardrobe. We should all have this staple in our own closet. Design a little black dress that you would use as a staple in your own closet. Write a short paragraph on the page describing your L.B.D. and why the L.B.D. is such an important thing to have in your wardrobe.

Unit 1: Smashbook ContentsMy Style CollageT-Shirt DesignPractice SketchesFavorite DecadeL.B.D. (little black dress)

*Cover should be decorated and I should be able to find your signature on each page.

Color WheelPaint the color wheel provided in the proper order. You must include the actual color along with the tint and the shade. Place the tint toward the center and the shade on the outside. Cut out and glue into your smashbook.Label each color. (you may abbreviate)

Color ValueDesign a garment of your choice. Instead of coloring with colored pencils, you will be painting it. Choose one color and paint your outfit using tints, tones, and shades of that color only. Put into your smashbook and write a short paragraph about your garment. Include design details and also information about the color you used. Use and underline vocabulary words. (ie, hue, tint, tone shade, etc.)

11Color SchemeDesign an outfit and color it in the color scheme of your choice.Write a short paragraph describing your outfit and also tell me which color scheme you chose and what makes it that color scheme.Use and underline vocabulary words.Color the provided color wheel to reflect the color scheme you chose.

12LineDesign a garment using all types of lines. (horizontal, vertical, curved, diagonal)Write a short paragraph describing your garment and indicate where you used each type of line and the feeling that it creates. Use and underline vocabulary words.

PatternDesign a garment using different types of patterns. Write a short paragraph describing your garment and indicate the types of pattern you used and why they are considered such. Use and underline vocabulary words.

Shape/FormFind a silhouette of a form from an era in history. Go to a short paragraph describing which decade the silhouette is from and what shape/form is created. Use and underline vocabulary words.

TextureCreate a garment using trims and scraps of fabric. Write a description of your outfit that includes which types of textures were used and where they can be found. Underline vocabulary words. Put it in your smashbook.

Rhythm Scratch ArtUsing half a sheet of scratch art paper, create a design that includes all 5 types of rhythm. Label each type on your design. Glue into your Smashbook along with the title.

RhythmCreate an outfit that includes at least three types of rhythm. Write a description of the outfit. Include which types of rhythm you used and where they can be found. Underline the vocabulary words. Place in your smashbook.

BalanceDraw a garment that includes some type of balance. (symmetrical, asymmetrical, or radial)Write a description of the outfit that includes which type of balance you used and where you can see it. Put it in your smashbook with a title.

EmphasisDraw a garment that places emphasis on some part of the body. Write a description of your outfit that includes where you placed the emphasis and what it is emphasizing. Underline vocabulary words. Place in your smashbook.

HarmonyCreate a garment that is harmonious. (includes unity and variety)Write a description of the garment that includes how the harmony was made. What unites it? What gives variety?Place in your smashbook.

Scale/ProportionFind your pictureRed Carpet SearchImagesPick something easy to divide into a 1:3, 2:3, 3:5 ratio. Copy & paste into power point.Adjust pic so it is about this size.Add a rectangle around the design.Format shape (right click) to make the fill (no fill) and the line color something easy to see.Draw in straight lines that divide the design. Make sure the lines are in a color that is easy to see.Now add the numbers. Again, adjust the color so it is visual.Group the picture parts together- select all, right click, group.Now print. This does NOT need to be in color if the picture/dividing is easy to see.Place in your smashbook

Unit 2: Smashbook ContentsColor WheelColor ValueColor SchemeLinePatternShape/FormTextureRhythm Scratch ArtRhythmBalanceEmphasisHarmonyScale/Proportion

*Remember your signature should be found on each page.Natural FibersCreate the foldable following your teachers directions.Place the natural fibers title on the front and label each tab with one natural fiber. Write your notes about each fiber on the corresponding page.

Synthetic FibersCreate the foldable following your teachers directions.Place the Synthetic Fibers title on the front. On the inside write each fiber and the notes in one of the six squares.

Paper WeavesYou will need 18 strips each of two different colors.Create the following weaves, place in your Smashbook and label each one:Plain (over 1, under 1)Twill (over 2, under 2)Satin (over 4, under 1)

Fabric DesignDesign a garment using fabric. Write a short paragraph describing the garment. Include information about the fabric. Is it knitted or woven? If woven, what type of weave was used? Is there a pile or nap?

Laundry SymbolsAdd color to the printout given to you by your teacher. Mount it on a colored piece of paper.Place it and the label in your Smashbook.

Stain Removal GuideCreate the foldable following your teachers directions.Label the front of each tab with the stain.Place the notes on how to remove each stain beneath the corresponding tab.

Unit 3 Smashbook ContentsNatural Fibers GuideSynthetic Fibers GuidePaper WeavesFabric Construction DesignLaundry SymbolsStain Removal GuideCost Per WearSketch the outfit you are wearing right now. Include all shoes and accessories in your sketch.Put in Smashbook along with the title provided. Write how much each item cost and where it was purchased. Include a grand total of what your outfit cost.

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