Dell Keeps up the Open Networking 2017-10-31¢  Nuage Networks VSP automates virtual network provisioning

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  • Dell Keeps up the Open Networking Momentum Building scalable cloud networks with Dell and Nuage Networks,d.eXY&psig=AFQjCNHUd-7N9SO_ofJb7FwGFGc6F9QtIw&ust=1439401496772244

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    Key cloud business requirements

    • Elastic scalability: Vastly more efficient resource utilization at scale + hybrid cloud

    • User self-service: On-demand, automated resource allocation and provisioning

    • Infrastructure and IT process automation: SDN/Programmability

    • Secure multi-tenancy


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    Dell—Fueling the open networking revolution

    Traditional networking Future of networking

    Proprietary ASICs

    Proprietary networking OS (e.g., Cisco IOS, Juniper OS)

    Hundreds of protocols

    Proprietary architectures & mgmt tools

    Optional 3rd party SDN/NVO controller

    Standard orchestration & automation tools

    Any networking OS

    Open standard hardware

    Merchant silicon

    Presenter Presentation Notes The network has been the last holdout of proprietary technology in the infrastructure, but market forces are changing that. Seeing the gains made in compute environments with industry standard server architectures and virtualization, organizations are demanding more from their networks. CUSTOMER PAIN POINTS How to manage increasing costs and complexity with legacy networks How to accelerate innovation and the offering of new services in a timely manner How to reduce on-going operational and support complexity with proprietary tools and applications Customers are looking for Programmability & automation - for innovation & agility Networking independent of HW, location & topology – for flexibility Open – for lower CAPEX Simplify IT – for lower OPEX Why change the networking status quo? Attribute Servers Networking Provisioning time Minutes Days / weeks Cost Cost-effective Expensive Open & Choice Yes Not really Management Easy /simple Complex / hard HW Abstraction Yes (e.g. VMware ESX) None / primitive

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    Dell network virtualization overlay (NVO) partner ecosystem

    VMware® NSX™ NVO solution for VMware ESX customers for

    security & multi-tenancy

    Microsoft™ Hyper-V® NVO solution for Hyper-V customers for tight

    integration into Microsoft software

    Midokura™ MidoNet® OpenStack-based, cost-effective NVO solution and integration with RedHat

    Nuage Networks™ VSP Highly scalable NVO solution for NFV and

    large enterprises/cloud providers

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    Dell S3048-ON switch

    Industry leading 40/10/1GbE top-of- rack switchw2s purpose-built for virtualized and cloud data centers

    • 1RU high-density 1/10/40Gbps TOR switches supporting Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) and 3rd party OS

    – S6000-ON with 32 ports of 40GbE or 96 ports of 10GbE + 8 ports of 40GbE

    – S4048-ON with 48 ports of 10GbE and 6 ports of 40GbE or 72 ports of 10GbE

    – S3048-ON with 48 ports of 1GBASE-T and 4 ports of 10GbE

    • Dell global ProSupport Services

    Dell S-Series ON switches

    Dell S4048-ON switch


    Dell S6000-ON switch

    Presenter Presentation Notes Dell’s first disaggregated open networking switches Designed for flexibility, performance and support of 3rd party OS 1RU high-density 10/40Gbps TOR switches S4810-ON with 48 ports 10GbE and 4 ports 4GbE S6000-ON with 32 ports of 40GbE or 96 ports of 10GbE + 8 ports of 40GbE Supports the open source Open Network Install Environment (ONIE

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    Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP)

    Typical cloud software stack

    Server virtualization

    Virtual networking

    Cloud management system

    Physical infrastructure Servers | Storage | Network

    SDN controller Policy mgr.


    Nuage Networks approach

    Cloud management system

    Server virtualization

    Virtual routing and switching (VRS) Network forwarding plane

    Physical infrastructure Servers | Storage | Network

    Virtualized Services Controller (VSC) Network control plane

    Virtualized Services Directory (VSD) Policy management and analytics

    V S P

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    Dell and Nuage Networks scalable cloud solution An integrated network virtualization solution that:

    • Delivers automated instantiation of network services making the data center network as dynamic and consumable as the compute infrastructure

    • Separates and simplifies the definition of network service requirements and policies

    • Scales to meet the demands of thousands of tenants with unique application requirements, distinct security policies and committed service levels

    • Provides seamless connectivity across the data center network incorporating both virtualized and non-virtualized compute environments

    Virtualized Services Directory

    Virtualized Services Controller

    Virtual Routing and Switching

    Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform

    Dell Active Fabric Dell Networking

    Physical Underlay


    VMware | Microsoft | Linux KVM | Docker

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    • Compute set-up is automated • VM available in minutes

    • Network is complex, manual • Configuration can take days/weeks

    • Services like load-balancers, firewalls can be the most tedious, error- prone

    Network Configuration

    Compute Management

    Application Request

    Help Desk Change Control

    IP Address

    VLAN Address

    Firewall Configuration

    LAN (VLAN) Configuration

    WAN (IP) Configuration

    Security / QA Team

    Project Coordinator

    Network change completed in


    Service on-demand is hindered by manual network process


    Compute request completed in



    Applications in a legacy data center network

    Presenter Presentation Notes So let’s take a closer look at the provisioning…. To be fair, each functional group can do it relatively quickly, but huge dysfunction across these groups Network manual: different vendors, CLI, etc. -> learn from server virt, stop config the HW and do it in soft

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    Application Request

    Service velocity is not hindered by manual network process

    Compute Management


    Security/ Compliance

    Policy Templates

    Nuage Networks VSP


    Compute request completed in minutes

    IP address

    WAN interconnect

    Policy / Security Zones

    L2 /L3 Service AD

    Service chaining

    Policy Instantiation • IP address 10.x.y.z • VLAN configuration • WAN configuration • Security / FW

    settings • QoS parameters • …

    Network change completed automatically



    Nuage Networks VSP automates virtual network provisioning

    Presenter Presentation Notes Network abstraction Orchestration talk to VSD not Net admin….. Design your network policies/templates & Nuage VSP translates this into network config independently of the Network HW underneath

    Same networking skills, same complexity to build these policies

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    50% Reduction in operational expense

    10x Improvement in turn-up response time, Reduction in configuration errors

    40% Increase in asset utilization & flexibility

    Bottom Line for the CIO

    Source: ALU Analysis, customer survey feedback 2013-2014


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    “The overlay network market currently has three dominating vendors (Nuage Networks, Cisco &VMware) with a number of smaller tertiary vendors or startups…”

    - Georg Fritsch

    - Gartner clients can access report or enquire with Gartner representatives Nuage Networks does not own sharing or posting rights to this analysis. research note

    Dell & Nuage momentum: The industry takes notice

    “Dell has emerged as a top four player in the data center networking space measured by port shipments. It has also been the most-innovative and most-disruptive mainstream data center networking vendor in the market over the past 12 months.”

    Gartner “Vendor Rating: Dell” April 2015

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    • Networks should follow at speed of cloud apps

    • SDN = abstraction + automation • (& its principles really can drive more agility & less lock-in)

    • Policy-driven auto-instantiation in lieu of device-by-device configuration

    • (like mobile networks)

    • Peering without boundaries, inclusive of branches • (like the internet & VPNs)

    • Benefits must extend across all assets • (virtualized & bare metal, as many of your critical apps require