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Desert Hot Springs Election kick-off, Bella Monte Resort Spa opens, Yvonne Parks,Russell Betts,Scott Matas, Jan Pye, Robert Bentley

Text of Desert Local News August 16, 2009 Edition

  • DESERT LOCAL NEWS Weekly Review August 16, 2009

    Bella MonteFOR 24/7 Local News Go to ~ US $ 2.50

    The Desert Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce had a ribbon cutting at the elegant Bella Monte Resort and Spa. Photos by Bruce Montgomery

    Resort & Spa

    Election 2009 Kick-offCandidates Interviews:

    Robert BentleyYvonne Parks

    Russell BettsScott Matas

    Jan Pyemore to come...


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    Desert Local News65911 7th StreetDHS, CA. 92240

    DESERT HOT SPRINGS, CA- Local businessman Robert Bentley has once

    again thrown his hat into the ring of contenders for a Desert Hot Springs City Council position. This time, he believes that the city needs him.

    They need someone who understands business, and I am the one lower taxes

    candidate. Theyve been on a borrowing spree for a year and a half now, he said.

    In the past, Bentley served as a Public Safety Commissioner and he also has legal education. He feels that the Measure A Tax Increase was not sufficient enough for the citys

    Police Department. This city wants to do things that are not consistent with the way government functions. They want to continuously avoid those issues and want to spend more time with buying properties, he added. The object here is limited government. This will lead to a balanced budget.

    Bentley believes that all of the other candidates believe in excessive taxes and wasteful spending. Yet, he also believes that he could work with anybody on the council. My chances are excellent, he said, remembering how his 2007 mayoral campaign gave him more votes than incumbent Mayor Alex Bias.

    Having grown up in Desert Hot Springs, Bentley is a strong advocate for the youth. What the parents and the kids want, I am fully in support of, he said. I see the problems that kids faced, like not having much to do around here. I want to make an effort to go out and talk to the youth. He also believes that being a hero in the community is a positive thing.

    More jobs could be created by lowering the business license fees, as Bentley described. They raised them from $45 to $225, he stated. They make it so difficult with all that red tape here in Desert Hot Springs. All sorts of people want to do business here and when they see how high the fees are, they may not try out their ideas.

    Bentleys website is available to the public at HYPERLINK

    Robert Bentley: BY LESLIE ANDREWS

    Why DHS Needs Him

    Robert Bentley, Candidate for City Council of Desert Hot Springs 2009

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  • 3DESERT LOCAL NEWS August 16, 2009 3

    Robert Bentley:


    Drawing upon the state of Californias escalating budget deficit, high taxes and strict business regulations, the Nevada Development Authority (NDA) tomorrow will launch an advertising campaign that seeks to attract business owners to relocate to Southern Nevada. More so than in past years campaigns, NDA foresees many California businesses considering relocation due to the states current troubles.

    The campaign will highlight Nevadas business-friendly attitude and the fact that business owners pay no corporate or personal income tax and have much lower workers compensation rates. Just looking at the numbers, I dont know why a California business owner would NOT relocate to Southern Nevada, said Somer Hollingsworth, NDA president and CEO. Business owners would be able to make more money, hire more employees, and buy more equipment. They could do more with their business in Nevada than they ever could in California.

    The campaign comes on the heels of the California economic crisis in which the state faces a $26.3 billion budget deficit for which lawmakers have not provided a responsible solution and is projected to reach $42 billion over the next year. California has started issuing IOUs for a variety of payments it owes, but banks stopped accepting IOUs after July 17, 2009.

    The advertising campaign consists of television commercials and print advertisements that illustrate the contrast between California and Nevadas business environments. It will be supported by publicity, grassroots and viral marketing efforts.

    For more information, visit HYPERLINK \t _blank or call 1-888-466-8293 or 702-791-0000.

    About Nevada Development Authority

    The mission of the Nevada Development Authority is to attract, retain and expand the business base to enhance the overall socioeconomic development of Southern Nevada. Established in Las Vegas in 1956, the NDA is Southern Nevadas largest economic development agency and contributes to the areas prosperity by attracting new companies and assisting local companies in expansion projects. Courtesy PRNewswire

    NEVADAlaunches ad campaign to entice California Business owners to move to Nevada


  • 4 DHS ELECTION 2009 DESERT LOCAL NEWS August 16, 2009

    DESERT HOT SPRINGS, CA- In 2007, the citizens of

    Desert Hot Springs elected their first female mayor. Nearly two years later, Yvonne Parks is seeking reelection. Desert Local News sits down with Mayor Parks and talks about all of the achievements she has made in her city and why she believes she should be elected once more.

    Through my leadership, weve built a team. Weve accomplished a lot in less than two years, she says.

    For starters, at least 37 miles of roads in the city have been repaved. The parks, including Mission Springs, has

    been renovated. Crime has been reduced by 30 percent and the police force has nearly doubled. Its been a great two years, but weve had to make a lot of tough decisions. I think its just extremely important that we maintain what we have, Parks explains. If it isnt broke, dont fix it.

    The length of the city council meetings have also shortened, going from all-nighters to nothing lasting more than three and a half hours long. Parks leadership was responsible for making the meetings more progressive. Plus, she credits the staff she has worked with (City Manager Rick Daniels, Police Chief Pat Williams, etc) for the progress that has been made. We are no longer the city with the worst crime in the Inland Empire, she states.

    Parks wants to see more things achieved for Desert Hot Springs. She adds, I want to see the downtown revitalized. I want to see the

    streetscape completed with the halo intersection at Pierson and Palm. I want to see the Boys and Girls club completed, which will be a larger facility. I look forward to seeing an aquatic center for the high school kids. Our Annexation to the I-10 goes before LAFCO on September 24th.

    The image of the city has made a turnaround, says Parks

    as she further describes how Desert Hot Springs has gone from the laughing stock of the Coachella Valley to becoming a progressive city like all others in the Inland Empire. Ive raised the status of our city. They now see Desert Hot Springs with a new eye, she says. We have a good working council.

    Parks promises that this will be a clean campaign. Most of

    the people have been happy with what I have done as Mayor here, she states. Im very willing to share, and it builds teamwork.

    Yvonne Parks:Hoping For A Second

    Time Around As Mayor


    Russell Betts:

    Desert Hot Springs Mayor Yvonne Parks ~ Photo by Bruce Montgomery

    The Race is on for the Top Spot in Desert Hot Springs

  • 5DHS ELECTION 2009 DESERT LOCAL NEWS August 16, 2009

    DESERT HOT SPRINGS, CA- Russell Betts has been

    active in the city of Desert Hot Springs ever since he first arrived six years ago to settle down in Southern California. In 2007, he won a seat on the City Council after a long, hard campaign. Now hes trying for a chance to get the top job on the council- the Mayors seat. Desert Local News speaks to Councilman Betts and gets down to the issues and the facts.

    Weve got the same effort going to return Desert Hot Springs to the people who live and work here and that their interests are looked after most, Betts said. The primary concern is to move the city forward.

    Betts and current Mayor Yvonne Parks get along very well, but they do have some differences. He adds, I know the mayor has her difference in view of taxes, and its not right to pile the expense on the homeowners and the businesses that are trying to survive.

    Betts and his wife, Meina decided to move to Desert Hot Springs during the boom times of the early 2000s, when a realtor talked them into buying a home there. We had expectations that this city would rise up to the level and standards of the other Coachella Valley cities, he said. But now that the economy is not in a boom time, Betts still agrees that the city has still maintained a balanced budget two years in a row. Still, housing prices c