Dates for Your Diary Manor Green Superstars Belated Happy Birthday! · 2020. 7. 23. · Happy Birthday! As this newsletter is coming to you from Robinwood, we’re unable to share

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Text of Dates for Your Diary Manor Green Superstars Belated Happy Birthday! · 2020. 7. 23. · Happy...

  • Manor Green Superstars

    EYFS & KS1 Stars of the Week

    Ava in Nursery

    Kaelem in Reception Green

    Bobby in Reception Yellow

    Asa in Y1 Green

    Keeley in Y1 Yellow

    Unisa in Y2 Green

    Ebony in Y2 Yellow

    Attendance Matters! We have a whole school

    attendance target of 97.5%.

    doing? Remember that

    children need to be in school,

    on time, every day. Together,

    we can achieve that target!

    Nursery 89.66%

    Reception Yellow 92.24%

    Reception Green 93.53%

    Year 1 Yellow 93.85%

    Year 1 Green 97.50%

    Year 2 Yellow 95.83%

    Year 2 Green 97.58%

    Year 3 Yellow 95.83%

    Year 3 Green 98.28%

    Year 4 Yellow 96.67%

    Year 4 Green 93.30%

    Year 5 Yellow 99.07%

    Year 5 Green 93.30%

    Year 6 Yellow 95.83%

    Year 6 Green 98.21%

    Whole School 95.12%

    It s a shame that we re below

    target across the academy this

    week but we do appreciate

    that there have been several

    cases of genuine illness this

    week. Get well soon!

    Well done to 1G, 3G, 5Y, 6G

    who all get a roll on the board.

    Belated Happy Birthday! As this newsletter is coming to

    you from Robinwood, we re

    unable to share the birthdays

    today. We ll have a double

    celebration list next week. We

    hope you have enjoy ed your

    special day this week!

    Dates for Your Diary

    16/05/18 9am

    KS1 Superstar Assembly

    This is POSTPONED due to SATs


    Wednesday, 20 th June at 9am

    23/05/18 9am

    KS2 Superstar Assembly

    This is POSTPONED due to SATs


    Wednesday, 27 th June at 9am

    23/05/18 9:30am

    KS2 Sports Day

    25/05/18 9:30am

    EYFS & KS1 Sports Day

    15/06/18 Y3 to Chester

    £16 per child contribution

    22/06/18 Y1 to the Seaside

    £10 per child contribution


    World - £16 per child - this is

    not a contribution. Please see

    the letter from the Y6 Staff .

    If you are having difficulty

    making the contributions for

    any trips, please contact us .

    At Manor Green, we care , we share , we are fair , we dare and we are healthy and happy .

    You can follow us on Twitter, find us on Facebook, visit our website, call the

    main office or call in to see us in person.

    : 0161 336 5864 :

    : [email protected]

    Facebook: Twitter: @MGPAcademy

    Manor Green Weekly Our Academy Newsletter Issue 16 - 11/0 5/18

    SATs Reminder

    Remember that SATs start on Monday.

    While our Year 6 will be taking their SATs

    at the same time as other Year 6 children

    up and down the country, our Year 2

    children will also be starting their end of

    Key Stage assessments.

    Both year groups have an important

    job to do in showing off everything that

    they have learnt during their time at

    Manor Green. Next week, it is more

    important than ever that all children ,

    regardless of their year group, are in on

    time every day next week.

    Remember that Year 6 are invited to join

    us for a free breakfast in the hall from

    8:30am Monday Thursday.

    Thank you for your continued

    help and support.[email protected]://

  • We know that our Year 6 children have been

    working hard to prepare for these assessments and

    that but as along as they try their very best

    enough for us! See page 5 for a special message

    from our Y6 Team.

    Non -Uniform Charity Day

    letter home to

    parents and carers on Wednesday of this week,

    one of our Y1 pupils has been diagnosed with

    Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia . Ava -Grace is

    currently undergoing her first course of

    treatment and is responding well.

    In response to requests from parents and carers

    from Year 1 Yellow (Ava -

    be donating the proceeds from our upcoming

    non -uniform day (Friday, 25 th May 2018) to Ava -

    As Ava -Grace s favourite colour is orange,

    we d love you to wear something orange

    on the day too !

    There will also be a charity cake sale on that

    day, organised by Y1Y parents. More info to

    follow as and when we have it .

    What can you do to #SpreadTheHappiness?

  • - @MGY4G 4G enjoyed using our new Letter -Join resource designed to

    improve handwriting. Remember those lead in lines!

    We will be sharing information with parents soon.

    News from Home

    Luca from 4G won 2 very large

    football championship trophies over

    the weekend! Congratulations to

    Luca and Denton Youth Blues U9s !

    Sharing Stories

    @MGY4G & MrNewmanMG

    Y4G & Y4Y have thoroughly

    enjoyed sharing their stories

    with other. Children really

    enjoyed sharing their creations

    and offering suggestions for

    further improvements.

    Year 6 had a great time learning their dance routine thanks to our

    close partnership with Denton Community

    come together, well done!


    Please remember that dogs are not

    permitted on the academy


    Also, please be aware that some

    children are wary of dogs and, as

    such, are nervous around them.

    If you are walking with your dogs on

    the way to the academy each

    morning, pl ease keep them on a

    short lead.

    Messages! @MissRMrsD2

    Year 2 Yellow pretended they

    were stuck on a desert island.

    They thought of what they

    needed t o survive and what

    they needed for happiness. They

    decided to send their ideas as a

    message in a bottle.

  • The Manor Green Daily Mile

    As part of our commitment to hea lth and well -

    being at Manor Green, all classes are now taking

    part in the daily mile challenge.

    This is an all-weather activity so please ensure

    that all children have appropriate coats/hats

    etc each day.

    Social Media Reminder

    We would like to remind

    parents and carers that

    social media, either our

    official academy pages or

    individual groups , are not

    the place for individual

    concerns and queries to be

    raised. All comments,

    concerns and queries should

    be addressed to us directly

    via the usual channels.


    [email protected] -

    teleph one:

    (0161) 336 5864

    Or, as you know, you can

    call in to the academy

    office to make an

    appointment to speak to


    other relevant member of

    staff .

    Many thanks.

    News from Home

    We re hugely proud of

    Charlie in 4G for his

    recent achievements

    as part of Haughton

    Green Under 9 s team.

    The team won their

    League 5 final and

    Charlie even scored

    the winn ing penalty!

    Well done Charlie!

    Dissection in Science! @MissBorrell5Y

    5Y have been dissecting a flower to identify the male and female parts

    and then they laminated them to make their very own resource . Next, they

    will be writing all about the life cycle of a plant.

    Joined Up Thinking You will have noticed some tweets and posts in

    our newsletter about our new handwriting

    scheme . Don t worry, we will be sharing

    informati on with you after half term when we

    formally launch Letter -Join across the academy !

    Place Value -


    In maths , Year 1 Green

    have been busy looking

    at place value and

    identifying how many

    tens and ones are in

    different numbers.

    Super maths work!


    that all the

    latest news

    and photos

    can b e found

    on our class

    twitter pages!

    Lovely Letter Formation

    @MrsRMissB1Y Year 1 Yellow love thei r

    handwriting lessons! Th e

    children are all focused

    on our new cursive

    handwriting and are

    trying really hard! M rs.

    Rickets and Miss Belshaw

    would like to challenge

    you to have a try it at

    home too ? Even Tidy

    Tiger has been trying too !

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]

  • Robinwood What an amazing experience already !

    As you know, today s newsletter is coming to you direct from the Year 5 residential visit to

    Robinwood. This means that we can share some photographs of the adventures of our in trepid

    explorers straight away! Children have got stuck straight in, faced fears and, as expected, have

    been amazing a mbassadors for Manor Green!

    Just a small selection of what has been an incredible experience already. Children have enjoyed

    their evening meal and are loving their next activity! See you all on Sunday.

    Team work in action!

    Communication is key!

    In 3, 2, 1 jump!

    We re soaring, we re flying!

    That s Mrs. Farrell up there!

    Safely back to earth!

    A message from our Year 6 Team

    Mrs. Pearson, Mr. Martin and Mrs. Sandbach would like to share the f ollowing

    message with all of our Year 6 children and their families:


    We are delighted

    to share some very

    exciting n ews with

    you all.

    Mr. Martin and his

    wife were recently

    blessed with the

    birth of their baby



    congratulations to

    Mr. and Mrs. M artin

    on the birth of


  • @MrsOConnor3G & @MGYear3Yellow

    Year 3 have been le arning the human

    skeleton. They created new classmate s and

    tried to position the bones in the correct place!

    Pond Dipping - @MGY4G & @MrNewmanMG

    Year 4 loved working with the local ranger this

    week as part of their work on habitats.

    They enjoyed searching for mini beasts in

    Haughton Dale. 4G found tadpoles, snails and

    larvae i n different ha bitats. A D amsel Fly even

    landed on Eva's hat!

    Further photographs are available on the cla ss

    twitter pages have a look!

    Community News Table Top Sale