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a 1983 article by John A. Walker about the paintings of the American artist David Salle


<p>-1</p> <p>DAVID SALLES EXEMPLARY</p> <p>PERVERSITYJOHN A. WALKER (COPYRIGHT 2009)</p> <p>As a matter of fact, artifice was considered by Des Esseintes to be the distinctive mark of human genius - Nature, he used to say, has had her day. J-K. Huysmans, A Rebours</p> <p>David Salle, The Burning Bush 1982, Oil and acrylic on canvas H92 x w118 in. Private Collection. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------David Salle is an American painter (b. 1952 Oklahoma) whose work is crucial for contemporary consciousness because it raises problems common to many artists and intellectuals. Today, the painter - as has been</p> <p>pointed out - is caught between the tradition of modernism (itself in crisis) on the one hand, and the challenge of the mass media (whose visual images dominate our culture) on the other. To read more go to http://www.artdesigncafe.com/David-Salle-John-A-Walker-1983</p>