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<ul><li><p>8/3/2019 DC vs Marvel Transportation</p><p> 1/7</p><p>DC vs. Marvel: Transportation</p><p>http://foxhugh.wordpress.com/2010/04/08/dc-vs-marvel-transportation/</p><p>The most important category of objects in the comic book universe of DC and Marvel has to</p><p>be the weapons. I look at this topic at: http://foxhugh.wordpress.com/2010/04/06/marvel-vs-dc-weapons/</p><p>I would argue that the second most important category of objects in the DC and Marvel</p><p>comic book universe are objects of transportation. Superheroes fight supervillains and</p><p>weapons are needed to do this. Unfortunately for superheroes, supervillains are often a</p><p>cowardly lot that will flee with the loot rather than fight. Some warrior supervillains like</p><p>Doomsday will stand and fight Superman but many supervillains try to flee Superman. This</p><p>means the superhero needs a speedy mode of transport to catch the supervillain and the</p><p>supervillain wants a mode of speedy transportation to escape. Plus when a crime occurs, the</p><p>superhero needs to show up at the scene of the crime in the first place. Last but not least,</p><p>most superheroes patrol anything from a sector of a galaxy, Green Lanterns, to a section ofcity, Daredevil and Hells Kitchen, and need a way of getting around.</p><p>In other science fiction universe there is a vehicle category but comic books are more</p><p>speculative fiction than science fiction and some of the most iconic and important forms of</p><p>transport only vaguely fit even the most general definition of vehicle. This post will look at</p><p>vehicles but also discuss other objects that provide transportation. Does DC or Marvel have</p><p>the coolest objects of transportation?</p><p>DC Transportation</p><p>Below is a list of objects of transportation in the DC universe.</p><p>1. Adam Stranges Jetpack</p><p>2. Alpha Centurions Pax Romana</p><p>3. Ambush Bugs Teleport Suit</p><p>4. Batboat</p><p>5. Batcycle</p><p>6. Batmobile</p><p>7. Batplane</p><p>8. Birds of Prey Aerie One</p><p>9. Birds of Prey Aerie Two</p><p>10. Black Mantas Sea Saucer11. Black Mantas Walker</p><p>12. Blackhawk Planes</p><p>13. Blue Beetles Bug</p><p>14. Blue Tracer</p><p>15. Boom Tube</p><p>16. Booster Mobile</p><p>17. Brains Submarine</p><p>18. Braniacs Skull Ship</p><p>19. Braniacs Star Ship</p><p>20. Brontadon (Ship)</p><p>21. Catwomans Catmobile22. Catwomans Catplane</p></li><li><p>8/3/2019 DC vs Marvel Transportation</p><p> 2/7</p><p>23. Challenger SST</p><p>24. Clockincopter</p><p>25. Cluster Ship</p><p>26. Cometeer</p><p>27. Craddock Carriage28. Diib</p><p>29. Doomsday Ship</p><p>30. Eye of Zared</p><p>31. Fiddlers Fiddle Car</p><p>32. Flashs Cosmic Threadmill</p><p>33. Flying Fish</p><p>34. Flying Sundial</p><p>35. Fokker Dr. I</p><p>36. Gentlemans Horse</p><p>37. Gibel Ship</p><p>38. Golden Knight Flying Horse39. Gorandian Battle Tripod</p><p>40. Gorandian Submarine</p><p>41. Green Arrows Arrowcar</p><p>42. Green Arrows Arrowplane</p><p>43. Green Lantern Ring</p><p>44. Grumman XF5F</p><p>45. Gyrosub</p><p>46. Haunted Tank</p><p>47. Hawkmans Wings</p><p>48. Hourmans Timeship</p><p>49. Huntress Motorcycle</p><p>50. Javelin-7</p><p>51. Jokermobile</p><p>52. Jonah Hexs Mechanical Horse</p><p>53. JSAs Steel Eagle</p><p>54. Justice League Cruiser</p><p>55. Justice League Teleporter</p><p>56. Kal-Els Rocketship</p><p>57. Kanjar Ros Spaceship</p><p>58. Lansarian Morphing Disk</p><p>59. Legion Cruiser60. Legion Flight Rings</p><p>61. Legion of Superheroes Flying Rings</p><p>62. Legion of Superheroes Time Bubble</p><p>63. Legion of Superheroes Time Cube</p><p>64. Lobos Spacehog</p><p>65. LX-811 Star Cruiser</p><p>66. Mark 494 Star Cruiser</p><p>67. Mitsu-Bishi</p><p>68. Mobius Chair</p><p>69. Multipurpose Intercept/Reconnaissance Vehicle</p><p>70. Mustang Three71. Nautilus of Earth ABC</p></li><li><p>8/3/2019 DC vs Marvel Transportation</p><p> 3/7</p><p>72. Newsboy Legions Whiz Wagon</p><p>73. Omega Men Mothership</p><p>74. Orions Astro-Harness</p><p>75. Owlship</p><p>76. P-40 Warhawk77. Pacos Convertible</p><p>78. Panzer-Ship</p><p>79. Peacemaker Hog</p><p>80. Pilgrim One</p><p>81. Quantum Jet</p><p>82. Rip Hunters Timesphere</p><p>83. Robins Redbird</p><p>84. Royal Flush Gangs Flying Cards</p><p>85. Sam</p><p>86. Samsons Chronomobile</p><p>87. Sandals of Hermes88. Scanner One</p><p>89. Scarlet Skiers Cosmic Skis</p><p>90. Scorpion-Ship</p><p>91. Sea Witch</p><p>92. Sheba</p><p>93. Space Cab</p><p>94. Space Shuttle Excalibur</p><p>95. Star-Rocket Racer</p><p>96. Starhunters Sunrider</p><p>97. Steel Eagle</p><p>98. Super-Cycle</p><p>99. Supermans Phantom Zone Projector It transports you to another dimension!</p><p>100. Supermobile</p><p>101. Swinging through the rooftops Batman</p><p>102. T-Jet</p><p>103. T-Sub</p><p>104. Teen Titans Helicopter </p><p>105. Thangarian Star Cruiser </p><p>106. Time Bubble</p><p>107. Tricksters Air Shoes</p><p>108. User: Bonesaw 19109. Vig-Cycle</p><p>110. Vigilantes Motocycle</p><p>111. Warehouse X Toys</p><p>112. Warhound</p><p>113. Warlords Plane</p><p>114. Whirly-Bat</p><p>115. Whiz Wagon</p><p>116. Wildcats Motorcycle</p><p>117. Wingcycle</p><p>118. Wonder Womans Invisible Plane</p><p>Some of the more famous objects of transportation are Adam Stranges Jetpack, the</p></li><li><p>8/3/2019 DC vs Marvel Transportation</p><p> 4/7</p><p>Batmobile, Flashs Cosmic Threadmill, the Haunted Tank, Hawkmans Wings, Green</p><p>Lanterns Ring, Kal-Els Rocketship, Legion of Superheroes Time Bubble, and Wonder</p><p>Woman Invisible Plane. The top two of this list, the crme de la crme, are the Batmobile</p><p>and Kal Els Rocketship. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then the Batmobile has</p><p>been praised again and again. The Arrowmobile, Catmobile, Jokermobile and to some extentthe Spider-Mobile, as parody, are all derived from the Batmobile. Kal-Els Rocketship refers</p><p>to the space ship that delivered Superman to the planet Earth from Krypton. The Batmobile</p><p>has been the subject of schematics from the beginning and you can buy toy collections of</p><p>Batmobiles from the golden age to the present. Supermans rocket is a very different affair</p><p>and the particulars of how the ship looks have varied tremendously from the golden age to the</p><p>present. This is a contest between a very visually defined vehicle and an icon. The historic</p><p>significance of Supermans rocket ship is more important than the Batmobile. The rocket</p><p>ship is an integral part of the Superman mythos and that mythos in turn largely defined comic</p><p>books from the beginnings to the present. On iconic grounds I would say Kal Els rocketship</p><p>is the most important object of transportation in the DC universe and the coolest.</p><p>Marvel Transportation</p><p>Below is a list of objects of transportation in the DC universe.</p><p>1. Asgardian Star Jammer</p><p>2. Avengers Quinjet</p><p>3. Big Wheel</p><p>4. Dr. Dooms Time Machine</p><p>5. Dr. Stranges Cloak of Levitation</p><p>6. Fantastic Fours Fantasti-Car</p><p>7. Fantastic Fours Pogo Plane</p><p>8. Flying Horses Valyky, Black Knight</p><p>9. Galactus Ship</p><p>10. Ghost Riders Hell Cycle</p><p>11. Green Goblins Glider</p><p>12. Guardians of the Galaxy Freedoms Lady</p><p>13. Hawkeyes Sky-cycle</p><p>14. Iron Mans Armor</p><p>15. Kangs Time-Ship</p><p>16. Moon Knights Helicopter</p><p>17. Nextwaves Shockwave Rider</p><p>18. Quasars Quantum Bands19. Runaways Leapfrog</p><p>20. S.H.I.E.L.D. Flying Car</p><p>21. S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier</p><p>22. Silver Surfers Board</p><p>23. Spider-Mans Spider-Mobile</p><p>24. Stiltmans Stilts</p><p>25. Swinging through the rooftops Spiderman, Daredevil</p><p>26. Thors Hammer Mjolnir</p><p>27. X-Mens Blackbird</p><p>Some of the most important objects of transportation in the Marvel universe includethe Fantasti-Car, Iron Mans Armor, the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, Thors hammer and X-</p></li><li><p>8/3/2019 DC vs Marvel Transportation</p><p> 5/7</p><p>Mens Blackbird. I have to mention the Spider-Mobile that is largely forgotten but was in</p><p>Spider-Man during the seventies and was hilarious. The Spider-Mobile was a parody of</p><p>consumerism. Spider-Man agreed to ride the Spider-Mobile for an ad agency. Spider-Man I</p><p>just about always broke. The problem was the Spider-Mobile was constantly break having</p><p>troubles. Webhead would have been better of sticking to his webbing and swinging throughthe roof tops.</p><p>My Marvel favorites are the Fantasti-Car and Iron Mans armor. Both are marvels of comic</p><p>book engineering. Schematics of both were provided early on and you could almost believe</p><p>these machines could be created. They represent very different ideas of design. Iron Mans</p><p>armor is a sleek, streamlined, minimalist machine that is a high tech, red and yellow, hot rod</p><p>of the skies. If Iron Mans armor is a hot rod then the Fantasti-Car is a Volkswagen that is not</p><p>streamlined but very practical. The Fantasti-Car has a modular design that looks goofy but</p><p>allows the individual Fantastic Four members to break away from the main ship and fight</p><p>more effectively as a group. Iron Man led to any number of armored imitators and again if</p><p>imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then Iron Mans armor wins. However, does IronMans armor deserve to win in this sort of contest? Iron Mans armor is more weapon than</p><p>transport. I think because of this the Fantasti-Car is the winner in the Marvel universe. The</p><p>modular design of the Fantasti-Car might have real life applications.</p><p>The Soviet Union often used tank riders instead of trucks for transportation during WW II.</p><p>Men hung onto tanks for dear life. This was done due to a lack of trucks on the part of the</p><p>Soviet Union. However, later many tactical advantages came out of this experience. The</p><p>men could quickly jump from the tank and provide support to the tank and vice-versa in a</p><p>way troops in trucks could not.</p><p>I wonder if there is the possibility of some sort of helicopter rider system in which special</p><p>forces could break away from a helicopter using some sort of individual pod rocket system</p><p>attached to the outside of the helicopter allowing for greater speed in exiting than the current</p><p>rappelling system used by special forces. You enter the external rocket pod using a door on</p><p>the inside of the helicopter to provide maximum protection until the moment of exit. The</p><p>rocket pod also allows quicker dispersal of special forces around an area and the pod also</p><p>offers some extra protection upon exiting the protection of the helicopter.</p><p>Conclusion</p><p>The winner of the DC competition is Supermans rocket ship. The winner of the Marvelcompetition is the Fantasti-Car. I love the sixties campiness of the Fantasti-Car but iconic</p><p>value beats campiness and Supermans object wins as the coolest object of transportation!</p><p>DC wins! In the course of this study something else stood out.</p><p>What is very interesting when comparing the objects of transportation of DC with Marvel is</p><p>that there is a giant difference in the number of such objects. This difference in numbers took</p><p>me by surprise and is serendipitous result of this study. DC has 117 objects of transportation.</p><p>Marvel has 27 objects of transportation. I have done my best to be exhaustive in the</p><p>compilation of both lists but still may have missed an important object of transportation here</p><p>and there but the difference in numbers is so great that one must come to the conclusion</p><p>transportation, as reflected in the numbers above, is more important in the DC universe thanthe Marvel universe. I have my own after the fact theory about this.</p></li><li><p>8/3/2019 DC vs Marvel Transportation</p><p> 6/7</p><p>I am old enough to have read comic books from the golden age to the present and let me</p><p>assure younger readers that comic books have changed tremendously! The Marvel universe</p><p>is a relatively new universe compared to DC whose superheroes and story line foundations</p><p>were largely created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in the sixties. I would argue one basicdifference between Marvel and DC, especially in the sixties, was that Marvel focused a lot</p><p>more on fights than the chase. For example, Superman spent way more time flying around</p><p>looking for crooks than Thor. Thor quickly found his enemy and most of the issue focused</p><p>on the fight. Thor fought characters like the Hulk. The Hulk does not flee from Thor thats</p><p>for sure. I actually bought the first issue in which Thor and the Hulk fought solo and even</p><p>then I knew this was something different. For one thing Jack Kirby and Stan Lee created all</p><p>these fight scene cartoon blurb sounds that had no equivalent in the DC universe. Jack Kirby</p><p>used a lot of lines showing shock waves than anyone else. The fight looked more real and the</p><p>key to this was actually using exaggerated action that is less real but interestingly looks more</p><p>real due to the nature of the medium. I am into martial arts and have at least fifty books in</p><p>the area with pictures that show each move of a kata and the pictures look pretty boringcompared to a well done Jack Kirby punch or kick. I came to the conclusion that Marvel had</p><p>better fight scenes and certainly longer fight scenes than DC. The difference in the quality</p><p>and quantity of fight scenes between Marvel and DC has largely lessened over time.</p><p>I mentioned Doomsday and Superman in the introduction and their fight as chronicled in the</p><p>Death of Superman storyline was generally one giant multi-issue series of fight scenes. I hate</p><p>to admit it but I enjoyed the series! Remind me to grow up one of these days. For the record,</p><p>Superman didnt die despite the title of the series and I knew darn well Superman wouldnt</p><p>die and was amazed how my friends and family bought the lie hook line and sinker! And also</p><p>for the record, Captain America and Batman are not going to stay dead!</p><p>The greater emphasis on fight scenes made Marvel more modern from their beginnings.</p><p>Movies and TV were becoming more violent in the sixties and it made sense for comic books</p><p>to go this route as well. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby were more attuned to modern media trends</p><p>than their counterparts at DC at the time and this is one reason Marvel became such a success</p><p>at the expense of DC. As a side note, I do not consider comic books overly violent at all</p><p>compared to other media.</p><p>Comic books have become more violent from the sixties to the present but are still much less</p><p>violent than other media. I am especially amazed at some of the cutesy violent video games</p><p>on Facebook that have tremendous appeal to my nieces and nephews who are in the six to tenyear old age group. I would much rather my nieces and nephews were reading the most</p><p>violent DC or Marvel comic book out there than playing those horrible video games. I guess</p><p>I am getting old because despite the best efforts of my nieces and nephews to explain the</p><p>games, I had no interest.</p><p>It is kind of Hello Kitty meets the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. You have these very cute</p><p>cartoon characters wielding knifes or whatever and doing terrible things to other cute cartoon</p><p>characters with blood and guts pouring out. I like my genres purer than that. I like Hello</p><p>Kitty and I like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre but I really dont care for Hello Kitty acting</p><p>like Leatherface, the bad guy in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The games are very similar</p><p>to Ren and Stimpy ofThe Simpsons fame but again are video games rather than a cartoonwithin a cartoon. I do think the interactive nature of a violent video game as opposed to a</p></li><li><p>8/3/2019 DC vs Marvel Transportation</p><p> 7/7</p><p>violent cartoon on TV is worrisome. Back to the topic of this post!</p><p>Another example of fight versus chase, many fifties Batman issues were reprinted in 80 page</p><p>Giants in the sixties that I read when I was young and in many ways I grew up with this</p><p>version of Batman. The fifties Batman is all about the chase! The Batman of the fiftiesinvariably ended up in some sort of scenario with giant objects. Batman chased and fought</p><p>crooks in an almost surrealistic landscape. Batmite was introduced at this time and used his</p><p>reality warping powers not to fight Batman but to make the chase more interesting. There is</p><p>no M...</p></li></ul>