Davidson County Marriages, 1788- Davidson County Marriages, 1788-1789 Groom's Last Name Groom's First

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  • Davidson County Marriages, 1788-1789

    Groom's Last


    Groom's First

    Name Bride's First Name Bride's Last Name Issue Date Bondsman Notes MB Pg. No.

    Turney Hy. Martha Lancaster 12/13/1788 William Lancaster

    Month and day not

    legible on bond,

    year is written on

    back. 31

    Barnett Robert Margret Young 7/31/1789 George Williamson 4

    Clayton Seward Nancy Williams 7/8/1789 Samuel Deson

    MB gives surname

    as Slayton 3

    Guise Jacob Elizabeth Bigley 2/2/1789


    Christopher Guise.

    MB has surnames

    as Guise and

    Bigley, crossed out

    and then penciled

    in are Guice and

    Mary Eliz. Bickley, 3

    Harlin Joshua Mary Smith 11/17/1789 Adam Hope 3

    Harrington Abijah Sarah Marrs 11/19/1789 Elisha Harrington 4

    Heaton Enoch Ruth Topp 10/20/1789 John McGaugh 3

    Hollis Joshua Mary Mulherin 8/19/1789 John McGaugh

    MB gives brides

    surname as

    Wilheim. 4

    Hooper William Sarah Hollis 3/4/1789 Absolom Hooper. 3

    Hutson William Elizabeth Dunn 10/15/1789

    James Gatlin, spelled

    Gatling by the clerk.

    Clerk spelled

    groom's surname

    Hudson 4

  • Kirkpatrick John Martha Buchanan 9/6/1789

    Isaac Johnson, name

    is spelled Johnston by

    clerk, signature is

    Johnson. 3

    McCutchan Patrick Hannah Marshall 3/24/1789 James McCutchan 31

    McLean George Parmelia Davidson 7/20/1789

    George Davidson and

    Ephraim McLean,

    Clerk spelled name


    MB has grooms

    name McLane 31

    Mitchel Robert Drusila Everett 6/1/1789 James Bosley 4

    Morgan Isaac Judith Smith 7/29/1789

    "License was

    returned by R.

    Weakley, J.P.,, no

    bond found. 47

    Nelson Robert Elizabeth Bell 9/1/1789

    Robert Weakley and

    Joel Rice

    License was

    returned by R.

    Weakley, J.P., no

    date other than

    9/1/1789, written

    by clerk on front. 3

    Payne Josiah Mary Barnett 5/4/1789 George Payne 4

  • Perryal Lewis Jean Benton


    ca 1789 George Ridley

    No date on bond,

    bond was filed

    with 1789 bonds. 7

    Rogers Simon Elizabeth Mitchel 3/7/1789 William Mitchel

    MB spells Bride's

    surname Mitchell. 4

    Russell Thomas Gower Engley 11/13/1789

    ""License was

    returned by R.

    Weakley, J.P.,, no

    bond found.

    License is in bad

    condition and

    names are barely

    legible. 47

    Shaffer Richard Elizabeth Gambrel 10/21/1789 Chas. Snyder 6

    White Robert Nancy Hays 1/7/1789 William Bays

    Brides last name is

    not legible on bond

    but may start with

    B. 32

    Bodie William Jenny Lane 6/14/1790 Henry Lane 2

    Boyd John Mary Boyd 9/1/1790 Robert Boyd 6

    Courtney Nehemiah Elizabeth Johnston 10/14/1790 James Snell 1

    Fordene Francis Rebeccah Cashaw 3/9/1790 Thos. Smith.

    MB had groom's

    surname as

    Rordine 4

    Gower Elijah Prudence Coon 12/22/1790 John McGaugh 32

    Hoggatt James Grizzel Nesset 9/8/1790 47

  • Murrey Thomas Hannah Bushnel 10/12/1790 Jas. Robertson

    Bride's surname

    hard to read on

    bond, there was an



    early Davidson Co.,

    records. MB has

    Bushart. 26

    Murry William Margret Boyd 3/31/1790 Ephraim McLean 4

    Nash Wm. Polly Evans 6/5/1790 Jesse Evans 32

    ONeal Mitchel Delilah Martin 3/5/1790

    Thomas Martin and

    William Loggins 4

    Pratt Ephraim Sarah Bucchanan 6/28/1790 Haydon Wells

    MB spells name

    Buchanan 6

    Snyder Charles Elizabeth Savier 00/18/1790 Joel Rice.

    No month given on

    bond. 2

    Walker Geo. Rachel Caffery 8/9/1790 Anthony Foster

    Name given as

    Caffrey in MB. 2

    Adams Tobias Isabella Gibson 1/5/1791 James White

    MB says Jan. 7,

    1791 30

    Bay Kannaday Jenny Reed 3/22/1791 Andrew Bay

    Clerk spells

    grooms first name

    Kennady 26

    Bell Samuel Marget Edmondson 6/14/1791

    John Edmiston

    (signature), clerk

    spelled name

    Edmondson. 30

    Black Michael Eva Raimer 10/3/1791 William Black 6

    Brewer Elisha Mary Renolds 5/17/1791 John Hague 5

  • Brown Thomas Mary Love 6/27/1791 Wm. Clack 2

    Caffrey Peter [blank] [blank] 1/5/1791 Geo. Ridley

    No name given for

    bride. 5

    Campbell Charles Ann Nowland 5/4/1791 Wm. Ervin 7

    Carmack Aquilla Eunice Williams 6/25/1791 Bond not found 32

    Edmiston Samuel Nellie Dean 5/23/1791 Robert Kennady

    Bride's first name

    may be Milly, given

    as Nellie in MB.

    Clerk spelled

    Grooms name

    Edmondson on

    Bond. 32

    Edney Alson Polly Dunnam 10/26/1791 William Long

    Groom's sign. is

    Alson Edney, Clk

    wrote Allson Edny.

    Marriage book

    says Allison Edney

    and Polly Dunham. 33

    Fleming Ralph Hannah Boyd 4/13/1791 James Maxwell

    Month and day no

    longer legible. May

    have been filmed

    with 1797. 5

    Gray Deliverance Tamer Halstead 6/29/1791 Daniel Evans, MB has Pamer 30

    Green Henry Jenny Davidson 7/4/1791 George Davidson 5

    Hart Joseph Anna Sugg 8/21/1791 David Hay 6

    Hightower Richard Nancy Smith 10/17/1791 Jas. Robertson 5

    McCutchen Samuel Catherine Bell 8/6/1791 James McCutchen 30

    McLaughlin Henry Ann Harkin 12/3/1791 John Hague 26

    Mishler Jno. L. Mary Cassellman 12/17/1791 John Hague 31

  • Moore Amos Marget Neely 9/17/1791 David Hay 31

    Moore Wm. Pallifina Casellman 12/7/1791 Benjamin Cassilman

    MB spells brides

    name Castleman 7

    Nancarow John Rebecca Hogan 9/19/1791 John Marshall.

    Name is given as

    Nancanow in MB. 30

    Neily William Jennie Buchanan 4/20/1791 3

    Payne Matthew Amelia Cooper 6/17/1791 Prince Snow. 26

    Raimer Adam, Jr. Mary Carnihan 5/30/1791 Adam Raimer, Sr.

    MB spells bride's

    name Carihan 8

    Ray William Martha Menees 7/20/1791 Bond not found 32

    Rice Elisha Anna Collier 5/20/1791 James Bosley

    Grooms surname

    Rece in MB. 26

    Rutherford James Elizabeth Cartwright 1/31/1791 Robert Ewing

    Date on bond is

    Jan. 31, 1791, MB

    says Jan. 7. 1

    Smith David Beauty Fort 00/00/1791 George Walker

    Brides first name

    does not appear to

    be Beauty but is

    not readable,

    possibly Beady. 32

    Tilly John Jenny Blair 11/5/1791 Abraham Casselman 26

    Wilson John Nancy McNight 9/10/1791 Joseph Shane 5

    Billingsley John Martha Blair 8/14/1792 William Turnbull 26

    Buchanan John Jane Patterson 12/31/1792 Robert Edmondson

    Signature is Jno

    Bucanan 30

    Choat Squire Rebeccah Smith 9/11/1792 Thos. Smith. 30

    Everett James Letty Ridley 5/5/1792

    Nicholas Perkins

    Hardiman. 31

  • McCutchen James Elizabeth Dean 4/23/1792 Samuel McCutchen. 31

    Morris John Jacob Sarah Shoat 4/5/1792 Pleasant Lockett 30

    Pipkin Philip Marget Brown 00/8/1792 Moses Brown

    No month given on

    bond, "Name is

    Margaret in MB. 6

    Reader Jacob Polly Allen 7/2/1792 Samuel Allen 3

    Roberts James Sallie Ridley 5/5/1792

    Bondsmen: Beverly

    Ridley, William


    MB has groom's

    name as

    Robertson. 30

    Shaffer David Jane Bolin 1/23/1792 John Mitchel

    MB spells name

    Bowlin 6

    Shannon Joseph Mary Billingsley 11/24/1792 John Billingsley 26

    Skinner Henry Jane Hays 1/11/1792 William Black 28

    Smith William Phebe Denton 9/4/1792 Abraham Denton

    MB spells name

    Phoebe 7

    Squires Michael Martha Turner 7/7/1792 Isaac Johnson 7

    Sutton Malachiah Hannah Moore 9/13/1792 John Shehan 28

    Whitsett James Jennie Meness 12/10/1792 5

    Wilcocks Thomas Mary Bryant 9/12/1792 Moses Estis 2

    Anderson John Hannah Sutton 5/29/1793 Bond not found 27

    Brient James Mary Lee 6/17/1793 Robert MCrory 27

    Chiles Henry Sallie Suggs 9/11/1793 Lemuel Suggs 5

    Crow Jacob Nancy Crow 7/5/1793 Levi Hand 1

  • Deraque Joseph Elizabeth Bennett 3/12/1793 William Armstrong

    Test David Hay.

    Name is Desaque

    in MB. He was also

    known as Jo. Durat. 26

    Dunam John Polly Waller 11/2/1793

    Joseph Dunam, MB

    says Dunham. 1

    Dunam Joseph Nancy Bronson 11/24/1793 no bondsman

    MB spells name

    Dunham 5

    Ewing Finis Peggy Davidson 1/12/1793 Geo. L. Davidson 2

    Flynn William Hannah Ramsy 5/8/1793 Pleasant Lockett 1

    Frenleyson Richard Elizabeth Black 5/18/1793 Bond not found 31

    Glasgow Cornelus Lucia Merida 11/15/1793 Orman Allen 2

    Hawthorn William Mary Kelly 1/11/1793 Malachiah Sutton

    MB has grooms

    surname as

    Haythorn 1

    Jones David name not given name not given 5/10/1793 Pleasant Lockett

    Document is

    surety given by

    Lockett, on back is

    written 1793,

    License bond,

    David Jones,

    Orders for

    Marriage License.

    Not found in MB nf

    Latimer Witherel Marget Anderson 3/21/1793 Jam