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Text of Department of Arabic Faculty of Humanities & Languages .Translation/ Interpretation from English

  • Department ofArabic

    Faculty ofHumanities & Languages

    Jamie Millie BlamiaNew Delhi-110025

    M. A. Arabic

    SYLLABUS (w.e.f. 2002-03)

  • INTRODUCTIONArabic in Jamia Millia Islamia has been one of the subjects which were introducedat the under graduate level at the earliest stage. However, its teaching at post-graduate level started in 1976 as one of the three disciplines of the erstwhileDepartment of Islamic & Arab-Iranian Studies. The Department of Arabic as anindependent unit was established only in 1988. At present the Department conductsdifferent courses such as B.A. (Pass) and Honours, M.A. and Part-Time eveningcourses namely Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Modern Arabic.Besides, it also enrolls scholars for Ph. D. Course on variety of subjects relevant toArabic language and literature. Till date, 21 scholars have been awarded Ph. D.Degree.

    One of the unique features of the courses designed for various levels of study is thespecial thrust on the need to create considerable efficiency in writing and speakingin Arabic among the students. Translation/ Interpretation from English into Arabicand vice-versa is another aspect which is given special attention at various levels ofteaching.

    FACULTYProfessor EmeritusAbdul Halim Nadwi

    ProfessorsZ. A. FarooqiAuthor of

    Recipient ofEdited


    Fazil-e- Deoband. M.A. (Delhi), Ph.D. (Jamia).Contribution of Darul Uloom Deoband to

    Arabic literature.Teach yourself Arabic.

    President's Certificate of Honour.Arabic Journal "Thaqafatul Hind" of ICCR for fiveyears.Articles/translations on various topics.

    Shafique Ahmed Khan NadwiM.A., D.W.A.S.. Ph.D. (Alig),S.D.T.A.N.A. (Khartoum).

    Author of A complete course in FunctionalArabic, sponsored by N.C.P.U.L., Ministry ofH.R.D.

    Published Articles on various topics related to Arabiclanguage and literature as well as Islamic Culture.

    Edited Journal of Arabic Literature: Deptt. Of ArabicJ.M.I. 2002.

    ..11. J. Forma M.A. (Delhi).

  • Author of The Essential Arabic:A learner's Practical Guide.

    ReadersS. M. Khalid Ali Alimiat, Fazilat (Jamiat-ul-Falah), MA., Ph.D

    (Jamia)Author of i I ) Arabic Language and Literature: A Historical Study.

    (2) A short review of India's contribution to the scienceof Hadith.

    Published .Articles/Translations on various topics.

    Farhana Siddigui M.A. (Jamia), PGDTA., MLitt (CIEFL, Hyd.) Ph.D.(Jamia)

    Author of I )Nazik al Malaika: Her literary and Poetic Works(2) Contribution of Woman ToArabic Literature.(3)A complete course in Functional Arabic,sponsored by N.C.P.U.L., Ministry of H.R.D.

    Published Articles/Translations on various topics.

    Mohd Ayub Nadwi M.A. English (Jamia), M.A. Arabic, M.Phil,Ph.D. (Jamia)

    Author of


    LecturersHabibullah KhanAuthor of


    1)Arabic Journalism in India(2)Al-Mujtama-ul-Islami.Articles on various topics.

    M.A. (J.N.U.). Ph. D. (Lucknow)( 1 ) Arabic Translation in India After Independence,(2) Teach Yourself Arabic( 3)A complete course in FunctionalArabic, sponsored by N.C.P.U.L, Ministry ofH.R.D.Articles/Translations on various topics.

    Abdul Majid Oaf Fazil (Nadwah), MA.. M. Phil. Ph. D. (Aligarh).Published Articles/Translations on Various topics.Recipient of President's Badrayan Vyas Samman

    Nasim Akhatar M.A., M.Phil, Ph. D. (J.N.U)Published Articles on topics related to Arabic Language And

    Literature as well as Islamic Studies in India.


  • M. A. Arabic

    There will be nine papers and a Viva Voce each of 100 marks intwo years according to the following scheme:

    Previous Year : Papers 1-IVFinal Year : V-VIII

    Viva Voce

    Title of the Paper


    Paper I Arabic Prose; (Unto the beginning ofModem Period including

    Spain and North Africa) 100 Marks

    Paper II Arabic Poetry, (Jahiliah to Abbasid Period including Spain and

    North Africa) 100 Marks

    Paper III Translation and Essay 100 Marks

    Paper IV Linguistics, Rhetozics and Prosody 100 Marks


    Paper V : Arabic Prose-Modern Period 100 Marks

    Paper VI : Arabic Prose-Modem Period 100 Marks

    Paper VII Translation and Essay 100 Marks

    Paper VIII Principles ofLiterary Criticism 100 Marks

    Paper IX : Special Study 100 Marks

    Viva Voce 100 Marks


  • M.A. Arabic (Previous)Paper I: Arabic Prose

    (Upto the beginning of the Modern Period including Spain &North Africa)

    Marks: 100

    Unit I Introduction to Arabic prose through the ages.

    Unit 2

    tx:Pdin kat_As J.A"A3

    a IN ' -Al )461.11 al Jae.


    Unit 3

    411.12 441 (..),

    44 Cal -11-1-3

    ittb jith

    Books Prescribed:

    44 (34 k?" .7

    33-6 '1413>

  • NMINI1/4

    (D4cs11:412& .9J.1411, I 3.1 Jaz.. t4u11 ,,,i re3:411 .10

    Unit -411



    &ha) 44,41.9 Ciada `thl (2 E) YJLII 6761( CY' -.04952 /b 1352 ; JAM c'todaAll


    Unit -51




    Books Recommended:croxl4tMittA5

    .."S ru% LW"'kay.31 4.31 tyji

    csuall YID &Jr:




  • M.A. Arabic (Previous)Paper II: Arabic Poetry

    (From Jahiliya to Abbasid Period including Spain and North Africa)

    Marks: 100

    CAL1351.11 ;.1,4111

    Unit -

    .14143 s j4.1al1 9 sai4"slssa11 tal-u

    1:91a .1s1 C./1444kikell :41.14

    4i1a...11 A41.14

    t1/4s? a.9.1""t' 0.411 .1141cid C.)4 .)14. .2

    eflIS tD-.1 9.Y1t. .3.1...14,1 4

    Ls..4:11 Ala."

    C.k?-ts 42.1 GA11 1.1".11 4#3i Cia Y.1:1141149,,y.24 ..)1J ;is*.

    JP". (.311 atk9114 015-4111

    Unit - 2

    C).3 CiLa .1


  • Unit 3ci set







    sit _illail Cs? ..))-Al


    Unit 4;,40:A.11,y1 .10


    .124I .13 0.1) .34 .144132.411cas11 yi .15

    Unit 5s 311 .16

    a'Al..34.) 1 .17SA) all .18

    Books Recommendedcrutal YIP 61..A. LtU ani .1

    Out', Yal (r.ut .2'Apia yi .3


    44-9-1th" 1=4 thi .5(rut-


  • M.A. (Previous)

    Paper III Translation and Essay


    A general introduction to the art of translation and use of selected

    material from English and Arabic newspapers on a variety of

    subjects. It will be covered under five units as per details below:

    A. Translation 60 Marks

    Unit- 1: English-Arabic ( Political & socio-economic).

    Unit- 2: English-Arabic ( Scientific & technical).

    Unit- 3: Arabic-English ( Political & socio-economic).

    Unit- 4: Arabic-English (Scientific & technical).

    B: Essay 40 Marks

    Unit-5: Essay writing on different topics of relevance

    (not less than 300 words)

  • M.A. Arabic (Previous)

    Paper IV: Linguistics, Rhetoric & ProsodyMarks: 100

    A. Linguistics

    Unit-1: LanguageDefinition of a LanguageArabic LanguageLinguistic Characteristicsof Arabic

    Unit-2: Classical LinguisticsLinguistic legacy of the ArabsDictation relatedproblemsColloquial Arabic

    Unit-3: Modem LinguisticsPhonology & PhoneticsCorrection of pronunciation


    elo I




    ;41.)..31 usalL.,:a

    45#21511 aillI # :4=1 ;43411LA Si A

    '4341 ZAsSika4 alum .5

    1-4-S lilaj ;:1/2:Ja 4%4 1 .6


    eh .7

    CAL 11' Sall .8

    ;te &t. -41

    Unit-4 :A.241J11 ;AssnWhat is Rhetoric U .9

    Introduction to Ilm-al Bayan 43144 Ak" . 1 011. Introduction to al-Maani # .11


  • t:PI1 .12AL)1411 rlc Jili; .13

    Introduction to Al-BadiaDevelopment of Rhetoric

    through the ages(a brief account)

    C. Prosody

    Unit 5:Defmition of al-ArudhNames of Poetic metresMethod of TaqtiAl Bahr al TawilAl Bahr al KamilAl Bahr al Wafir

    Books Recommended:Antient Semitic Civilization by Sabatino MoscatiThe Heart of Arabic by Philby.

    3. The Arabic Language: Its Role in History by Anwar G.Sehne.

    te4L,11 .',- apl4 1 JO' a,.131:1 .4

    _)-C4 Jfisan aLiatij cLilia;mal .5al .3.11.1..t. sok _AAA 6:44.111 a .6

    14, ati.111 499 .7


  • Unit-3

    M.A Arabic (Final)

    Paper V-Arabic Prose (Modern Period)

    Marks: 100

    Unit-1: Arabic Prose: an overview

    Introduction to modem Arabic proseNoted Prose writers

    Books Prescribed:cola cy.a11 yi ata.)p 1, 6utn 4.J.11 4). asadi

    *( I C-)41)

    32 II .6

    4,431 .sis:5 .7

    aisli aAiivil .8

    J'a .9

    kr:311-111 c jsii ea j.j.a. 41= WI Up t 14:Vt 01" (4JJ "rill A)

    (.1933 -1352 )

  • hJk ergo .):0 tc-Al,,JAIL.

    c.1 *a tc.41

    6-1.01.1 4 crlia

    4.12.3111.411 1.41

  • M.A. Arabic (Final)

    Paper VI: Modern Arabic Poetry

    Marks . 100

    Books Prescribed:

    $4 LriklawCIA .1014 9"..11 4j..o C-111:sia (I)41.3,1 4.42 (3)

    Unit- 1: Introduction to 6.4,2 :0.1.014.

    Modern Arabic Poetry4jajtai

    44 1.1a.11 4731 yL.I.11 .A...;:y0 (1


    Unit-2: Neo Classicists

    C119 4,05a1 ?1,31

    4 PI


    0 1,11 ?AC

    :4=1 it Skill



    .2LIFL-4-4eial J.41 Isils .344,1 .4


    stall lj


  • Unit-3-Pioneers of Romanticismei_ytaT


    Unit- 4 : Romantics

    44113 tics

    44.11 CL.Lisa

    "kl...).S1 ./.91

    Unit- 5: Modernists



    Books Recommended

    41.1_,1 j.di_phii &Liu4.1.111 )".11 "vs 0.21..a.

    ;b ., 5_4,1 4.3.1. ,DAtriya I

  • M.A. Arabic (Final)

    Paper VII-Translation & Essay

    100 Marks

    A gen